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WIP meme - saw this around and it looked like fun :)

Post a single sentence from each WIP you have (or as many as you want to pick). No context, no explanations. No more than one sentence.

This may take a while - I included all the ones that I've prodded within the last six months ;) Please forgive grammatical errors, none of these have been beta'd.

  1. Aya would have begged if he could, anything to stop the pain, but all he could do was suffer.
  2. For some reason Schwarz seemed reluctant to go up against someone like them and Omi hoped this would give them a chance at escape.
  3. Yoji did not look convinced, after all Aya was the ice prince himself, but Omi had seen a glimpse behind the mask on more than one occasion and he believed.
  4. Thinking purely on a human level he probably would have chosen to stay in his room, but cats were curious by nature and he trotted towards the door with the intention of sneaking round the house for a while.
  5. "I drained him and then ripped his heart out," Abyssinian spoke just before Ryuu was about to demand an answer.
  6. Being a telepath had expanded Schuldig's voyeuristic side from a young age, and it wasn't like he didn't like sex up close and personal, it was just that sometimes he liked to watch.
  7. "I have killed you five times already and you have not even had the decency to notice," a very male voice whispered in his ear and he almost jumped out of his chair.
  8. The use of his first name caused a spark of irritation to shoot through Avon’s thoughts, but there were more important things to think about at the moment.
  9. Richie Ryan no longer existed and he'd changed everything about himself, leaving everything behind and become Mitchel Ritchie on his passport and simply Botan on the music scene.
  10. Harry discovered something shortly after he killed Voldemort, something that changed his life completely: he liked sex.
  11. "I have no father," Draco said vehemently after his mother asked them to go to St Mungo's with her.
  12. "If you keep playing with it, it's going to fall off," was Draco's observation and when Harry looked at his lover, Draco gave him a very suggestive eyebrow wiggle.
  13. "Dear All," Remus started reading Harry's familiar scrawl, "since you're reading this version of the letter I'm still alive, which is nice."
  14. "He can't hear you," Max said bluntly as Gackt desperately looked for a response from Hyde, "all he hears is the voice of the Mother."
  15. He could just make out a kneeling figure in the alley and he could smell the smoke; Kei was in the sun and his lover was burning.
  16. Hyde could feel the distress of both his wife and his child and the vampire power swirling around both of them was beginning to feel dangerous.
  17. Everyone knew that unbonded sorcerers were dangerous, more to themselves than anyone else, but that didn't stop Merlin from being nervous.
  18. Merlin watched from across the field as Arthur swung his sword in a deadly arc, pulling the blow just at the right moment and making it look spectacularly heroic just before the director called cut.
  19. Merlin moaned as Arthur held his hips firmly and sank into him to the hilt.
  20. "Begging your pardon, Your Majesty," he said, looking the King directly in the eye, "but I would rather die quickly than slowly and these, without a doubt, will kill me as surely as the headman's axe."
  21. "Untouched?" Arthur seemed to have been reduced to one word questions.
  22. Jesse was having electrical problems and Brennan was having thermal problems; this had to have something to do with the DNA swap of which Jesse was still completely unaware.
  23. Timo's face looked like thunder as their rapper stormed through the room, and David looked at Linke who looked right back and lifted one eyebrow.
  24. David had fallen out of bed the previous evening and that had sealed it; they had decided to buy a bigger bed, or at least he and Timo had agreed when David had decided.
  25. "Oh god," he said as the drumstick was moved lower, carding through the wiry hair and dancing around his cock and along the crease where thigh met pelvis.
  26. "I didn't," he said, trying to work out what Fabi could have said to his brother; he was very sure he'd have remembered any deflowering.
  27. Before Linke could do anything about it, it was too late; he had looked in the black wolf's eyes and he felt the push of an adult wolf mind.
  28. "Oh shit," she said and reached blindly for the light switch, not taking her eyes off Connor for a second.
  29. Hence, things that made Bill unhappy were, in Tom's opinion, very bad and anyone who made Bill unhappy deserved the pain of eternal torment.
  30. There was a thumping on the door just before he reached it and the moment he opened it a rather shell shocked Gustav stepped into the room.
  31. Tyler was beginning to realise something; since his encounter with El Blanco none of the local wild life, the very deadly 'will eat anything that moves if it doesn't get out of the way fast enough' wild life, was coming remotely near him.
  32. There was no getting away from the fact that Arthur was simply beautiful, all muscle and grace and skin that just begged to be touched.
  33. Bill lifted his head from the pillow and looked over at the door as someone unlocked his gilded cage.
  34. "Depends how you look at it," he said, staring at the back of Georg's hand. "I'm pregnant."
  35. Tom was thrown from sleep by the sound of screams; Bill's screams, and he was out of bed, through the adjoining door and into Bill's room before he had really processed what was going on.

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