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Comment it on :)

Okay, now I did something a while back that worked for me for a little while and I've decided to try the same again this year.

Now I have a problem, I am terrible at commenting. I read a fic and then get distracted or dragged off and even if I leave it open in a tab and intend to come back to comment, half the time I fail, so I have decided to challenged myself. I love getting comments and I always feel guilty that I'm so bad at giving them so I'm trying to turn over a new leaf.

  • The next 20 fics I read I am going to comment - no exceptions.
  • If I don't like a fic I am still going to try and find something nice to say about it, even if it is somethign like "Thanks for sharing" (and no, if you suddenly get a comment like this from me it does not mean I did not like the fic - lol - it could just mean that my brain is asleep :)).
  • If I'm feeling really brave I might even go for con-crit.

Anyone else wanna play? If so, repost something like the above in your LJ and see if you are up to the challenge :).

I'm hoping this will become a habit, so that I will get better at the whole commenting thing.

[Edit 04-feb: 1 down 19 to go, 2 down 18 to go, 3 down 17 to go]
[Edit 06-Feb: 4 down 16 to go, 5 down 15 to go, 6 down 14 to go]
[Edit 07-Feb: 7 down 13 to go, 8 down 12 to go]
[Edit: 09-Feb: 9 down 11 to go]
[Edit: 10-Feb: 10 down 10 to go]
[Edit: 12-Feb: 11 down 9 to go]
Tags: info: fandom

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