Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

There's only one problem with old fandoms ...

... many of them are dead ::g::

I'm coming to the conclusion that MutaxtX fandom has mostly passed away. There seem to be a couple of people still flying the flag, but most of the websites haven't been updated since around 2003/2004 and the mailing lists and comms are pretty dead from about 2006/2007. Anyone who might be interested though, mutantxarchive has a whole load of resources. I'm working my way through the fanfic links at the moment since I had no idea there was that much of it out there ::g::.

Mutant X was never a huge fandom to begin with, but I find it interesting looking back how it's mostly individual websites. No central archive on anything like eFiction (well not where I can see from work that is ... there are some sites on squidge that I have no idea about). It's amazing how you get used to the newer things in fandom and forget it wasn't always like that.

Ah, the nostalgia.

Wonder what I'll find if I poke my nose back into Highlander fandom. I have seen current stuff for that on LJ occasionally via some of the multi-fandom comms I'm on, so now I'm curious.
Tags: info: fandom

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