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Fic: Sum of the Individual Parts, MutantX, Shal/Bren, Shal/Jess/Bren, NC17/18, 05/08

Title: Sum of the Individual Parts 05/08
Fandom: Mutant X
Author: Beren (beren_writes)
Pairing: Shalimar/Brennan, Shalimar/Jesse/Brennan
Rating: NC17/18
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned Marvel Studios, Tribune Entertainment and Fireworks Entertainment. No money is being made and no copyright infringement is intended.
Warnings/Spoilers: explicit sexual situation, assumes season 3 did not happen
Summary: The team think Jesse is dead; killed by a fatal shot to the back, only there are things going on they could not possibly have predicted. Jesse isn't dead, but is he really Jesse any more?
Author's Notes: Thanks to Soph for the beta. This fic has been languishing on my hard drive for years, requiring three scenes to finish it, well I finally wrote them :).
Word Count: ~42,360
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Chapter 5 The Whole Truth

Adam walked into the computer area to find three of his team standing around at various terminals in their nightclothes; it was unexpected to say the least.

"Good morning," he greeted politely and was rewarded by all three looking round at him.

Jesse and Shalimar were working on one computer and Emma was working on another; they all appeared a little surprised to see him.

"Is it that time already?" Shalimar asked in a manner that suggested she was fighting off a vaguely bad mood.

"Actually it is still early," Adam told her calmly, "I did not expect anyone else to be up. May I ask what you're doing?"

"Jesse had a dream," Emma explained, walking away from whatever she had been doing, "he remembered a name. We're trying to track the man down, but the files aren't giving anything back."

"And that name was?" Adam enquired with interest.

"Praeteise," Jesse provided the answer and the way he said the name conveyed a hatred Adam had never heard in the young man's voice before.

It did not, however, stop him recognising that name, but it confused him.

"Dr Tom Praeteise?" Adam asked before he realised it was quite possibly a stupid question.

Now he had everyone's attention.

"We didn't exactly swap pleasantries," was Jesse's somewhat caustic reply. "You know him?"

"If it's the same man, I know of him," Adam replied evenly, "and I suspect the reason you have not found him is that he has been listed as dead for twenty years."

Neither Jesse nor Shalimar appeared best pleased with that development and Emma frowned at Adam speculatively.

"Who is he?" the telempath asked reasonably.

"One of the pioneers at Genomex," he explained openly and moved to one of the computers, "he was working with biological elementals to aid in medicine. The equipment he was using to interface his subjects to his patients exploded about six months into the project; the only listed survivor was Maria Montoban – one of his new mutant volunteers."

He typed rapidly at the keyboard and retrieved the file on Praeteise, displaying it on the larger screen for the others to see. The picture was a typical personnel file mug shot, but the way Jesse's face went pale Adam knew it was enough.

"That's him," the young man said coldly. "I don't remember when I saw him, but I remember his face and in the dream he spoke to someone called Maria."

Jesse paused and frowned as if he was trying hard to make something clear in his mind.

"He didn't look any older," Jesse finally decided.

This was becoming stranger by the minute. Adam was really confused by this; Praeteise was dead; he had been one of the employees who attended the funeral. But then again he had attended another funeral only a few weeks ago that had not been real.

"Praeteise's reputation was spotless," Adam tried to clarify his reasoning by explaining to the others. "His research was aimed only at the common good and all his test subjects and patients were willing volunteers."

While he spoke he continued typing and set the computer to search for Maria Montoban.

"Your work was for the common good as well, Adam," Shalimar pointed out while placing a protective hand on Jesse's shoulder, "but look where that got us. I think Praeteise is playing for the bad guys now."

Adam had read several papers by Praeteise on his work and he had gained the impression of a compassionate man dedicated to using the mistakes Genomex had made in the past to make the future a better place. Equating him with what had been done to Jesse was difficult, but there did not appear to be any doubt. He considered the possibility as the latest information on Maria Montoban flashed onto the screen. The part that gained his attention was the red warning "Missing".

"That settles it," Emma said firmly. "Praeteise is using his work for black ops and Maria is with him."

The evidence was piling up and Adam no longer doubted it.

"We should set up some tracers," he decided quickly, "and then I shall make some phone calls."


"The watchdogs are bound to show up something soon," Emma said confidently as she and Jesse walked out of the lab. "If Maria Montoban so much as breathes on a computer anywhere in the world we'll know about it."

"Yeah, but what if she's as much a prisoner as I was?" Jesse commented not in such an optimistic mood.

"Then the searches will find her for us," the telempath said firmly and Jesse was not sure if she really believed that or was just putting on a front for his benefit.

The pair walked into the rec area and Jesse turned away from the conversation just in time to see Brennan and Shalimar sharing a moment. The relationship between the feral and the elemental had been difficult to define; always a would they, wouldn't they thing, but Jesse's 'death' had pushed them closer together. The pair were a lot more than friends these days, which was something Jesse had thought he was comfortable with, but what caused him to freeze on the spot was the irrational jealousy that suddenly surged through him. For a split second he felt like leaping over the chair in front of him and staking his own claim.

That in itself would have been startling, but he was slowly getting a handle on the wild, semi-latent, feline feral emotions that jumped to the surface every now and then. What really caught him off guard was who the jealousy was aimed at. Jesse realised that he was not jealous at Brennan because he had Shalimar, he was jealous at Shalimar because she had Brennan. When he had finally figured out that Shalimar and Brennan were a couple after his awakening Jesse had been pleased for them. His emotional response now was a total shock.

As if sensing what was going on, Shalimar turned towards him and her eyes flashed amber. Jesse felt his own body respond as feral faced feral, but he was so stunned he could not move. The two stared at each other for a moment and, after the initial reaction, Jesse saw Shalimar realise what was going on. It was more than Jesse could cope with just then and he mildly panicked.

"I ... ah ..." he said hesitantly, "have ... stuff to do."

Then he turned away from the others and removed himself from the room.


Shalimar just stood there and watched Jesse leave, letting the feral instincts die down. She was just as shocked as Jesse had appeared and her human side did not really know what to do about it. She had sensed a rival and she had seen Jesse react to her the same way. His eyes had flashed bright amber and jealousy had been coming off him in waves. This was something Shalimar had not expected and when it came to feral-feral relations this was huge.

"What's gotten into him?" Brennan asked from behind her, obviously confused by the whole incident.

"I think his feral just jumped up and bit him," Shalimar said quickly before Emma could say anything. "You and me were probably giving off enough pheromones to wake the dead."

She turned to Brennan and smiled as if making light of the whole situation even though on the inside she was still confused by it.

"I'll go talk to him," she said cheerfully. "He's probably embarrassed as hell."

She looked back at Emma and made it plain that she wanted to handle it. The telempath seemed unsure for a few seconds, but finally smiled.

"Sounds like a good idea," Emma agreed, but the look she gave Shalimar as the feral walked past by told her to be careful.

Normally when it came to rivals for a mate Shalimar would simply see them off, but when the rival turned out to be Jesse things were not that simple. Trying to fight down her more primitive instinct the woman set off to find her teammate.

He had disappeared fast, but hiding from a feral with a mission was nigh on impossible in a closed environment. Shalimar followed Jesse's trail to one of the bathrooms and found him leaning on the sink with water dripping from his face. He did not turn to look at her when she came in. For a few moments she just stood there looking at him, not quite clear in her own mind what to do now she had found him. Her deepest instincts told her that Jesse was a rival for Brennan and she shouldn't give him the time of day, but her protective side was still very much aware that the young man was in need of her help.

"Jesse," she said eventually, "we have to talk about this."

That drew a snort of a laugh from Jesse, but he still did not look at Shalimar.

"What's to talk about?" he asked in a self-depreciating manner.

He did not look as if he was in any mood to discus this, but then Shalimar suspected that Jesse was unlikely to ever be fond of the idea.

"You can't ignore it," Shalimar said pointedly.

Now Jesse turned to look at her and his eyes flashed amber.

"I can if I want to," he said harshly, sounding somewhere between petulant and desperate.

Jesse went to walk out of the room, but she put her arm up to stop him. This was important and Shalimar was going to see it done.

"Whether you like it or not you're feral now," she said pointedly. "The one thing you can't do is ignore what you're feeling or it will come back and haunt you."

"Yeah well I've been ignoring what I've been feeling for my entire life, I'm very practiced at it," Jesse spat back his eyes flashing yellow again.

That caused Shalimar to pause; it had not occurred to her that this was not just another facet of the changes Jesse had been put through. She had never considered that her companion was anything but a heterosexual male; Shalimar had never noticed anything from him in the past when it came to other men. Added to the fact that Jesse had appeared so shocked at the situation and Shalimar had simply decided this was another new hurdle to step over.

"You're bi?" Shal asked evenly without trying to hide her surprise. "But back there you felt so ... so ..."

"Stunned," Jesse finished for her a little less angrily. "I'm not exactly bi," he continued, "I've never acted on any of the feelings. I was different enough as a kid, I decided at a very young age that being anything but straight would be a very bad idea. Hence I have focused my interests only on girls."

He paused and Shalimar waited patiently for him to go on.

"I have just never thought of Brennan in that way ... ever," Jesse admitted eventually. "He's your territory and so straight you could draw lines with him."

"Jess," Shalimar said leaning against the wall, "until today I'd have said similar things about you."

They stood in silence for a while, Jesse staring blankly into the mirror and Shalimar gazing at the opposite wall. This was a complicated situation and Shalimar did not know exactly how to deal with it.

"Ignoring it won't work," she said finally. "You're feral and wild feral at that; you've had no time to get a handle on that part of your personality. If you stick your head in the sand your inner animal is going to jump up and bite you on the ass, and probably try and take me as well. Jesse we've had this conversation before."

Jesse glared at her and looked very dubious; Shalimar did not think he quite believed her.

"Brennan's mine," she said with a calculated smile.

Her companion's eyes flashed in return.

"Told you," she said having made her point.

He did not look completely convinced, but at least now Jesse was listening to her. Standing there looking at his completely bewildered face brought all of Shalimar's compassion for her teammate to the surface and it brought something with it. It was the barest hint of an emotion that Shalimar had never really considered and it gave her an idea.

"What if you weren't a rival?" she said half to herself and half to Jesse.

This made the younger man look even more confused and he was in no mood to handle it; the anger returned to his expression.

"Now you're talking in riddles," Jesse snapped tersely. "You said I couldn't ignore this so how the hell do I unfeel it?"

"You don't," Shalimar said evenly and let a smile curve her lips as the idea coalesced in her mind and she found she liked it.

With calm calculation she turned to face Jesse and stepped towards him. Allowing the sexual predator inside her to the surface, she set her sights on Jesse. For his part the younger man tried to back away.

"Shalimar, what are you doing?" he asked and in his confusion at the sudden change in the situation he seemed to have forgotten to be angry.

"Changing you from rival to mate," she said in a perfectly logical tone.

"But you and Brennan...," Jesse was beginning to sound desperate, "...and you made it very clear a long time ago I was not your type."

Shalimar took another step towards her companion and Jesse ran out of backing room.

"You'd be amazed how open minded Brennan can be," she said slowly, never taking her eyes off Jesse's face, "and your type has changed."

Opening her feral senses to him, Shalimar could feel just how much that was true. She had never let herself consider him as anything but a little brother before. She had never lied to him; the one and only time he had ever made advances she had told him openly that he was not her type, but Jesse was very different now.

"Shalimar, we can't do this," Jesse tried again and he almost sounded like he believed it.

Looking directly into his eyes, Shalimar sent him every signal she knew how and she saw his nostril's flare. Jesse's feral was only partially emerged and most of his senses were relatively normal, but using her knowledge that his sense of smell was greatly enhanced Shalimar decided it was time to play the trump card.

"You can smell him on me can't you Jesse?" she whispered to him. "You can smell Brennan all over me. He smells good doesn't he Jesse? Musky and male. I reek of him Jesse. What does that make you want to do?"

She moved in as close as she could without pushing Jesse over the bathtub.

"Touch me and you touch part of him," Shalimar continued, never letting up with her own sex appeal for a second.

She saw it the moment Jesse's will crumbled and his eyes flashed as his instincts took over. Shalimar found herself picked up bodily and pinned to the wall with Jesse pressed up against her. His lips pushed against hers and she parted them, letting them taste each other. Her own feral revelled in the sensations running through her body and she lost herself in the kiss and the moment. Shalimar had absolutely no doubts that this was the right thing to do.

She was so caught up in the experience that when Jesse freed her from his grip and backed away, she took a moment to return to the present. When Shalimar looked at Jesse's face she saw doubt and fear mixed in with a very real hunger. It was obvious that she had succeeded in her bid to arouse her companion, but Shalimar realised she had not quite succeeded in convincing him this was a good idea.

"We can't," he said slowly and very reluctantly. "Brennan ..."

Jesse was obviously having problems expressing what he was feeling and for a split second Shalimar shared his doubt, but then wiped it away. If she had not been sure of her actions she would never have chosen the course and she was not about to give up now.

"Rival or mate, Jesse," Shalimar said evenly, "your choice."

He looked so torn and Shalimar could sympathise, but she had already chosen her path.

"We can deal with Brennan together when we are on the same side," she said eventually. "Territorial ferals will get one of us killed. Let the instinct free, Jesse, we'll handle the consequences together."

The younger mutant just stared her in the face and she could see the war going on behind his eyes. Shalimar knew how difficult it could be to balance a wild nature with the human value system and she for one was sure that this time nature was the winner. Finally Jesse nodded and the tension flowed out of him. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, when he opened them his irises were yellowy orange.

"Let's do it," he said quietly.

Shalimar reached out her hand and took Jesse's, and then she led him into the corridor.


Brennan had spent an hour with Emma and every time he went to leave she had reengaged him in conversation, but in the end he had given her an excuse and left. He had expected Shalimar to be a few minutes, maybe half an hour, but not this long. He appreciated that she had to help Jesse with his new powers, but they had been in the middle of something and Brennan had hoped she would have come back.

Not sure if Shalimar and Jesse would have finished their discussion, but wanting to find out what was going on, Brennan set about trying to find the pair. He tried just about everywhere he could think of including both his friend's rooms with no luck so he finally headed over to his own space. He found the door closed and locked, which was most confusing. He knocked on the door wondering if he would receive an answer.

One thing the elemental really didn't expect was the door sliding back to reveal a completely naked Shalimar. Her eyes were yellow and all Brennan could think was that he was looking at some wild nature goddess. Her hair was rumpled and there were signs of arousal all over her body as well as what looked like love bites. Dragging his thoughts from the hormonal hole they had found, the penny dropped in Brennan's mind and he suddenly realised why Shalimar had never come back, but he had no chance to really react.

"Wondered when you'd get here," Shalimar said with a hungry smile and, before Brennan could do anything about it, she reached out, grabbed the front of his jeans and pulled him into the room.

Inside the lights were down low and the door shut out any other light as the feral pushed him down on to the bed. Brennan found himself doubting the conclusion he had come to, but, as his eyes adjusted, he caught sight of another figure in the room. Shalimar straddled Brennan on the bed and pinned him down, leaning over him and looking into his face with her ever-changing eyes. It didn't take a genius to realise that Shalimar was under the full influence of her feral nature.

Brennan didn't know what to think and he needed answers even though he knew it would be hard to get Shalimar to explain. Instead he went for the other option.

"Jesse is that you?" he asked firmly as Shalimar tried to unbutton his shirt.

"Of course it's him," the Shalimar said openly, "we were just thinking of coming to look for you."

Shalimar did not exactly sound rational and Brennan began to think he might be in trouble.

"Shalimar," Brennan said pointedly, trying to find the human side of the feral, "what's going on."

"Rival or mate," the woman said as if it explained everything.

Brennan took hold of her hands and held them.

"Jesse, explain to me why I shouldn't fry you right now," he said looking for answers from the only other person in the room.

When the younger mutant stepped out from where he had been standing with Shalimar blocking the view it occurred to Brennan that he was going to get even less sense from Jesse. The blond man was as naked as Shalimar and his eyes were golden.

"He loves you," Shalimar said brightly and pulled her hands from his grip.

That bewildered Brennan even more.

"And sleeping with you, in my room, is his way of showing it?" He was almost too confused to be angry, but not quite.

"Rival or mate," Shalimar said for the second time.

The feral finally seemed to catch up with the fact that she was not making any sense when Brennan looked at her blankly.

"Before, out there, was not to do with me," she said her hands still trying to find the buttons on Brennan's shirt, "it was you. He was jealous of me because of you. There was only one way to resolve it."

As far as Brennan was concerned that was definitely a feral outlook on life and if he had been the one looking for solutions he could have found another one. As it was he just wanted to figure out what was going on at that moment in time.

"And now?" Brennan asked pointedly.

"Now we seduce you and problem solved," Shalimar said with a hungry smile and totally scandalised his sensibilities.

Now Brennan sat up and pushed Shalimar back. She drew her legs up under her and crouched on the bed looming above him like a giant bird.

"This is crazy," he said bluntly.

"Why?" Shalimar asked, still smiling broadly.

This appeared to be a game to the feral and she was enjoying it. Jesse was still waiting in the background and Brennan had the feeling that the pair had a plan. Brennan couldn't deny that the naked presence of two ferals in the room was having an effect on him, but his brain was still crying out in outrage. A threesome was something that had occurred to him in his wilder days, but quite frankly he'd usually pictured it as him and two girls, not him and a guy and a girl. Besides which, this was Jesse and Shalimar; Shalimar yes, but Jesse? The idea was so far from left field that it made Brennan's head spin.

"I can smell your arousal," Shalimar whispered loudly. "Go with the desire. Don't you want me?"

When she took hold of the belt on his pants Brennan didn't reach to stop her. She undid it slowly and then moved on to the button fly. Shalimar bent her head to her work and Brennan found himself looking at Jesse once more. The blond man had his head turned to one side and he was watching intently; more than ever Brennan was aware that he was in a room with two people who were not exactly running on human instincts.

Brennan had seen Shalimar like this before, it was how she was when her sexual appetite was highly aroused, but Jesse had never had this side before. Looking at the other mutant he could feel the arousal coming off the younger man; he appeared even less in control of his animal instincts than Shalimar.

When Shalimar took hold of the top of Brennan's pants and pulled downwards, he was in two minds as to whether to let her continue, but he did not resist and Shalimar was very persistent. Eventually Brennan lifted his hips off the bed and with a growl of delight Shalimar removed the jeans in one swift movement, somehow taking his shoes with them.

The whole situation still did not feel right to Brennan, but Shalimar was definitely having a certain effect on him in the state she was in. He was more than a little uncomfortable with the fact that Jesse was in the room, but Shalimar was doing a good job of keeping him distracted. When Shalimar had relieved him of his pants she set about his shirt again. The fact that she was following up each unfastening with a kiss where the button had been almost made him forget that they were not alone.

Shalimar seemed to realise that he was not quite in the moment and, as she pushed his shirt off his shoulders, she raised her head and looked him directly in the eye. The wicked smile on her face told Brennan that she was completely committed to this. The fact there was a deep love coupled with the pure lust in her expression did not escape him either; this was not just sex to her.

"Close your eyes," she said in a husky low tone.

Looking into golden irises, Brennan knew that this was his last chance to back out; if he closed his eyes he was in for the ride. Brennan really wasn't sure what he was getting into, but as Shalimar nuzzled his cheek with her nose, he gave in to his baser instincts. Putting his head back, he closed his eyes and Shalimar kissed him full on the lips. Then he felt something touch his temple; opening his eyes again he could see nothing.

"Shal..." the feral put her finger on his lips before Brennan could ask what was going on; the visual cloak was something very unexpected.

"Just relax," she whispered back and pushed him down onto the bed.

Being unable to see made Brennan a little nervous, but when Shalimar turned her attention to his chest, he discovered that there were advantages; with his eyes out of action his sense of touch was going into overtime. When she nipped at his skin it sent little rivulets of pleasure through his whole torso, and her hair brushed across his chest in the most delightful fashion. Brennan really didn't care that he and Shalimar were not alone when she moved further down; he did not even hesitate to help when she pulled off his underwear.

Shalimar broke contact with him for a moment and then she was back, her fingertips running down his side lightly. The touch was incredible and Brennan lost himself in the feeling as the delicate fingers ran down his legs and Shalimar returned to the bed at the end. Gentle pressure on the inside of his ankles urged Brennan to part his legs and he did so without thought. His companion moved into the space, but still the only contact was the insistent fingers.

Brennan dug his nails into the mattress as the touch moved upwards and the delicate pressure ran across the sensitive skin behind his balls. He felt his body react to the contact and he moaned as the fingers moved up over his scrotum and then the shaft. Naked Shalimar had already given him a healthy erection, but the touch brought his body to life. Then he totally forgot about anything, but the experience as a tongue joined the fingers. The stroking was feather light and Brennan moved into the touch and was rewarded, but the sensation of lips encircling him.

The groan that escaped his mouth was heartfelt and totally uncontrollable. Brennan's artificial blindness was heightening the sensation for him and, as the mouth and fingers worked, all he could do was go with the flow. The tiny, still functioning, logical part of his brain gave thanks that their rooms were now soundproofed, well unless you had feral hearing, and the rest of his brain let go of anything resembling rational thought. He lost all track of time as the touch continued to drive him crazy with movement after movement. His body had a whole mind of its own and he wound his hands into the bed sheet as he arched his back. It was then that he felt it, the brush of a cheek on his thigh and a hard torso against the rest of his leg. Just as his orgasm took him and his mind decided to disconnect, he realised that his partner on the bed was not Shalimar. He had no chance to figure out when the ferals had pulled the switch, because he was far too busy concentrating on the muscle spasms that had taken over his whole body, but one thing he was sure of was that Shalimar did not have stubble.

When Brennan finally came down from his sexual high to a manageable level, he reached up slowly and pulled the visual cloak from his temple. He blinked once and came face to face with a yellow-eyed Jesse who was now leaning over him from a position between his legs. The expression on the younger man's face was caught between pleasure and triumph and Brennan felt very much the centre of attention. It was Shalimar who broke the moment of stillness as she climbed onto the bed behind Jesse and pulled him away, pinning him to the wall and kissing him soundly. All Brennan could do was lie there and watch them since his leg was caught behind the younger of the two.

Watching the two ferals was like seeing a pair of wild animals lost in an ancient mating dance. They were totally unselfconscious and Shalimar bodily dragged Jesse off the bed, a move to which he did not appear to object. Shalimar appeared to be playing the dominant role now and she pushed her partner onto the carpet, climbing on top of him. Without so much as a pause she pushed herself down onto Jesse's erection and drew a similar sound from the blond man as he had been drawing from Brennan less than a minute before.

It was quite an intoxicating sight and Brennan found that far from feeling left out now, the display of complete abandon pulled him into the experience further. This was not two individuals showing off their sexual prowess; this was Jesse and Shalimar showing him how much they trusted him. The two ferals had their guards down completely and Brennan watched, fascinated as the two moved together in sexual union.

It did not take long before Brennan found himself again reacting to the situation as his spent body once again became hard. As if Shalimar was reading his mind she lifted herself off Jesse and languidly moved down the younger mutant's body until she was straddling his feet and her head with level with his crotch. Then she looked back as Brennan and literally stuck her rear end in the air. The come on was obvious.

Brennan did not need asking twice and he moved down onto the floor to join the other two. Shalimar moved until he was comfortably positioned behind her and then she bent her head down to do for Jesse what the blond man had previously done for Brennan. Brennan took his cue and, reaching out, he gently held Shalimar's waist and moved in closer. She was soft, slick and warm around his erection and he slid in easily as she pushed back against him.

The three moved together in harmony like one creature bent on only one thing; sexual gratification. Jesse came first with what sounded to Brennan almost like a growl of pleasure. Shalimar was next as she pushed back onto Brennan hard and spasmed around him with an indulgent moan and her movements pushed him over the edge a second time. His sex charged body had the decency to display little stars in front of his eyes as he gave in to orgasm once again. He collapsed onto the floor next to Jesse as his legs made it known that twice in such close succession was too much for sensible motor control.

Shalimar sat back on her haunches and grinned at Brennan and Jesse; it appeared to Brennan that the woman was suffering no such ill effects from her exertions.

"Beautiful men," she said with a sexy laugh, "my men."

Something about the way she said it gave Brennan the impression that sex was far from over and he wondered briefly if he would survive the experience.


Brennan had lost track of time shortly after his second orgasm, he also wasn't sure exactly what mutant chemistry his feral partners were putting into the room, but it beat the hell out of anything he had experienced before, even with Shalimar. It was all about sensation and that was all that mattered for the longest time.

Only as he began to come down slightly did Brennan realise that, although all three of them were on the bed and were definitely in contact, he was in fact concentrating mostly on Shalimar. The female feral was lavishing her attentions on both Jesse and himself, but Brennan was fixated on the woman and Jesse appeared to be respecting this choice. This suddenly seemed wrong. Coming up for air from a passionate kiss with Shalimar, Brennan looked her in the eyes and then smiled.

"Move over," he said quietly.

Shalimar ginned back and without hesitation shifted her weight and rolled above him, supporting herself with her arms and legs. Brennan scooted over towards a surprised looking Jesse and Shalimar came down behind Brennan. Without waiting for the blond man to react, Brennan took his friend's face in his hands and kissed him hard on the lips. Jesse didn't take long to catch up and he opened his mouth to accept Brennan's probing tongue. Brennan had never kissed a man before and it was quite different from kissing a woman. Stubble for a start was a new sensation and Brennan found he rather liked the contrast of rough hair and soft lips.

Brennan was so wrapped up in the experience that he forgot quite how close to the edge of the bed he was, as too it appeared did Jesse. The pair rolled over with Brennan on top and then there was a muffled squeak from Jesse as they were both falling. They were tangled together and Brennan could not extract himself, in fact he found his body wrapped by Jesse's frame and when they hit the floor there was a very loud thud. His first thought was for his lover since Brennan had landed with all his weight on top of the blond man, but when he tried to extract himself he found that Jesse was still holding on. It then occurred to Brennan that Jesse's body had felt very solid when they had landed and he realised the other mutant had massed out during the fall.

The younger man was looking a little startled, but was otherwise completely unaffected. Brennan decided to show his appreciation at being saved and wiped away the shocked expression from his partner's face by kissing him soundly. Quite deliberately as the kiss deepened Brennan rubbed his erection against Jesse's.

The move drew a groan from the younger mutant and, as Brennan pulled back slightly to appreciate his handiwork, all he could see was the look of hungry desire in the other man's eyes. The expression on Jesse's face at that moment was the most wanton pleasure Brennan had seen on anyone but Shalimar and the blond man moved his legs so he and the elemental were as close to each other as they could get. The pair shared a gaze and Brennan knew without a doubt what Jesse really wanted.

Throughout his considerable sexual experience Brennan had never had sex with a man, but he was aware of the logistics of the act. Not sure if he would find what he needed, he lifted himself away from Jesse and glanced at Shalimar. She smiled broadly at him and held out a small tube; it appeared they were prepared for anything.

With unspoken accord Jesse flipped over as Brennan opened the lube. Smearing it on his fingers he rubbed it gently around the offered orifice. Jesse moaned quietly and Brennan didn't need to be told to move things on. Pushing gently he forced one finger past the tight ring of muscle of Jesse's ass and was rewarded by what almost sounded like a growl. It was filled with such need that nothing else but fulfilling that need entered Brennan's head. He worked Jesse loose, first with one finger then two and when Jesse pushed back on his hand forcefully, Brennan knew that the time for playing games was over. Quite sure of what he was doing now, he positioned himself behind the younger man and then with the utmost care he found Jesse's opening and pushed in.

The action drew a grunt from Jesse and Brennan paused as tight muscles constricted slightly around his erection. He could not be sure, but Brennan did not think Jesse had done this before any more than he had. It took a few seconds, but he felt his partner relax into the sensation and Brennan took that as his cue to continue.

He had never made love to anyone with such a blatant audience before, but Brennan found that even though he could feel Shalimar's eyes watching every move he had no will to be self-conscious. In fact, being under such close scrutiny made him want this all the more and he could not resist giving the female member of their trio a grin. Brennan was living in a sex soaked haze and he was loving every second and with a will to make sure his partners were enjoying this as much as he was he returned to his task.

Brennan moved slowly, on the alert for any signs of discomfort from his lover, but this time there was no grunt, only a deep groan of pleasure. He sank in about half way and then pulled out again; the noises this drew from Jesse were encouragement enough to continue.

With gentle care Brennan pushed in and pulled out a few more times and as he felt Jesse becoming used to the intrusion he thrust a little harder. This time he sank in as far as he could go and the response from his lover was a slightly startled moan that caused the younger man to pull away a little. Brennan was afraid he might have hurt Jesse until his lover pushed back against him again. Jesse seemed to want to take everything that he could give and Brennan set about making sure Jesse had his wish. The pair moved with one accord apart and together time after time and Brennan closed his eyes, giving in to the moment.

The tightness of Jesse's muscles had eased, but even so Brennan knew he could not last much longer with the amount of sensation he was receiving from the younger man. But he need not have worried that Jesse was far behind him because, as Brennan thrust a couple more times, the younger man went rigid and then shuddered with a half surprised cry. It took only one more plunge from Brennan to join his lover and then they both collapsed onto the floor.

It was long seconds before Brennan summoned enough motor control to move in any sensible manner. Then he pulled out of Jesse slowly and pushed himself up to a kneeling position using the side of the bed. Shalimar rewarded him for his efforts with a light kiss. She seemed to realise that he was finally spent and her touch was gentle rather than demanding. When he looked back down, Jesse was lying on his side and younger man's eyes were closed with a look of ecstasy on his face. Shalimar helped Brennan back onto the bed as he tried to stop various muscles from shaking.


Brennan opened his eyes suddenly as he found himself breathing hair. He pushed his face backwards and discovered he was looking at the back of Shalimar's head. His back was against the wall and one arm was draped over his female lover and the other lying across the top of the bed. Further down the bed things were a little more complicated; as Brennan found when he tried to move. A heavy weight was pinning his legs and, when he glanced down, his eyes found Jesse. Their third was sort of between them, draped half over Shalimar and half on Brennan's legs where he was laying further down the bed.

Jesse appeared absurdly young with his face relaxed in sleep and it occurred to Brennan that technically the mutant was less than two months old. It made him laugh, which was quite difficult from his current position. Shalimar stirred immediately and twisted her upper body round into what looked like a very uncomfortable position. She seemed quite happy, however, as she smiled at Brennan.

"Glad you're in such high spirits," she said quietly, sounding much more human again.

"Just wondering if we've been cradle snatching?" Brennan replied in a whisper.

Shalimar glanced down at the still peacefully sleeping Jesse and smiled fondly; Brennan found that his own feelings were remarkably similar. He let himself be lost in the moment for a while and then shook himself into wakefulness; it had after all been the middle of the afternoon when they had started all this.

"How long have we been asleep?" he asked quickly.

Shalimar reached out carefully and turned the clock on the table to face them both. It read six fifteen.

"Couple of hours," Shalimar decided quickly. "I wonder if the other two have decided to look for us yet?"

"I think Emma might have handled that for us," Brennan said with a grin, "she ran interference for the pair of you for long enough."

"What else are friends for?" Shalimar quipped back. "Time to wake sleeping beauty I suppose; we need to get back to work."

"I could give him a little jolt," Brennan offered cheerfully and let his fingers spark.

Shalimar laughed.

"Oh I think you gave him a big enough jolt earlier," she joked lightly, "besides which he's venomous, remember?"

"And he's awake," a sleepy voice came from Jesse.

The younger mutant moved and then groaned.

"I think my head may be stuck at the wrong angle," he complained quietly.

"Yeah well I may never walk again," Brennan shot back cheerfully, "but I'm sure we can learn to live with these things. How about getting off my legs?"

"Give me a minute to figure out how to move?" Jesse said, but did shift towards the front of the bed as Shalimar swung her legs off the piece of furniture.

"Note to self," Brennan said as he felt sensation start back in his right leg, "get a bigger bed."

"Now that is a conversation I want to see," Jesse commented and slowly stood up, "Adam's eyebrows will hit his hairline if he asks why."

The mental image that gave Brennan made his chuckle; it would be something to see.

"I call the shower first," he decided quickly at which point Shalimar climbed to her feet and turned around.

"And whatever happened to manners?" she said raising one eyebrow and placing her hands on her hips.

She was a magnificent sight and Brennan took a moment to admire her; he saw Jesse doing the same. Funnily enough this no longer struck him as wrong; it was quite a reversal in thinking for him, but Brennan chose not to question it.

"We could always take one together," Jesse said with a very mischievous smile.

"Yeah and then we'll never get back to work," was Brennan's concise opinion on the matter. "Just to show I'm not a complete barbarian; ladies first."


Emma was sitting in the rec area analysing the game of chess she had played against Adam earlier. Her playing style was always improving, but she still couldn't beat the leader of Mutant X. This time she hadn't exactly intended to challenge him, but when he had come out of the lab looking for Jesse, Emma had explained that Jesse and Shalimar were having a heart to heart and then distracted the man with the game. Of course Emma had been aware of exactly what Shalimar, Brennan and Jesse had been about, but luckily Adam had not enquired further.

Making sure that her three friends had their privacy had come naturally to Emma, but she was not quite sure how she felt about the whole situation. When Shalimar had followed Jesse out of the rec room, Emma had never suspected what would result, especially when the pair had involved Brennan as well. It was absurd really, but at first she felt a little left out. It wasn't that she wanted to be part of the group really; it was just that they were usually a team and in this they weren't.

She was as horny as hell thanks to what the three were up to, but she had no desire to go and join them. She'd deal with that problem herself when she could be alone; it wasn't like it was the first time her power had ever left her hot and bothered thanks to someone else's activities. When you picked up strong emotions from a relatively large radius you learned to deal with these things.

It had in fact been quite a pleasant afternoon and Emma had enjoyed Adam's company. It seemed like it had been so long since they had had a chance to relax and the game of chess had been fun. It had taken the older man quite some time to win the game and it had been pleasant. Emma just hoped that her friends' activities would have no unfortunate repercussions.

Jesse appeared first and the smile on his face said everything really. If Emma had not been able to feel the happiness oozing from his every pore then that expression would have given it all away. If he was anything to go by then Emma was willing to believe that maybe the whole situation was going to work out.

"Your mood seems to have improved," Emma commented with mock innocence.

Jesse just grinned at her.

"You know what," he replied cheerfully and threw himself down on the chair next to hers, "I think you may be right."

Emma couldn't help but smile at him; his mood was infectious.

"How was your afternoon?" the blond mutant asked conversationally.

"Fine thank you," she replied in kind, "but don't expect me to ask how yours was."

That gained her a laugh from her companion; for the first time since they had found him Jesse felt completely relaxed, as if he was content. Emma hadn't really felt that from the blond mutant since Amanda had been killed.

"You're no fun," Jesse quipped back with a mischievous glint in his eye.

"Yes well while you three were 'busy'," Emma said deliberately avoiding the whole subject, "I was trying to beat Adam at chess. He was looking for you so you owe me one."

"I changed my mind," Jesse said lightly, "you're an angel. So did you beat him?"

Emma sent her companion a look that said 'what do you think' and did not deign to answer straight away. Jesse just grinned at her unrepentantly.

"I think in about fifty years I might have a chance," she said eventually with a rueful smile.

"Nah," her friend said lightly, "not more than twenty five, surely?"

For that she threw a cushion as him and he caught it while laughing like a schoolboy. If the other two were on as much of a high as Jesse Emma decided she was in for an exhausting evening.

End of Part 5
On to Ch6
Tags: category: threesome/moresome, ch_story: sum of parts, fandom: mutant x, fictype: 30kwds up, fictype: chaptered, pairing: mx - shal/bren/jesse, rating: r to nc17

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