Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Advent 12 - Decorated, Panik, none, G

Title: Decorated
Author: Beren
Fandom: Panik
Pairing: none
Rating: G

They were all tired, that much was sure, but David had not realised how tired until he walked into the sitting area of the studio and discovered Linke sprawled out on the sofa. The funny thing was it seemed that while Linke had been asleep someone had covered their bassist in Christmas decorations. David grinned and picked up a bauble that appeared to have escaped and went to put it on Linke's shoe.

"If you wreck Jan's artistic intent, he will kill you," Linke said and opened one eye.

David just laughed; it seemed everyone had caught the Christmas spirit.
Tags: fandom: panik, ficfest: advent drabbles, rating: g to pg13

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