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Fic: From Darkness Comes Light 02/03, Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, NC17/18

Title: From Darkness Comes Light 02/03
Fandom: Merlin (BBC)
Author: Beren
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Rating: NC17/18
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by the BBC. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Warnings/Spoilers: explicit sex, general spoilers for up to 1.10
Summary: When dark creatures that prey on the living, taking their blood and causing the dead to rise from their graves are reported in Albion it is Arthur who is sent to destroy them. Some things, however, do not fall to the sword and Arthur learns this the hard way. Merlin is faced with giving up more than his secret to save his friend.
Author's Notes: Okay, so those who know me from other fandoms were probably wondering when the vampire fic would happen :). I can never resist it ::g::. Thanks to Soph for the beta.
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Chapter 2 Returning to Light

Over the next few days Arthur improved. The incidents during daylight hours stopped completely and when they made it a whole night through without Arthur needing to feed from Merlin, Gaius finally decided it was time to lift the quarantine. The fact that Arthur had taken to ordering Merlin around gave Merlin a clue that Arthur was beginning to feel like himself, but that didn't stop Arthur going white when Gaius brought up the subject of going back to normal life.

"But what if I lose control?" Arthur asked, clearly worried. "You said if I were to bite someone other than Merlin I could pass this on."

There had been many theories bandied about over the last few days, but that was one Merlin wished Gaius has left unsaid.

"That's not certain," he pointer out, glaring at Gaius for good measure, "and anyway, you won't lose control. Every time the hunger comes over you, you are more and more still you."

Arthur didn't look convinced.

"Merlin is right," Gaius said in a very professional tone, "and I believe you may only be focused on him anyway."

Merlin looked at Gaius then, because that was something Gaius had not mentioned before.

"On me?" he asked.

"But I went for you the first night," Arthur pointed out.

Gaius just nodded in his annoyingly patronising way.

"However I believe your needs have changed," Gaius explained. "From what you have told me I believe the creatures you went to destroy survived on human blood and the power gained from corrupting a human soul, trapping it within the corpse. I believe that you, Sire, survive on blood and the magic which Merlin feeds you. Because you are mostly human you do not need to feed often, at the rate I am seeing improvement I believe your need will eventually be approximately one in seven nights, but you do require the sustenance as well as ordinary food."

That rather confirmed Merlin's suspicions.

"You don't think I will ever be cured then?" Arthur asked, no emotion in his voice.

"No," Gaius replied with his usual honestly, "but I do not believe you should look on this as a curse. Because of the horror that came with this condition I believe you fail to see the advantages."

Arthur stood, anger written all over him and Merlin put out a hand, knowing that Arthur's temper was a little more volatile than usual at the moment. Since it had been quite hot enough to begin with that meant he was keeping an eye on Arthur just in case.

"How can needing human blood be an advantage?" Arthur demanded.

"That is a symptom," Gaius said, refusing to be intimidated, "but a treatable one, what you have failed to notice is that you are stronger and faster than you once were and you can also see in the dark. I would humbly suggest these are advantages a Prince would find most useful."

Merlin looked at Arthur then; that was not something he had considered either. He had been so worried about Arthur's mental state and the level of corruption still in Arthur that he had completely failed to consider that there might be another side to the situation. Arthur had been the greatest knight in Camelot before, if he was even stronger and faster he would be truly amazing.

"Stronger and faster?" Arthur asked, clearly not quite sure.

Gaius nodded.

"Last night when Merlin almost fell over the pale," Gaius explained as Merlin felt himself going red at the recollection, he could be so clumsy sometimes, "you moved far more quickly than a normal person could to catch him. You have both told me that the creatures moved with unnatural speed and were demonically strong; I believe those traits have partially been passed to you."

That did not make Arthur look pleased, more worried in fact and Merlin knew what his friend was thinking.

"My father will not suffer a son tainted with magic," Arthur pointed out, "not even if it is benevolent."

"No, Sire," Gaius replied with a nod of his head, "I fear that is true, but I believe you are a man fully capable of moderating your use of these strengths. Merlin had saved Camelot on many occasions, hiding what he can do under the guise of other things. An extra burst of speed at the end of a tourney, or flinging off an attacker will be seen as the excitement of the fight giving you strength. These things can be hidden in plain sight. You have also demonstrated a higher sensitivity to taste and smell; if anyone tries to poison you I am sure you will know before it touches your lips."

Arthur still looked unconvinced and so Merlin stepped up beside him.

"If I can do it, it'll be easy for you," he said with a small grin, trying to lighten the atmosphere. "I am probably the most incompetent idiot you are likely to meet, after all."

Arthur looked at him with a very even stare for a while, but finally smiled.

"That's true," Arthur agreed and made Merlin grin even more.

In that moment, Merlin had a strange sense of forever, as if for an instant he had a glimpse of eternity and somehow he had a feeling they would be trading insults from this world and into the next. It was a good feeling that made his grin become a genuine smile.

"What?" Arthur asked, seemingly having picked up on his change of mood.

"Nothing," he replied with a little bob of his head, "just wool gathering."

He didn't think Arthur was quite ready for the forever speech just yet.

"Yes, well, Sire," Gaius interrupted them again, "I have made arrangements that Merlin will be staying in your rooms until we are sure we can predict your needs. I have told the king that you will sometimes require medicines during the night and Merlin needs to be there to administer them. The arrangements are being made now."

Arthur nodded in a very businesslike fashion.

"It will be good to get back to my own bed at night," Arthur replied, with just the tiniest glance in Merlin's direction.

They had moved back to their own cots after the first night they had shared one, but somehow they always seemed to end up back in one, even the previous night when Arthur hadn't even fed. Merlin had begun to think that's how the universe wanted it and there was nothing they could do about it. From the look Arthur was giving him he doubted he was going to be using the cot that he was sure the servants would be setting up in Arthur's room for him to sleep in.

"But before that, Sire," Gaius said with a small bow, "if I might be so bold as to suggest a bath."

That made Merlin laugh; they were still in the same clothes in which they had ridden back to Camelot, although they had made an effort to clean them, and they had been days in quarantine without large sources of water, so they were getting a little ripe.

"Gaius," Arthur said in an almost dangerous tone, "I think perhaps you ... could be right."

Gaius did not look impressed by the theatrics.

"Thank you for everything you have done, Gaius," Arthur said, now very sincere. "You are a true friend. Come along, Merlin, you're my manservant, you heard the man, bathe me."

Merlin laughed again; if Arthur could joke then things could not be too bad.

"And while we at it, I think I'll bathe you, I can't have a filthy manservant now can I," Arthur added.

Merlin saw Gaius rolling his eyes and muttering something about youth, but he was far too interested in the ideas Arthur's words had sparked in his brain.

"Bye, Gaius," he said with an absent wave, following Arthur out of the room.

He wondered absently if it was possible to fit two grown men into a royal bath tub.


Once back in Arthur's rooms there had seemed to be people everywhere and Arthur had put up with it for a little while. Everyone had just seemed so pleased to see Arthur well and Arthur had played the good prince for a while as Merlin hovered in the background, but finally had sent everyone scurrying with a demand to be alone. Arthur had then sent a message to Uther saying that he would see him once he was presentable and then, to Merlin's pleasure, they had put to the test the idea of whether it was possible to get two people into one bath.

It seemed that if they were flexible and you didn't mind water all over the floor, it was indeed possible, but not overly comfortable, which was why as soon as they were clean Merlin had found himself being all but dragged towards Arthur's bed. It seemed that Arthur's bites became bruises within half a day and then faded before the next night, but Merlin had discovered that the spot where Arthur always bit him was more sensitive now. Hence, when Arthur pushed him onto the bed, climbed on top and began sucking and lightly nipping at that spot, Merlin found that all control and any ability to think left him.

The fact that they were naked, on Arthur's bed and that this was probably going to go further than either of them had gone before did try to make itself known in his head, but all he could concentrate on was how good what Arthur was doing felt. He didn't know if Arthur was simply a natural, or if Arthur's new senses made him better at these things now, but Merlin just couldn't keep a thought in his head as Arthur took him apart piece by piece.

Arthur seemed determined to taste him, at least as far as his skin went, moving all over his neck, shoulders and chest, licking, kissing and nipping, which drove him completely insane. He'd never exactly been a good follower, but he had been discovering over the last few months that he was willing to follow Arthur anywhere and this instance was no different. He really didn't care if Arthur was making it up as he went along; if that was the case, Arthur was making it up really well.

When Arthur shimmied down his body a little, brushing lightly over his erection, he didn't even try to stop the moan that sounded so debauched it almost surprised him that he was making it. Then Arthur fixed that clever mouth over one of his nipples and sucked and he decided that he had found Avalon and all its delights. The little tiny amount of sentience he had left was making a mental note of exactly what Arthur was doing for future reference and all of him was melting under the attention.

"There's something," Arthur said between attacking his nipple with tongue and very light teeth, "that I've been wanting to do since I had enough strength, but I didn't think Gaius' heart could have taken the shock."

"What's that?" Merlin asked with breathless anticipation.

Arthur smiled up at him and Merlin felt his whole body throb with arousal in response. If there was one thing he had learned over the past few days it was that look in Arthur's eyes; the look that meant Arthur was hungry. Mostly it had been for blood, but a couple of times, in the dead of night when Gaius was asleep, it had been for hot heavy kisses and desperate touches. Merlin knew which it was for now.

With the grace of the skilled soldier he was, Arthur shimmied further down the bed, watching Merlin the whole time and all Merlin could do was lie there and wait. To a mind that was working it would have been instantly obvious where Arthur was headed; Merlin only caught up when Arthur was nose to tip with his groin and Arthur's tongue darted out from behind those sensuous lips. He had precisely one second to prepare himself before Arthur licked a stripe right up the underside of his cock. He couldn't even manage a moan this time, just some incoherent gasping.

"Do you have any idea how good you taste?" Arthur asked him

Merlin just shook his head and made some sort of unidentifiable noise. He appeared to have been reduced to less than monosyllabic, which, even if he was the subject, left him very impressed. Just for a moment Arthur's eyes glinted with gold and Merlin decided that magic really was the only way to describe his lover. Then Arthur enveloped him in warm wetness and all thinking once again stopped as feeling took over. Merlin lost track of how long the incredibly wonderful sensations went on as he fought with himself to stop his body taking that final step into ecstasy that he had become quite familiar with over the last few days.

Since he had absolutely no control whatsoever when Arthur got his fangs into him, he was making a concerted effort to not completely lose it when there were no fangs involved. It wasn't overly easy, but he was quite proud that he was still teetering on the edge of completion when Arthur finally pulled back. Arthur's eyes weren't quite glowing, but they were definitely brighter than they should have been when his lover looked up at him.

"Come here," he found himself saying, beckoning Arthur with one finger.

Arthur wasn't a follower either and Merlin wasn't sure his request would be obeyed until Arthur began to climb up him again. It was not the fastest climb in the world, since Arthur seemed to become distracted with various parts of his upper body on the way, but eventually Arthur did make it back so they were face to face. That was the point where Merlin decided to take the initiative for a while.

First of all he distracted Arthur with the hungriest kiss he knew how. Then he tensed and flipped them both over so he came to rest on top. He might have used the teeniest bit of magic as well, but then Arthur was bigger and stronger than he was. Of course Arthur was very sensitive to his magic these days and noticed.

"Hey, that's cheating," Arthur protested as Merlin grinned down at the man now pinned beneath him.

"Says the prince who could probably pick up his horse if he wanted to," Merlin pointed out and went back to kissing Arthur so his lover wouldn't object too much.

He took the hum from Arthur as agreement.

There was something he wanted to try, an idea that had lodged in his mind after a particularly vivid wet dream and he couldn't resist it. Magic had always come naturally to him and, since the incident with the creatures, he had felt it even more keenly. Moving things with his mind was as easy as breathing and he seemed to need to use it now.

"Merlin," Arthur's voice was tight with arousal, but also confused as Merlin concentrated on his lover, focusing his magic into an invisible, physical force, "what are you doing?"

He curled his power around Arthur's cock and balls, gentle and yet firm and then he opened his eyes and looked down at his lover. He wasn't trying to push his magic into Arthur this time, but he was not yet skilled at keeping it to himself and some was making it through anyway and Arthur's blue eyes were tinged with gold.

"I want to show you how good magic can be," he whispered, surprised at how deep his own voice sounded in his ears, "I need to."

Arthur had been taught all his life that magic was evil and could do no good. Merlin knew Arthur did not believe this any longer, had known for some time, even before their current predicament, but he still found himself wanting to prove his worth. However, he needed Arthur's approval before he would go any further.

"Then show me," Arthur whispered, leaning up and claiming another kiss.

As the kiss deepened, Merlin used his magic, dancing it over Arthur's skin and making his lover moan into his mouth; he wanted to push Arthur as far as Arthur had pushed him and beyond. He wanted to take both of them as high as they could go.

Aligning himself against Arthur, he slowly began to rub against his lover, cock to cock, using his magic to hold them together and heighten the sensations. Now he was the one moaning as Arthur, never passive, pushed up against him, meeting him move for move. They moved against each other, skin to skin and it was heady and new and wonderful and Merlin knew it could not last long. He was too excited, too eager and he could feel the tremors in Arthur's muscles below him as well.

When Arthur dragged away from his mouth and returned to where they had started, that place on Merlin's neck, sucking hard even though there were no fangs to break the skin, that was it. Merlin came with a shout of ecstasy that he couldn't remotely contain and his magic answered, shuddering as he shuddered, pulsing as his body pulsed, causing Arthur to buck underneath him, spilling his seed as well.

It was not the first time they had come in each other's arms, but it was the first time they had done so naked and it felt that much more because of it. Merlin didn't want to move, he didn't want to lose the moment, but just after his world stopped spinning for one reason it was spinning for another and he once again found himself on his back.

"We're all sticky," Arthur said, but for some reason didn't seem overly bothered by the fact.

"Maybe we need another bath?" Merlin suggested, wondering if he could successfully heat up the water without boiling it with magic.

"Hmm, maybe," Arthur said, leaning above him with his long arms straight so that their legs were still entwined, but their upper bodies were apart.

Arthur was clearly thinking something, but Merlin had no idea what it was. He was pinned to the bed until such time as Arthur came to a decision, so he just lay there and waited.

"I have a better idea," Arthur finally decided and Merlin's question in response turned into an undignified squeak as Arthur attacked him with his tongue.

His skin felt hypersensitive as Arthur licked him, not to mention what the thought of exactly what Arthur was licking off of him did to his nerves as well and he basically writhed as Arthur held him down. Just about his only sensible thought was that Arthur was trying to kill him after all, just not in a conventional manner.


"Father," Arthur greeted with all the charm and power of the crown prince firmly in place as Merlin and he walked into the King's audience chamber.

The fact that he was wearing some of Arthur's clothes made Merlin feel a little uncomfortable. They hadn't really thought that bit through so all of his clean clothes were still in his room.

"I'm terribly sorry to have kept you waiting, but after five days of illness I felt the need to bathe," Arthur walked up to his father and exchanged a handshake and an almost hug.

Merlin wanted to roll his eyes at the manliness of the whole moment.

"I believe that may have been a good choice," Uther replied, actually smiling for once. "It is good to see you well again."

Arthur inclined his head in acknowledgement of that.

"It is good to be well again," Arthur replied with a smile, "I just hope Gaius will be as fast to declare me completely fit. I feel the need to return to my duties."

Uther seemed to like that.

"Of course," the king said, "but you must obey Gaius in this; your health is important to Camelot."

Merlin wondered why Uther couldn't just admit that Arthur's health was important to him, but gave up when he suddenly found himself being looked at. He was hoping to have not been noticed.

"Arthur," Uther said slowly, "is your manservant wearing your clothes?"

Arthur laughed at that.

"Yes father, old ones," Arthur said in the tone that Merlin remembered from his first meeting with the prince, rather than the one he tended to hear now, "Merlin fell into my bath when trying to empty it. I thought it a waste not to use the opportunity to clean him up and make him presentable rather than sending him back to Gaius' room. We can't have naked servants walking around the place so I put him in some of my clothes for the time being. He looks somewhat ridiculous, but needs must."

If Merlin had not known Arthur didn't mean a word of it, considering the fact that he had had to escape from Arthur's rooms when Arthur decided he looked delectable in his old clothes, he might have been offended, but instead he did his best to look awkward and uneasy. Not overly hard when Uther was involved.

"Yes," Uther said, not sounding convinced in the least, "you may have a point."

Merlin bowed his head and tried to look grateful, something he was not as good at.

"We must record your campaign for the official record," Uther changed the subject and Merlin was very glad to be forgotten again. "The people must understand that we are stronger than magic and this will make a perfect example. The proclamation about your return to health will be a good time to announce the truth."

Merlin stood very still, this was the part that he was not looking forward to at all.

"I am sorry, Father, it was not the sword which saved us," Arthur said and Merlin could see that Uther turned, very unhappy at that statement. "Our swords had no effect; the creatures regenerated before our eyes. It was magic that saved us."

They had agreed that the creatures were far too dangerous to allow anyone in Albion to believe they had been destroyed by swords alone. If they ever appeared again, the people had to know the truth.

"Magic is forbidden," Uther all but hissed, any good mood instantly gone.

"I do not believe anyone broke the law, Father," Arthur said very firmly; "there was no one there apart from myself and Merlin and neither he nor I have the knowledge or the will to do such a thing. I believe it may have been natural magic. The land herself could not stand such corruption as these things. A bright light appeared above us, burning away the unnatural gloom and destroying the evil as it touched it. I felt it run through me, Father, fighting the taint of the evil that was trying to take me; it did not feel like a human being."

Uther stared at his son then and Merlin held his breath. The story was a gamble, but one they had all felt they had to take.

"Natural magic?" Uther finally asked.

Arthur gave a sharp nod.

"I have felt magic used against me, Father, by the enemies of Camelot," Arthur said in a very resolute tone, "and this felt like no human hand. I would ride back there now if I believed I would find an enemy of our land."

Merlin suddenly found himself with Uther's attention firmly on him for a second time.

"And you, Merlin," Uther said shortly, "did you perceive this in the same way?"

He did his very best not to look quite as nervous as he felt.

"I know little about such things, Sire," he said, happy for once that Uther seemed to be convinced he was an idiot, "but when that power touched me it did not make me think of people."

The second half was no lie either; his magic did not make him feel human at all.

Uther turned away and paced for a moment.

"You are sure, Arthur?" the king said and Merlin was very glad to once again be beneath notice. "Sorcery cannot be allowed; such power is always evil whether it seems benevolent at first or not."

"I am sure, Father," Arthur said, no trace of the lie in his face or his tone.

Something in Merlin hated that Arthur had to lie for him, but most of him knew that Uther would never be rational on this subject. To lie was their only choice.

"Then let this be the end to the matter," Uther said, seeming to relax again. "I am hungry, we should sit and eat."

Arthur smiled at that and nodded while Merlin mentally groaned; no doubt that meant work for him.


Merlin was exhausted and all he wanted to do was fall into bed and sleep like the dead, which was why he was still moving down the corridor and not asleep against the wall standing up. The idea of curling up next to Arthur was about all that was keeping him going. He needed his own clothes for the next day, since he had had enough quips about wearing Arthur's to last a lifetime, so he had decided to run back to his rooms to get them. Running had been his first mistake.

Arthur had offered to walk with him, but Arthur was even more exhausted than he was. It had been all too obvious that Arthur was even less up to the trip, so he had left Arthur sitting in front of the fire, trying not to fall asleep before he got back. It was still comparatively early for Camelot, but both of them had found out over the day quite how much their ordeal had taken out of them.


He mentally groaned as he heard Gwen's voice; he was only one corridor away from Arthur's chamber.

"Hi, Gwen," he said, turning to greet his friend, his small bundle of clothes under his arm.

"I haven't seen you all day," Gwen said in her usual cheerful manner, "surely Arthur doesn't have you running everywhere yet?"

That was Gwen; always worrying about him.

"Oh no," he said, trying to sound put upon never the less, "it's just Uther's been monopolising Arthur all day and seemed to want me there to make sure Arthur didn't have to lift a finger."

The truth was he could hardly bear for Arthur to be out of his sight. It was like there was an invisible piece of string between them that could only be pulled so tight before it snapped them back together again. Merlin was sure it would fade soon, but he really wanted to get back to Arthur's side.

"Typical," Gwen said with a conspiratorial smile. "If you're free we could go and talk the kitchen maids out of some ale and you can tell me all about your adventures. You should hear some of the stories that are going around."

If he hadn't been about to drop he would have enjoyed the invitation, but of course he wasn't free.

"Sorry," he said apologetically, "I'm just on my way to Arthur's room. I have to sleep in there until Arthur is properly well; Gaius' orders. Arthur's literally about to fall asleep where he stands so I have to go, but maybe tomorrow?"

Gwen seemed disappointed, but covered it with her usual good humour.

"Tomorrow it is then," she said with a warm smile, "and don't think you can hide from me; I will find you."

Merlin gave her a genuine smile back; he would seek her out if he had to and even if it meant pining for Arthur for a little while. Gwen was a good friend and she deserved his time.

"I won't hide, I swear," he promised, "well unless Arthur lets me sleep the day away, but how likely is that?"

Gwen laughed at that and gave him a quick hug.

"Go on then," she said, blushing as ever when she realised she had been overly friendly, "I'll see you tomorrow."

"Goodnight, Gwen," he said and pecked her on the cheek.

"Goodnight, Merlin," Gwen replied and he turned back the way he had come.

He made it to Arthur's door without falling over his own feet, which he counted as a victory, but he almost fell over just inside the door because of what he saw. It made him smile and he almost missed avoiding the edge of the table as he grinned stupidly. Arthur was sat in the chair by the fire fast asleep and snoring ever so gently because of the odd angle of his head. Merlin found it adorable and just watched for a little while.

It was when he found himself being lulled by the light of the fire that he decided he had to move and he walked over to Arthur and shook his lover's shoulder.

"We need to get you undressed," he said when Arthur grunted quietly and began to wake up.

"You just want me for my body," Arthur replied, but did appear to be trying to move.

"Yeah, like either of us can use theirs at the moment," Merlin responded with a snort of laughter. "Come on, Sire, it's time for bed."

"Promises, promises," was Arthur response; clearly Arthur had a one track mind when he was mostly asleep.

Merlin felt his body trying to respond to Arthur's tone, but he really was far too tired and had to settle for visions of what he wanted to do to Arthur in the morning. He was almost too tired to realise how unusual it was for Arthur to be so sleepy at night; something about the bite had turned Arthur into quite a nocturnal being, but it appeared that even nocturnal beings needed sleep when they had had a very hard day.



The voice filtered into his dream full of power and need, but Merlin was just deep enough in the dream to ignore it. The dream was a good one, a warm day, sun and a beautiful meadow in which to relax. It was peaceful and happy and he didn't want to wake up. Arthur and he were lying side by side enjoying the heat.

"You're wearing far too many clothes," dream Arthur told him, rolling onto his side and looming over him.

Suddenly, as was wont to happen in dreams, Merlin found himself naked, next to an equally naked Arthur. When Arthur's fingers trailed down his side he made a small purring noise, closing his eyes and enjoying the sensation. It was only then he realised it felt a bit too real and he sensed the dream dissolving around him. When he re-opened his eyes he opened them on the real world with Arthur looking down at him with a green tinged gaze.

"I'm sorry," Arthur apologised, seeming awkward, "I didn't want to wake you, but I had to."

Merlin just smiled; this was after all the overriding reason he was sleeping in Arthur's room.

"Don’t be sorry," he said, coming out of the dream completely, "you can't help being hungry."

The fact that Arthur was leaning over him just like in his dream and appeared to have removed his nightshirt so that all that was between them was the material of Merlin's made him think of his own hunger. Arthur was lying against him and the hardness digging into his thigh was unmistakable, as was the throb from his own groin as the effects of the dream and of Arthur's closeness made themselves known.

Arthur was beautiful. Merlin had known that for a long time, even when he failed to admit it to himself, and in the dim light of the glowing fire, Arthur was like a creature from another world. Merlin was not a poet or overly romantic, but at moments like the current one he could understand why others were. It made him smile; he would probably be a very bad poet.

"You can have all of me," he said, words not eloquent, but saying exactly what he was feeling.

They had shared so much of each other, but not that, not the one thing Merlin could only give once and he had no doubt who he wanted to have it. He was not ignorant; he knew how these things worked, had almost fumbled that far with Will one night only weeks before he had left for Camelot, but for the first time he was sure. There was nothing he would not give Arthur.

"I don't know my own strength," Arthur admitted, sounding just a little afraid in a way Merlin was sure no one else would ever be allowed to hear, "I might hurt you."

"All of me," was all Merlin said, leaning up and kissing Arthur's lips.

He did not want long, meaningful conversations; he wanted hard, passionate kisses and a firm, muscled body pushing against him; into him. As his magic flowed into Arthur, he wanted Arthur to flow into him. In his mind it was like a balance and one that needed bringing into line for everything to be right.

Holding out his hand, he let his magic flow and the little bottle of unscented oil he used to polish some of the more delicate things in the room came to his grasp as the door lock also clicked into place. He knew Arthur could see exactly what he was doing, since Arthur could see when there was virtually no light, and he held out the little container to his lover.

"Are ..." Merlin stopped Arthur's question with another kiss.

Arthur seemed to finally catch on and gently took the bottle from his hand. This time it wasn't him who switched their positions, it was Arthur, rolling onto his back and pulling Merlin with him so that Merlin ended up lying on top, legs either side of Arthur's hips. Through all the movement they never broke the kiss and Merlin pressed himself against Arthur, feeling the passion moving through both of them. It was frustration that eventually pulled them apart as Merlin found the need for skin on skin, which he could not get with his nightshirt still in place. Sitting up, he pulled it over his head and threw it to one side before once again moving so that he was flush with Arthur, kissing and touching.

He didn't think that he would ever get enough, not of the intoxicating man Arthur was. The strength and power he could feel beneath him was all physical and it excited him in ways he had never really considered before. As they kissed, tongues touching and moving against each other just like their bodies, Arthur's hands roamed his skin and it was not long before he felt firm, calloused fingers massaging his arse.

He moaned, moving on from Arthur's lips to Arthur's neck, well aware that if he let Arthur do the same thing this would be over before it was begun. He wanted Arthur inside him before fangs came into the equation. When Arthur seemed a little stuck with the whole fondling bit, he moved encouragingly and made a small noise of encouragement, while focusing his attention on Arthur's ear. The lobe was soft and warm against his lips and Arthur shivered as he nipped gently.

Slick fingers running over his entrance with confidence was the first indication he had that Arthur was moving them on and also the first proper indication that Arthur knew exactly what he was doing. Merlin did not think it was the first time Arthur had been with a man and all the suggestive comments he had heard on hunting trips were beginning to make sense. When Arthur's finger breached him, he had to stop what he was doing because the sensation rather took his breath away.

"Relax," Arthur said and if he had not been so busy exploring the new feeling he would have smiled as the tables were turned and Arthur spoke the word he had used so often recently.

The angle was not the easiest with him sprawled across Arthur and Arthur pulled him up a little, making it less effort to reach and Merlin simply went. Arthur's finger felt strange, but good as his body began to sing to the new tune. He trusted Arthur completely with his body and soul and, as Arthur worked him looser with quiet words and more fingers, he let himself go. Arthur had him and that was all he needed to know. He moaned his need as Arthur slowly prepared him and he began to feel as if he was the one with the hunger, not Arthur.

His magic was moving between them already, using the skin to skin contact to filter into Arthur and back into him, heightening everything they were doing. It made him groan and pant and, when Arthur finally deemed him ready, he was close to begging.

"Sit up," Arthur told him, removing the clever fingers that had been curving inside of him.

Merlin did as he was told as he felt Arthur using the rest of the oil to slick himself. He could not help wondering if the dragon had seen this, if this was what he had meant with all his words of wisdom, or if this was them taking their own destinies to a level beyond what was written for them. It felt like more to Merlin as Arthur helped him into place and ever so slowly brought their bodies together.

As he began to sink down onto Arthur it hurt and he had to stop, but Arthur's strong hands held him in place as he let his body adjust.

"Just take it slowly," Arthur advised him and Merlin looked down into those green and gold tinged eyes.

"I don't think we have time," he said, smiling through the discomfort as he forced his muscles to relax and careful pushed himself onto Arthur's needy body.

It was wonderful and terrible at the same time. It made him light up inside at the feeling and the thought, but it did hurt as his untrained muscles refused to give easily. He was panting quietly when he finally sank home and it took long moments for him to concentrate back on the whole.

"Merlin," Arthur's voice called him back from where the sensations took him and when he looked down this time he could see Arthur's sharp, lethal fangs.

All he could do was nod, knowing that any more would have to come another time. Arthur's need was as great as his own and their bodies were joined, but there was not time for that passion now. Arthur sat up slowly, holding him in place, keeping their bodies aligned perfectly and Merlin wound himself around Arthur, leaning his head to one side. He had what he wanted, finesse would have to wait for later, and now it was time to feed Arthur's hunger.

Arthur's fangs slid into his flesh causing pain and then explosive pleasure, mirroring the coming together of their bodies and as Arthur drank, Merlin lost track of anything but themselves. Magic and blood mixed and his muscles gave, allowing Arthur to sink into him even more and all he could do was cling on and whimper as the sensations threatened to take away his mind. He could glimpse the power then, the power he had felt when in desperation he had reached for the raw magic that lived in him. It was woven to Arthur now, woven so tightly that he knew nothing would ever separate them. This was what he was born for, of that he had no doubt and he gave himself to it completely.

"I love you," he whispered as the power and arousal in his body took over.

There was no more thought, no more need for consciousness and as his physical being exploded with sensation he felt his body shutting down. For a moment there was ecstasy and then there was nothing, but Arthur had him and that was all that mattered.

He came back to himself feeling lethargic and content and he was lying down again, cradled in Arthur's arms. Everything seemed rather more real and less mystical as he moved and discovered that certain parts of his anatomy were very aware of what he had been doing. He went to move, but Arthur's arm tightened around him protectively.

"Go to sleep, Merlin," Arthur said in his usual commanding tone, holding him close and refusing to let him move.

It made him smile and he did not fight Arthur on this. Their coupling had been more profound than he had thought it would be and if this was how Arthur needed it to be tonight he could live with that. He had wanted no words and no talking before and he could respect that in Arthur now. In the morning it would be clearer anyway and so Merlin snuggled a little closer and let his eyes fall closed.

"I meant it," he said quietly as he let himself begin to drift off.

As long as Arthur understood that, that was all he cared about, and when he felt Arthur's embrace tighten just a little, he knew Arthur had heard him.

End of Part 2
On to Part 3
Tags: category: slash, ch_story: from darkness comes light, fandom: merlin, fictype: 10-30kwds, fictype: chaptered, pairing: me - merlin/arthur, rating: r to nc17

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