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Fic: From Darkness Comes Light 01/03, Merlin, Arthur/Merlin, NC17/18

Title: From Darkness Comes Light 01/03
Fandom: Merlin (BBC)
Author: Beren
Pairing: Merlin/Arthur
Rating: NC17/18
Disclaimer: This story is based on characters and situations created and owned by the BBC. No money is being made and no copyright or trademark infringement is intended.
Warnings/Spoilers: explicit sex, general spoilers for up to 1.10
Summary: When dark creatures that prey on the living, taking their blood and causing the dead to rise from their graves are reported in Albion it is Arthur who is sent to destroy them. Some things, however, do not fall to the sword and Arthur learns this the hard way. Merlin is faced with giving up more than his secret to save his friend.
Author's Notes: Okay, so those who know me from other fandoms were probably wondering when the vampire fic would happen :). I can never resist it ::g::. Thanks to Soph for the beta.

I just have the middle part to finish and then the 2nd and 3rd chapters will be posted :). I haven't finished writing the sex yet ;)

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Chapter 1 In the Darkness

It was the middle of the day, only just after noon; it should not have been dark, but the forest had a gloom that was like twilight. The magic causing it thrummed through Merlin like thunder before lightning, dark and foreboding, only Merlin was sure it was not a forerunner of light. All he could do was keep his eyes on Arthur and look for any danger; there was no way Arthur would have called off this quest. People were dying from the surrounding villages and what was worse was some of them were coming back. This was a scourge that had to be irradicated and Uther had given the task to Arthur.

There were two guards and one other knight with Arthur, and Merlin had tagged along, almost as an after thought. That this was black magic was no secret, but Merlin was almost sure Arthur believed it could be beaten with the sword. In this case Merlin was not so sure; those that had come back from the dead, seeking the blood of the living, had been easy enough to dispatch, but they had yet to see the creatures which had caused this curse.

When Arthur held up his hand they all froze, even Merlin, who was usually terrible at such things. It was amazing what a little fear could do to help. The feeling of the magic in the air was becoming heavier and he wondered if the others could feel it as well, or if he sensed the situation differently. Sometimes he had no idea what it was like to be normal.

The thing that loomed out of the darkness had Merlin back pedalling before his mind even kicked in; it was horrifying. Luminous, sickly green eyes looked out of a face that was neither man nor beast, but something grotesquely in between. Long, vicious, yellow fangs distorted the creature's mouth, curling its lips like an angry dog's and long claw-tipped hands ended muscled, powerful arms. The creature's skin was almost black, running with red veins that pulsed under the surface like things alive in their own right.

It positively reeked of evil arts and any sane person would have turned and run, but Arthur and his men were soldiers and they did not run. One of the guards was closest and the man attacked with his sword, slicing off one of the creature's twisted limbs. It howled like nothing Merlin had ever heard with a sound that seemed to cut through every nerve in his body, but it did not flee and it did not fall.

To his horror he watched the limb regrow in only a moment and then the creature attacked. It grabbed the guard before the poor man could do anything, wrenched his head to the side and bit the exposed neck. The man screamed and the creature drank, even as the other guard ran to help, and by the time the second guard reached it, the creature was done and threw away its first victim. The second man swiped at it and Sir Tor moved to enter the fray, but more of the creatures appeared.

One grabbed the second guard by one arm and another by the other and as Merlin watched, horrified; the things ripped the helpless man apart. However, that was not what made his blood run cold as Arthur dragged them together, back to back as it became clear the creatures were all around them. What made him lift his hand in desperation and throw the first spell in his head, the consequences be damned, was the first guard. The man was on his feet, eyes a bright luminous green and skin beginning to darken, face morphing into something no longer human. Merlin could feel the power that was doing it; the corruption that the creatures spread around them like seeds into a ploughed field. The pathetic undead things they had killed in the village the previous night had been pale reflections of those who had created them, but it seemed, here they could create more of themselves.

He cast fire at the nearest creature, but it was as if his magic slid round it, hitting the tree behind rather than the thing of darkness. With his sword in one hand, he continued to cast with the other, trying to buy them some space. He could hear Arthur fighting and Sir Tor, but he did not dare turn to look. The creatures seemed to be playing with them and it took all his wits just to stay alive. When he heard Sir Tor scream he knew that the games were over. Arthur swore and yelled a battle cry, but Merlin did not think it would help.

Magic just seemed to bounce off the creations of darkness just like swords did no permanent damage and Merlin could see things worse than death in their eyes. He was backed up to Arthur and now their comrades were their enemies and there was nothing he could do. It was strange, the only thing he regretted was that he had never told Arthur the truth and he would now never know how his friend would have taken the knowledge outside the heat of battle. As he felt Arthur separate from him, he knew the end was near and he had to turn when he heard Arthur yell. One of those things had Arthur in its grip and had ripped away Arthur's protective armour, leaving Arthur's neck clear and vulnerable.

Everything seemed to slow down as he watched in horror as the creature's long fangs sliced into Arthur's flesh. Almost instantly Arthur's eyes began to turn the sickly green he had seen on the others. Arthur was being taken from him and his whole being rebelled at that. Hands grabbed him from behind, but where they touched him sparks rose and the hand's disappeared with howls of pain.

As he stepped forward, the creature that had Arthur released the prince, clearly afraid and Merlin reached out to Arthur desperately. All that met him was an unearthly growl and Arthur glared at him, eyes glowing now and mouth full of razor sharp fangs, but Merlin didn't stop. Even as he held his hand out to Arthur and Arthur attacked him, biting into the flesh of his arm in a way that should have had him screaming in pain, he lifted his other arm, words that he had never thought before falling from his mouth.

Magic flared through him like fire, bursting from his raised arm with bright, white light and flowing into Arthur in a torrent. Merlin did not know what he was doing or how he knew to do it, but in front of his eyes the creatures howled their pain and fear, bursting into flames as the light touched them. He watched them burn, his words having become a chant that he no longer heard as the magic washed away everything else in his mind. Even Arthur became irrelevant as his thoughts lost track of his friend and all that was left was the power. It was marvellous and terrible and he couldn't have stopped it even if he had known how.

For the first time in his life he truly understood what it was to be himself. This was what he really was; magic in human form and the idea blew his mind.

When it ended it was not slow like the stuttering of an oil lamp as its fuel ran low, it was like a candle being blown out by a breath. One moment it was there and the next it wasn't and Merlin just stood there as his new reality ended. It had been so loud in his mind, so encompassing that it was as if the universe had stopped when it ended, and then, for all he cared, it could have, as his body and mind shut down of one accord. He never even knew where he landed.


Merlin woke up slowly and the moment he tried to move he realised he was weaker than he ever remembered being even during the whole poison goblet incident. His brain was working slowly, but it did dawn on him that there was bright sunshine coming down through the trees, which kick started his thoughts into remembering the shadowy twilight of before. That in turn led him to remember Arthur and he did his very best to scrabble to his knees.

Arthur was lying on his back only a foot away, covered in blood, but more significantly not dust. There were blackened piles all over the ground, all that was left of the creatures, and the other knight's armour lay on the dirt, empty except for soot. All that remained of the battle was the guard who had been torn apart rather than bitten, the second guard was gone, clothes and all, only his breast plate and helmet remaining.

Moving as fast as he could, Merlin dragged himself to Arthur's side, checking his prince for signs of life. They were there, but he knew the signs of distress when he saw it and his only thought was to get Arthur back to Camelot and Gaius' capable hands. He kept his mind firmly on the now and not on what had been, because every time his thoughts strayed back he wanted to scream and panic. The thought of those things filled him with horror and the memory of his magic was too great for his mind. He was not ready for either and so he refused to think about them.

The horses had run, but Arthur's stallion was well trained and had not gone far. It took Merlin an age to bring him to where Arthur was lying, but he did it because he had to. His limbs shook with exhaustion and at times it was as if he could barely move, but he could do anything for Arthur.

Somehow, he really had no idea how, he dragged Arthur out of his twisted armour and then he climbed onto the horse. The stallion snorted, but seemed to understand this was for Arthur and the beast stood his ground as Merlin called on magic to do what his body was currently incapable of. It hurt more than he cared to admit to use his magic to lift Arthur into the saddle in front of him, but he managed it. It was as if he had strained his magic like he could pull a muscle, used too much too fast and before he was ready, and it complained at being used again so soon.

His arms were shaking so badly that he could barely hold Arthur or the reigns, but the horse knew where to go. All he had to do was stay in the saddle and keep Arthur there as well, which was far harder than he had ever expected. Arthur was larger than he was and a dead weight against his chest, but he did his best to keep his back straight and them both upright.

His arm throbbed where the partially transformed Arthur had bitten him and he could feel more to the wound than purely physical damage. His magic was reacting to it as well and was draining his strength even more. When he finally came over the hill, it was coming on for evening and the sight of Camelot almost made him cry.

As soon as he made himself known there were people to help and they carried Arthur to Gaius' chambers, with him, somehow, managing to follow behind. He stood, swaying in the corner as those who had come to assist placed Arthur on Gaius's table and he could do no more than watch as Gaius went to work.

The wound on Arthur's neck was cauterised and half dressed by the time Uther stormed through the door, but by then it all seemed very surreal to Merlin. It was as if he had taken a step back from the world and it was all very distant.

"What happ... my son?"

He could hear bits and pieces, but it was all jumbled.

"Don't kn... brought in ... Merlin."

It took him a moment to realise when Uther came over and started to speak to him and the words just didn't seem to make sense. He had ridden for hours, his only thought to keep Arthur on the horse until they reached Camelot, and he had nothing left. Even as Uther demanded answers, Merlin's tentative grip on reality gave up and the last thing he saw was Uther's surprised expression as he fell in a heap at the king's feet.


Waking up because someone was trying to pour something down your throat was not a pleasant experience, especially when it went down the wrong way and Merlin came back to consciousness coughing his lungs up.

"Steady, My Boy," Gaius's calm voice brought him out of his dreams and helped him to lie back down as the coughing passed.

He came to rest, looking up at his mentor and slowly pulling his wits back together. What was left of them, anyway.

"How are you feeling?" Gaius asked in his usual fatherly tone.

Merlin tried to speak and give an answer, but somehow, on the way from his mind to his mouth the words became lost in a ridiculous jumble. What he managed to say barely sounded like they had once been words, let alone like they actually were. That scared him somewhat and he tried again.

"Sssh," Gaius said, placing a damp cloth on his forehead, "you have had a high fever, do not try and speak if it pains you."

That did not settle him overly much, but when he tried to move he found that he had all the strength of a new born and it finally dawned on him that his inability to speak had more to do with that than any affliction. Of course that didn't stop his stubborn streak.

"Arthur?" he managed to force that question out.

"Is sleeping just over there," Gaius replied, seeming to understand his need.

Merlin looked where Gaius pointed and immediately relaxed a little. Arthur looked pale and ill, but the daylight was all by haloing his friend and Arthur was very much still alive.

"You were muttering in your delirium about creatures and magic," Gaius told him as he finally let himself sink into the bed, "so I have had the door locked and a guard placed. I have told the king it is to quarantine you both in case you are infected by this curse, but it is also to protect you both. You will both be safe until you are well."

Speaking took far too much effort and since it didn't seem to be very effective at the moment anyway, Merlin just did his best to smile his thanks. His grip on the world seemed tentative at best at the moment and he felt himself beginning to fade out again. Whatever Gaius had given him felt like it was adding to his need to sleep and he didn't fight it. Now he knew Arthur was safe and did not need him he had no reason or will to fight his own needs and he let his eyes drift close.

"Sleep well, Merlin," Gaius said warmly and he gave the smallest of hums in reply as once again the world slipped from his grasp.


Merlin came out of his restless sleep to the sound of growling and something inside him clicked into action. He sat up, ignoring the fact that even with Gaius' remedies the ache in his head was not fully gone and swung his legs off the cot, standing up before he even thought about it. He had been awake several times during the day, but never for long and he had so far been unable to move much more than to take a drink or a little food. He definitely hadn't been with it enough to have a sensible conversation, but that didn't seem to be a problem right about then.

The growling was coming from Arthur, who was also standing and seemed to have Gaius backed into a corner.

"Arthur," he said, very firmly, feeling a connection he could not explain and following instincts he did not fully understand.

Arthur turned immediately at the sound of his voice, looking at him with luminous green eyes that rightfully should have scared the wits out of him. This was not the Arthur he knew; there was little understanding in those eyes, but Arthur did seem to recognise him ... sort of.

"It's not Gaius you need," Merlin said, just standing there and waiting.

For a moment Arthur appeared confused and almost seemed properly human. Not knowing and yet somehow feeling what was right, Merlin held out his hand and that was all it took; Arthur came to him. The moment Arthur's hand touched his, the green glow of Arthur's eyes was tinged with gold and Merlin felt his magic moving inside of his body to Arthur through the point of contact.

"Take what you need," he said, absolutely resolute in what he was doing even if his conscious mind did not fully comprehend it.

This time when Arthur stepped towards him, two long, lethal fangs clearly visible, he did not try to get away. In fact he did the opposite; he pulled Arthur towards him, shepherding Arthur to what Arthur needed, what he knew would help.

"Merlin no," Gaius tried to stop him, but he met gazes with the old man over Arthur's shoulder and Gaius froze in his tracks.

There was no magic involved in that, he simply conveyed everything his instincts were telling him with his eyes and hoped Gaius would understand. He had no time for words as Arthur's mouth closed over his neck and fangs sliced into his skin. It hurt and he could not stop the quiet whimper as his eyes closed in pain, but that was gone almost straight away and then all he could do was gasp.

Arthur's arms wound around him, pinning him to Arthur's taught, strong body and he clung to Arthur as such a mixture of feelings ran through him that he could barely remember his name, let alone form a coherent thought. His magic was reacting, feeding into Arthur through the bite as Arthur took more than blood from him and he could feel it worming into Arthur, finding what was not right and changing what it could. It was flowing out of him and yet it was still part of him and he could feel everything it did.

It was the most intimate feeling Merlin had ever experienced and he could not stop his body from reacting as pleasure danced through his system. There was a primal need in Arthur and Merlin could feel himself reacting to that and the moan that fell past his lips probably conveyed it all to Gaius.

Merlin had fumbled around in the dark with Will before, nothing more than some mutual groping, and he'd almost bedded a girl once as well before her mother had returned and he had found himself climbing out a window without any pants on, but this was in an entirely different league. It filled him with such need that he wanted to rut against Arthur, propriety be damned, and he probably would have if Arthur hadn't suddenly gone heavy against him.

As the bite was suddenly ended, the connection between them snapped shut, leaving Merlin with only the vague feeling of his magic doing things that he had had since he had woken up in the clearing after the attack. He was left reeling and his body seemed to remember then that he was recovering as well and Arthur was too heavy for him to hold. Doing his best not to just drop his friend, he sank onto his cot with Arthur in his arms.

"Merlin?" Arthur's voice was quiet and confused and Merlin looked down to see eyes that were completely golden looking up at him.

"Sleep now," he found himself saying even as he tried to comprehend what had just happened, "talk later."

Arthur looked at him for a moment longer and he could see complete trust in those eyes and then they slipped closed as Arthur became completely relaxed in his arms.

It was then that everything began to seem a little absurd. The certainty he had felt fled like a pheasant fleeing an arrow and he found himself looking to Gaius.

"Help," he said, as Arthur began to slip off the cot and he tried desperately to stop it.

Gaius was on the move immediately and between them they managed to put Arthur back on the other cot, at which point Merlin collapsed onto his own.

"Let me look at that bite," Gaius said in a very businesslike way and Merlin was kind of relieved that he didn't have to talk for a while.

Only as Gaius washed the wound, which, surprisingly, didn't hurt much more than a bruise would have, did the situation hit home completely.

"It is already healing," Gaius said and placed the bloody cloth back in the herb filled water bowl before just looking at him.

He knew he had to explain; he owed Gaius that much, but he really didn’t understand it all himself.

"When I saved us," he said, trying to rationalise what was happening, "I pushed all the magic I could through Arthur. I had to, to stop him becoming one of those things. I can still feel it working; he's coming back more."

"He attacked you for your blood," Gaius pointed out in a reasonable and scientific manner.

Merlin nodded; he could not deny that.

"But I could have stopped him," he pointed out, praying that Gaius would understand.

For a moment he help Gaius' gaze until finally Gaius acknowledged that at least.

"How long before your magic can cure him?" Gaius asked and sent Merlin's thoughts spiralling off again.

It was not a question he knew how to answer.

"I don't know," he admitted, feeling his strength beginning to leave him as the excitement passed out of his system, "I don't know if I can cure him; I only know I can get Arthur back. He will be the man he was, but the taint may never be gone."

Nothing he was saying came from knowledge he had found in a book or that someone had told him; he just knew it, but it confused him as much as it answered questions. It was as if part of him was something like the dragon, only at the moment it was bypassing his higher reasoning.

"Gaius," he said, as he felt himself slipping further from the world, "I don't understand, I just know. Please help us."

His eyelids felt so heavy and he could barely keep them open as Gaius reached forward and touched the side of his face gently.

"You are remarkable, Merlin," Gaius said as Merlin slowly slipped back into sleep, "for you I will do this; only for you."


Staying awake was no longer a problem, as Merlin had found after he had finally woken up again, but moving around took a lot more effort than he wanted to admit. Gaius had given him some water to clean up a bit, some food and a drink he didn't want to investigate too closely, before asking him for everything he knew. It hadn't helped a lot, but at least it had kept him occupied and stopped him worrying for a little while. Then he had tried to help Gaius tend to Arthur, but he wasn't really strong enough for that so Gaius had forced him back to bed. Hence he was lying on his side watching Arthur and waiting for some sign of life from the man who seemed to be at the centre of his universe at the moment.

"You should try and sleep," Gaius said, wandering over from where he had been grinding some herbs; "it is unlikely Arthur will wake anytime soon."

"I can't," Merlin admitted, barely able to take his eyes off Arthur, let alone go to sleep.

"But you need the rest, My Boy," Gaius said, placing a poultice on the wound in Arthur's neck.

The bite that had sent them down this path was beginning to heal and Merlin doubted that Gaius' ministrations were making any difference to it, but he did not voice that out loud. It was not a natural wound and it was not healing to natural laws, but he knew that Gaius needed to be able to do something as much as he wanted to.

"I ..." Merlin tried to put into words the things that were floating around inside his head, "I think he will wake up again soon; I can feel it."

Gaius looked between them then, but did not refute his statement.

"Should I be over there when he does?" Gaius asked in an emotionlessly practical way.

Merlin frowned for a moment since it was quite an important question.

"I don't think so," he said, being as honest as he could; "but caution might serve you well."

Gaius nodded and went back to his work bench.

"Let me know when he wakes," was all the old man said and Merlin went back to watching.

It couldn't have been more than ten minutes later that Merlin felt his magic stir.

"I think now," he said, leaning up on one arm and watching Arthur carefully.

Gaius seemed to have given up asking for rational explanations, which suited Merlin fine since he was very much focused on Arthur. When Arthur's eyes fluttered open and they were their normal blue, Merlin had never been so pleased in all his life. Arthur blinked for a bit and seemed to find the early morning light coming in through the windows a little bright, but that was the extent to which Arthur seemed anything like the creature of the previous night.

"Merlin?" Arthur asked in a weak, but normal voice as those blue eyes sort his out almost instinctively.

"I'm here," Merlin said, doing his best to crawl off his cot and not doing a very good job of it.

"Merlin, stay right where you are; you've used far too much energy for a week, let alone one day," Gaius said, choosing that moment to come over. "Good morning, Your Highness, you are looking much healthier today, how are you feeling?"

"Like I died," Arthur said, glancing up at Gaius and then almost straight back as Merlin.

Gaius nodded.

"That is to be expected, since you almost did," the physician acknowledged and then went about giving Arthur a cursory examination.

All the way through it Merlin found himself the centre of Arthur's attention, almost as if Gaius was irrelevant. Only when Gaius checked Arthur's wound again did anything change as Arthur hissed in discomfort and Merlin saw his friend's eyes flash green. That was the point where Merlin decided he was not interested in Gaius' advice and forced himself off his cot. Luckily for him Arthur was not far away, so the fact that he landed on his knees and had to crawl was not much of an issue. Whatever coordination he had once possessed seemed to have deserted him, but bull headedness had always got him a long way.

"Relax," he said, placing his hand on Arthur's chest, "you're going to be fine."

Arthur's eyes were squeezed shut and Merlin could tell his friend was fighting on the inside and he let his magic flow. It was only a little, but then what was happening was only a reflection of what had happened to Arthur previously and it felt like the right thing to do. The tiniest of growls escaped Arthur and Merlin could see Arthur's hands were tight fists and although Gaius did not move away completely, the older man did step back when Merlin looked at him.

It was over in seconds as Arthur suddenly gasped and relaxed, as if something had shut off inside him, but Merlin left his hand where it was and waited. Eventually Arthur slowly opened his eyes again and looked up at him.

"You're keeping me alive," Arthur said very quietly.

Merlin shook his head, but did not lose eye contact.

"No," he said quietly, "I am only keeping you stable until you are well again."

Arthur seemed to accept that, but did not immediately reply.

"But you did save me," Arthur said eventually; "I remember the light and the power."

"I saved us," Merlin replied, unwilling to let Arthur think it was a self-sacrificing act, "they would have killed us both."

Arthur looked into his eyes then for what seemed like a long time, as if looking for something and Merlin just let it happen. They were connected now, they could not change that and Merlin needed Arthur to understand.

"It's always been you hasn't it?" Arthur spoke again, very softly. "You started saving me the day you arrived, didn't you?"

"I can't help it," Merlin replied with just a touch of a smile, "you're quite compelling."

For a few moments Arthur's eyes closed, but Merlin knew his friend was not going back to sleep.

"Why?" Arthur finally asked, eyes opening again, full of confusion. "Why do you endanger yourself? My father would kill you."

"But you wouldn't," he responded, completely certain of what he was saying. "At first I was told you were my destiny, that you would be a great king and would need my help. I thought you were an ass, but I believed what I was told. Then I learned who you really are and I didn't need the words of prophecy anymore. You do that to people, Arthur; you earn loyalty just by being you."

Arthur gave a rather crooked smile at that.

"So do you," Arthur said and then, as Merlin watched, slowly slipped back into sleep.

It hadn't been a long conversation, nothing like Merlin had ever thought, but it had said all they needed to say. It was strange, but Merlin was sure that even though they would undoubtedly speak of his magic again, the matter was already settled.


Arthur woke for short periods all through the day, long enough to try and eat a little, to drink some of Gaius' concoctions and to talk a small amount, but not enough to be called real conversations. There were also moments when something would happen to cause the taint inside Arthur to rise and Merlin would help him back to equilibrium. Gaius became so exasperated with Merlin forever all but falling out of his cot that he let Merlin move the cots so they were next to each other. It only took a little magic, which was returning to Merlin far quicker than his strength.

As it drew on to evening it became worryingly clear that the darkness inside Arthur was stronger with the passing of the light. Merlin had been dozing most of the afternoon, but the moment the hour became later he found that his mind would no longer let him rest. He was waiting, that much he knew and he did not fight it.

Arthur's sleep was disturbed the closer it came to full darkness and almost as if the sun going down was a pivot point, Arthur's eyes snapped open as the last of the natural light disappeared. Those eyes were tinged with green, but as Arthur turned and looked at him where he lay, Merlin was relieved to see understanding there.

"I'm hungry," Arthur said, voice resonant and unnatural, but very much still Arthur.

"I know," Merlin replied and reached out to take one of Arthur's hands.

His magic was moving already and once again, the moment his fingers intertwined with Arthur's the green of Arthur's eyes was edged with gold. This time though, the gold was more prominent and Arthur's eyes fluttered shut for a moment as Arthur gasped quietly.

"You need to feed the hunger, Arthur," Merlin spoke quietly, but with the strange surety that he felt inside.

Arthur opened his eyes again then and looked at him with that mesmerising gaze.

"I should fight it," Arthur replied, clearly horrified at the idea of what he wanted to do to Merlin.

Merlin shifted a little closer so they were no more than a few inches apart.

"You can't," he said, positive about what he was saying, "but you can control it."

"I don't want to hurt you," Arthur appeared honestly afraid, but nothing about what was happening frightened Merlin.

"You don't," Merlin promised, never breaking eye contact so that Arthur would understand.

He removed the bandana he had put back on earlier to hide the mark from Arthur's previous feeding and turned his head slightly to one side in offering. He saw Arthur's eyes flick to the old mark and Arthur licked his lips, but did not move.

"I am for you, Arthur," Merlin said in little more than a whisper, "I have always been for you."

For a moment all was stillness as Arthur stared deep into his eyes, but then Arthur moved, rolling up and Merlin rolled onto his back so that they came to rest, Arthur all but on top of him on Merlin's cot. This time Merlin could feel the sexual tension before Arthur had even bitten him and he bared his neck, closing his eyes and waiting for Arthur to feed.

"Forgive me," Arthur whispered and Merlin felt the words as breaths against his neck.

"There is ..." Merlin started to say, but fangs sank into his neck and his voice was lost, [... nothing to forgive,] his mind finished off and somehow he knew Arthur heard him.

His magic flowed, his blood flowed and Arthur pushed against him. This time he could not resist the need to push back against that firm body above him as Arthur ground down, pushing their lower bodies together in a mismatched scissor shape. Merlin groaned as Arthur's hip moved against his rapidly hardening erection and he did not even try and stop the need to respond. He could feel Arthur, rutting against him in an identical state, and the experience was heady and sexual and completely encompassing.

He came first, shuddering against Arthur as with his orgasm his magic spiked, causing Arthur to rip away from the bite, breathing hard and dissolving into his own orgasm with small growls of pleasure. This time though, Arthur did not collapse as soon as he was done and Merlin found himself coming down from his sexual high, looking up into completely gold eyes staring down at him almost in wonder. He let his own power flare, knowing that his eyes would then match Arthur's, allowing the moment to go on for as long as Arthur wanted it to.

They didn't really need words, not that Merlin could think of any that were suitable anyway, but eventually it had to end. He could see Arthur's arms shaking with the strain of staying above him and so he scooted a little to the left.

"Lie down," he said as he made space for Arthur on his cot by turning onto his side.

After a moment Arthur did and they lay, face to face, just watching each other. In the end it was Gaius who interrupted them.

"Merlin, I should look at that bite," Gaius said and Merlin looked over without thinking; "you have blood running down you neck."

He would have said something, but before he or Gaius could do anything Arthur had moved and Merlin felt a tongue on his neck. This time their were no teeth and Merlin just melted as Arthur did things to him that it really shouldn't have been possible to do when all that was involved was a tongue and an injured neck. He felt himself beginning to harden again even after only a few short minutes and his head was spinning by the time Arthur drew back.

All he could do was lay there and look into Arthur's face as the high tingled through him, but what warmed him even more than the wonderful arousal coursing through him was the expression on Arthur's face. The glow was beginning to fade from Arthur's eyes, but it wasn't that which caught Merlin's attention; it was the sense of satisfaction and just a hint of confidence that he could see which had him transfixed. He knew it would take time to find the old Arthur under the trauma of what had happened, but looking into Arthur's face then; he could see him.

"Right, well," Gaius said, interrupting his train of thought, "it seems I am superfluous. Do let me know if you need anything."

Merlin looked up at the rather flustered look on Gaius' face and smiled at his mentor.

"Thank you," he said, but could not keep his attention away from Arthur for very long.

When he looked pack, Arthur had gone from satisfied to sleepy and Merlin couldn't say he couldn't do with a nap as well. Turning over without falling out of the small bed was not the easiest thing he had ever done, but when he tried to align himself to Arthur, Arthur seemed to get the idea and they were soon spooned together comfortably. It was almost scary how natural it felt to Merlin, but it didn't stop him relaxing and beginning to doze.

"I am for you too," he heard Arthur whisper just as he slipped into sleep.

End of Part 1
On to Part 2
Tags: category: slash, ch_story: from darkness comes light, fandom: merlin, fictype: 10-30kwds, fictype: chaptered, pairing: me - merlin/arthur, rating: r to nc17

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    Mon, 10:39: RT @ lazyjunebug: thank you fall out boy for providing us with at least another 5 years of fanfic titles

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    Wed, 10:35: RT @ maatdraws: "But even as it fell it swung its whip, and the thongs lashed and curled about the wizard’s knees, dragging him to…

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  • My tweets

    Mon, 10:39: RT @ lazyjunebug: thank you fall out boy for providing us with at least another 5 years of fanfic titles

  • My tweets

    Wed, 10:35: RT @ maatdraws: "But even as it fell it swung its whip, and the thongs lashed and curled about the wizard’s knees, dragging him to…

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    Tue, 09:56: @ ParamountUK Hello, I have a blu-ray box set of Mission Impossible the Original Series. It seems to have 1 wonky disc out of the…