Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Spending money on clothes

Okay, so for the first time ever I have spent a huge wad of cash on one garment; it's for Christmas and, boy, is it pretty.

I ordered myself a custom made corset and it arrived on Saturday. It's gorgeous and so comfortable. I have to wear it in for a little while, but it is so lovely (and Rob seems to enjoy lacing me into it ;)). It's burgundy and velvety with black edging and I love it to pieces already.
(thanks to dracavia this is the full link Isis Corset Burgundy)

It was very not cheap, but so worth it.

I'm not overly much into clothes, but I think I may have found something that might make me a little more interested :). Rob might rue the day he agreed that it was a good idea ::g::.
Tags: info: clothes, info: general

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