Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Wedding and stuff :)

Went to a wedding yesterday. It was the smallest wedding I've ever been to: the bride and groom, the groom's parents and me and Rob. It was very sweet though :).

Rob and I when shopping for the pressies yesterday morning and as well as getting wedding pressies for the bride and groom we might have ... maybe ... y'know ... bought Rock Star as well for the PS3 for home. Wow is it hard, but so much fun, I love the drums. I'm not off the easy level yet, but we are into the Apprentice songs rather than the warm up songs. Rob's on guitar. I wanted to try singing as well, but the mic only works if you have the controller plugged in as well and Rob left that at work accidentally.

Wow - Monsoon (the only above Apprentice song we tried) is hard on the drums! We got chucked off stage with only 16% complete when we tried that just for a laugh.

Rob is utterly crap on drums, it's hilarious - I'm not so hot on guitar, but not as bad as Rob on drums - lol. My biggest problem on the drums is the foot pedal: because my ankles don't move I have to use my whole leg to play it and it hurts!
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