Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Well that was a weekend and a half ...

Had the inlaws over this weekend and I don't think we stopped all weekend. The boys went to an airshow and we girls went shopping on Saturday - then we all went out for a meal in the evening. Then yesterday, lunch seemed to take all morning to organise and all afternoon to eat ::g::.

I am attempting to introduce my mother-in-law to the joys of fandom and slash ::g::. I have lent her the zine of GTS, but told her she doesn't have to read it if she hates it ;). I have also set her up an LJ: vonnie_d, and she won't be online much until they have broadband set up at home, but if you see her around that's who it is. She's a lovely lady, and if I can just get her hooked I think she'll enjoy playing with the rest of us ::g::.

hpvamp has a new challenge now that the Quiet Ones is finished:
Fit to be tied (the bondage challenge) Due Sept 1
There's really only two rules - one or more of the participants must be of the vamp persuasion and one or more must be tied up at some point. Anything goes, from a gen epic where someone is bound to a post, to a slash BDSM PWP with anything inbetween. Just have fun ::eg::. Details can be found along the link.

[Edit: for those of you who read/write Harry/Draco - there is a lovely archive here: An Unlikely Pair. Open membership.]

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