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Icon meme

Saw this on lirren's and fayelafee's LJs

Go to your icons page in Livejournal and look at the first two icons (the one on the right and the one on the left). Pair up the characters in the two icons. Go to the next two and do the same until you have a list of ships. Then...well, write 'em.

H/D/H/D - now there's an interesting mental image. Mirror universe anyone?

Insane Hermione/Weird Me :D - sorry, Hermione doesn't do it for me ;)

Ooh vamp!Draco with Corruption!Harry - yes please :D Maybe Harry's vampire side went a little too far so he had to convert Draco and then because of his peculiarities Draco will of course only be able to feed from him.

Draco/McGonagal - LOL - detention!

Remus/Draco - yeah, I'm up for some of that - sex starved, near full moon, werewolf sex!

Harry/Nathanial - hell yes, been there, done that!

Micah/Jack/Dr9/Rose ... now there's a foursome that would be very pretty if Jack and Rose can prevent the other two from taking themselves too seriously ;)

Jack/Jean-Claude/Asher - yay, Jack can help them get over Anita's hangup ::g::

Serge/Erika - too easy - it's the pairing of the show

Jo/Macus - far too easy too - they are so doing it

Ooh, now Jo/Raven, that would be fun - Raven teaching Jo how to curb his volatility, and then proving that actually it's all a front because he can't control himself either. They so be doing it on Raven's desk with Donna watching.

Harry/Raven - we'd have a problem, they'd try to out angst each other

Know it all!Draco/Dragon ... that has possibilities ;) Bestiality anyone? ;)

Merman/the whole of the VBS team - hmmm ... the gear might get in the way, but I'm sure there's a setting that would let them breathe underwater!

Macus/Cedric - now that would be pretty! They could both pose and pout and then rip each other's clothes off

Draco/Harry/Twins - so been there done that :D

Harry/Simon ... they could leap in where angels fear to tread side by side :) And worry about those who they feel are their responsibility.

River/Aya - oh my, they'd have to compare psychoses

Yoji/Schu - too easy

Michael/Sam/Dean - Oh yeah, I'd go there :D Selene would want to watch though I'm sure.

Vamp!Hermione/Dean - wow, het! Very pretty het too

Omi/Schu - such a wonderfully twisted pairing - they are both so broken in different ways that they'd have to come together to break each other some more :P

Sam/Dean squared - hell yeah! good Sam and Dean and bad Sam and Dean - nghhhhhh!

Sam/Sam - hell yeah too! good!Sam/bad!Sam - so hot

Sam/Dean/Kei(vamp) with gun kink ... yes please with a cherry on top

Hyde/Hyde ... nghhhhhh! there would be no plot, only sex

Adam/Gackt/Hyde ... might die of the pretty.

vamp!Hyde/Gackt ... uh-huh ... who wouldn't want to see that?

forceful!Hyde/Crawford - lol, I'm not sure who would come out on top. Crawford would think he was in charge, but Hyde would so have him wrapped round his little finger.

Hyde/Gackt - OTP

Now this one is just wrong - chibi!Hyde should just not be paired

Hyde/Bill ... oh so pretty and they would compare straightened teeth too ;)

Twins/Bill - well the twins in any combo works for me

Georg/Twins - yummy!

Gibson/Twins ... I think I just lost some brain cells to heat! Guitar porn is just a must :) especially if Tom show's Bill how well he can play Bill as well as the Gibson.

Hands/Twins ... wank session!

Ooh Gustav/Bill with Bill having a knee kink! There is a reason Gustav has all those shorts - it's because Bill refuses to let him wear anything else!

The G's ... and water ... with lots of skin ... how could this be bad in any way?

Gustav/Tom/Bill where Tom and Gustav like to use Bill's stripy pants as a turn on ... I could see this :)

Gustav/Miyavi - lol - talk about polar opposites :D Miyavi would drive Gustav completely mental, but really enjoy pinning him to various surfaces, so it would all be about the sex until Gustav wakes up one day an realises he's been in love all the time.

Oh Miyavi would so do himself - his ego would love it!

Henry would also, undoubtedly, jump himself given the chance. Might even get over the whole terratorial vamp thing because it is himself.

Bill/Mad fangirls - ROTFLOL - poor Billi

Wet!Bill/Wet!Gustav ... nghhh - you know they were at it in the dressing room the moment they got off stage

Bill/George - George would never be able to keep up with Bill - he'd have to keep going to Mitchel for advice ::g::

Mitchel/George - OTP

Frankie/Linke - overload of the pretty. Poor Frankie is gonna be so whipped as well - Linke will rule him whether he likes it or not.

Awww ... Linke can make emo!Timo feel better I'm sure (of course only until David comes home and helps out too)

sexy!Bill/sexy!Georg - they could try and out sex each other across a crowded room and then rip each other's clothes off the moment they got to a hotel room

David/David/Timo ... I think I feel sorry for Timo, one David has to be bad enough to deal with, although I'm sure they would pay him back :)

Linke/Jan/gay vamps ... nghhhh - Jan would charm them with his cuteness and Linke would be able to talk historic literature and I'm sure they would get to sex eventually.

Too easy - Thom/Jonathan/Damian - been there, done that

Ooh gay vamps/Gustav/Georg - now if they wandered into the Lair while in the states I just know Damian and Colin would want both of them and then the twins would have to come rescue them so they had lots of sex, but didn't get turned.
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