Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Kink Panel

Okay, so I said I would be begging for your help as well :)

This is my panel (and yes it was inspired by the Kinkathon).

The Kink Panel - What's Hot and What's Not? What turns us on, what doesn't and what's popular in our particular fandoms at the moment

If you would be so kind I would love to know the following things please (feel free to leave out any you don't want to reveal - comments are screened so that only I can see them and it's just info gathering; I won't be mentioning names - anonymous commenting is okay if you would rather do it that way):

1) What kinks you enjoy reading?
2) What kinks you don't like reading?
3) Do you read kinks because they turn you on?
4) Do the kinks you don't like just turn you off or make you cringe?
5) What kinks seem to be popular in your fandom(s) at the moment (if you can tell me what fandom you're talking about as well that would be great :))

(Forgot to add) If you happen to have some links to hand of fic you really liked or really disliked because of the kinks, that would be great too :)

Thank you in advance for your help.

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