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Somebody pass the cement!

This is on behalf of my beloved sister. connotations is coming up and both Soph and I are modding panels (and both co-modding with the other, but we each have one to be in charge of ;)). This is Soph's panel and what I would love from you, my dear flist, is examples of fixes of plot holes or deliberate not fixing of plot holes, preferably with links to fics, please. It can be from your own work or someone else's; credit will be given if the pieces are mentioned in the panel.

Thank you so much for your help (I will be posting in a moment and begging you for more help as well ;)). So, on to the panel description.

Somebody pass the cement! Plot holes / historical inaccuracies / physical impossibilities etc in canon - do you feel compelled to fix, fix, fix, or is it a case of, if TPTB don't care, why should I?

Types Plot Holes:

Timeline problems
Alex O'Connell being born before his parents met in The Mummy

Character Inconsistencies

Schizoprhenic Captain Janeway in Voyager

Dumb vs Clever Colonel Jack O'Neil

Language Issues -

How did they know how to pronounce that?
Ancient Egyptain in The Mummy - No vowels in Hieroglypics: Egyptologists use the letter e between consonants, only a linguist would be investigating how it was pronounced by comparing to Coptic and that is not altogether accurate

He learnt how to speak that how fast?
Stargate - Daniel Jackson

Magical Technology:

Brilliant Computer Interfaces
Death Note - user name was encrypted, password wasn't!!!

Historical Inaccuracies
Raleigh marrying Bess and being put in the tower *before* The Armada in Elizabeth The Golden Age

Physical Impossibilities
League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Nautilus going up several stories and having a huge state room in it and being able to fit up the canals of Venice

CSI: The reason he wasn't electrocuted to death is because the tyres on his car are rubber! No! It is because he is an insulated metal box, a farrday cage.
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