Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

I just made muffins :)

I just made muffins for the first time ever :) I've made so many things, but never muffins and I just made Mexican Corn Muffins (thank you paraboobizarre). They are an enormous success and since I have to go to work tomorrow (we're going live with a system) - they shall maintain us through the hours :).

My husband's comment was the most interesting:
"Well done, darling, you've managed to create something that tastes exactly like a Cornish pasty, but bears no resemblance to one what so ever."

And he's right - which is really odd because they taste like a real Cornish pasty - meat and all, and they have no meat products in them what so ever - in fact the only thing they have in common with Cornish pasties is the onion. ???!!!!
Tags: type: recipe

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