Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Quiz thingy

LOL - gacked from mon_ami_runa

I always knew I couldn't trust my own twin; she's kidnapped Harry and Draco!

You like slash, you arrive at Hogwarts, you give orders... by STARROSE
Harry Potter...had always wondered what a Cock Ring was.
Lucius Malfoy...made a mental note to spy on his son in the shower.
Ron Weasley...hates you for making him give blow jobs to Snape.
Sirius so sexually frustrated he'll shag anyone you tell him to.
Draco Malfoy...walks around naked for your viewing pleasure.
Severus Snape...smirks when you order Sirius to his knees.
Neville Longbottom...can't believe he's actually, FINALLY, touching Draco!
Remus Lupin...wondered, as he fucked Harry hard, why he ever left.
The Weasley Twins...brought their own trial-sex toys to try on Harry & Draco.
Albus Dumbledore...feels left out, goes off to find Hagrid.
Is insanely jealous of youmiyoung_boz
Snuck in, took photos, sold them to the Prophetlecoeurcorrompu
Accidently walks in on one big slashy orgyoconel
Applies for post of "Physical Education" teacherjosephsaren
Kidnaps Harry & Draco for their own sexual purposethwax
Sends Snape a dildo in the owl postthoughtful_kaos
Tags: fandom: harry potter

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