Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

*Bangs head on table again*

The THI forum is driving me nuts! Now this is nothing against Dreamhost who are being lovely and trying to help and bending over backwards to give me assistance, it's just something has got out of step with this forum and it will not upgrade!

They sent me another lovely email this morning where they had very helpfully tried to fix the problem with the install and there was a lovely set of instructions on what to do now - so I did.

#1 click link (so I did and it worked)
#2 go to the install tab - there was no install tab, which was my first hint this was not going to work, but there was a convert tab, so I took a quick look and that gave a php error, so at that point I decided it was still very broken.

I shall now wait to see what they say next.
Tags: info: general

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