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First lines meme

Grabbed from several folks on my flist, including nqdonne which is where I nicked the format :)

Post the first lines from each of your 25 most recent fanfic pieces and try to find a pattern.

Timo felt his jaw drop as David walked into his hotel room followed by two very familiar, identical faces.
From Good One!

Tom knew he shouldn't be nervous; he and Georg had been having sex for nearly a year now and neither of them had been blushing virgins before that, but Tom was just about dying.
From There's A First Time For Everything

Bill was more than a little excited; in fact, according to Tom he'd been just about unbearable all week.
From The Joy of Sex

The air escaped from Bill's lungs in a woosh as his back thudded up against the wall and he did not even try to push back as strong hands held him in place.
From In The Air Tonight

Pulling the covers up over his head, Linke did his best to shut out the minimal light coming under his door and what seemed like far too much noise.
From Fang and Eyes and Blood

Linke was on his way to the kitchen to make some coffee; it was about five am.
From Grace and Mercy

Another awards ceremony, another hotel, at least that's what Franky was thinking when he stepped into the lift.
From An Angel Walking

"You've had blow jobs, right?"
From Lips Are Not Just for Kissing

Gustav was in a really, really bad mood.
From Ambush

Gustav was in a prickly mood and Bill was not feeling patient, which was a very bad combination.
From It's In His Kiss

"I think Georg and Gustav need our help," Bill said, sitting down beside Tom in the communal area of their bus.
From MMOM 31 - The Point of No Return

Mike was beginning to think that Henry was trying to get him killed by making sure he was distracted all the time.
From MMOM 30 - Fanning the Flames

Bill couldn't find Tom.
From MMOM 29 - Together Forever

Henry had Mike shoved up against the wall in a second, fangs bared and eyes black and Mike felt himself react instinctively almost immediately.
From MMOM 28 - Reactions

David was worried, for the first time he was really worried about the band not holding together.
From MMOM 27 - Breaking Point

Night watch could be less stimulating than Avon sometimes liked.
From MMOM 26 - Algorithm

Gustav could not find his spare drumsticks.
From MMOM 25 - Cupboard Love

"You're looking tense, Jo," Macus said, walking up to where his friend was staring out of a window.
From MMOM 24 - A Little Relief

Tom was stood outside Georg and Gustav's bus while Bill climbed on board to see if that was where Bill had left his iPod.
From MMOM 23 - I Told You!

Being the idol of thousands of children had it's drawbacks, especially when said children thought of you as a sexless blob of clay.
From MMOM 22 - The Joys of Plasticine

Bill was tired and he wanted to sleep, but he had his head buried under the covers and sleep was very far from coming.
From MMOM 21 - In My Head

Jayce couldn't move and he was almost one hundred percent sure he was about to die.
From MMOM 20 - Pollination

Gustav walked out of his room just in time to see Georg dash across and up the hallway and disappear into his with the speed of an express train.
From MMOM 19 - RST (Resolved Sexual Tension)

Every one in the whole world who had heard of Mystery Inc knew that Scooby was Shaggy's bestest friend in the whole wide world.
From MMOM 18 - Dogs

There weren't many people who could get Bill to do something once their singer had made up his mind and Georg pitied David as Bill's face set in an expression that clearly meant no.
From MMOM 17 - UST

Well the first pattern seems rather obvious: I do appear to like starting with a person's name. I definitely try and leap straight into the head of my protagonist and launch into what is going on, rather than waffling around with anything descriptive first :). I think I like putting in a little tension as well, even if I'm about to resolve it almost immediately.

Frankly I suck at describing patterns in writing ... so, if you would be so kind, what are your opinions on my patterns? ;)
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