Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Stupid technology! and Pimpage

I'm just going to sit here and sulk - there are so many fics I want to read, but they're all NC-17 and I can't read them at work and I couldn't find my wireless card last night for the laptop *pout*. Rob was on the main PC all night processing his photos from an airshow last weekend, and since he's going to another one this weekend I decided I better let him get on with it, but that meant I couldn't get online *pouts more*.

Well at least I managed to get 4500 words written on the third in the Corruption Sequence, so all was not lost. Managed to write anotehr scene for GTS2 yesterday as well - am quite proud of myself ::g::.

Some things I have managed to read:
dacro has declared International I HATE CHO, and I really don't like GRAWP much either Day - we have torches and pitchforks and everything, so come join up so we can storm the castle. Personally I think we should be split into two groups - one to go get Cho, and one to go comfort Harry once we breach the gates ::eg::.

What started it all was a lovely dark fic from dacro call The Agreement written for hpvamp's Quiet Ones challenge, and you should go read it and comment to help answer important questions such as "Is Ron naked?" (to quote the author herself ;)).

Then there is this drabble called Home from kaalee - warm fuzzies and well, just read it to brighten your day.

Follow this up with a bit of angst from emcue in a fic called Utter Madness - beautiful Ron characterisation.

And finally - if you want to laugh you have to read Intoxication by girlsigh Quote: No self-respectin' gay man wears corduroy. LOL ... trust me, just read it.

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