Beren (beren_writes) wrote,


Finally finished my Lair fic for the connotations zine. How did what was supposed to be a PWP end up at about 50 pages? *shakes head in despair at muses* Have sent it to temaris so that is all done now. I will publish it here eventually, but if you want to see it before Feb 2009 you have to come to connotations. It's a really cool slash con, do check out the comm for info. It's the one conn a year I go to to have fun and not to work ::g::.

I can now get back to pretty German boys for a while. I have to finish my th_fanfic FQF fic before the end of the week and then I do believe I've left the Panik boys in a rather compromising position as well ::g::.
Tags: fandom: panik, fandom: the lair, fandom: tokio hotel, info: fic writing

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