Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Save me!

Someone save me from gay vampires who don't seem to want to have sex!

I changed my mind on what I was writing for the connotations zine (Tem kindly gave me an extension to finish it) and I'm writing Lair fic. Well it's irresistable: pretty men, so often naked, with fangs and so many plot holes you can drive a bus through them. It's a fanfic writer's dream :D. Problem is I have nearly 30 pages and so far, one tiny little sex scene and lots of places that say things like "Damian and Colin have sex" or "blowjob" and other delightful things like that. Thank god the plot is almost done so then I can concentrate on the sex. You'd think it would be easy to get gay vampires to have sex; but apparently they want to get on with the plot first!

[Edit: heeroluva and I were just talking about muses highjacking a plot and guess what? I just wrote a scene (thank you lunch break) that was supposed to be a bit of a kiss and a cuddle and making up after a bit of a spat and what did it turn into? BDSM! Hmm ... and they still decided to talk about it rather than get on with it! Now the muses are just playing with me, I'm sure.]
Tags: fandom: the lair

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