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Harry Potter - Short Fics


I have had to move my fic indexes to seperate posts because there are too many for my user info and I've had to seperate out the HP fics because the post was too long :).
All files have PDF and Word download links in this listing, where they exist.
(* = contains vampires)
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Harry Potter Short Fics (30,000wds or less)
Title Pairing Rating Length Date Added PDF MSWord
Harry Potter No fics: 28
Coming Together Harry/Draco PG-13 5494wds 19-Jun-03 PDF Word document
Summary: Draco finds out something about Harry James Potter that changes everything.
Future Imperfect Harry/Draco PG-13 1400wds 01-Jul-03 No PDF No Word document
Summary: Dark
Higher Brain Hermione/several PG 2889wds 23-Mar-04 PDF Word document
Summary: Dark Fic short - Hermione centric - Hermione is not what she seems at all.
The Voice Harry/Draco PG 1942wds 14-Apr-04 PDF Word document
Summary: Harry has been sleeping for a long time, one voice pulls him back.
There's Something About James NC-17 5949wds 29-Mar-04 No PDF No Word document
Summary: The Potters have a rather interesting family secret, and a prophecy all their own that has little to do with Voldemort. James must do his duty so that his son may find his destiny.
Obsession and Consequence Harry/Draco NC-17 2262wds 02-Apr-04 PDF Word document
Summary: Draco is obsessed and indulges in a round of self stimulation as a result.
Language of Love Harry/Draco R 1796wds 05-Apr-04 PDF Word document
Summary: Harry and Draco try a little experiment with Parseltongue.
Passion Play Harry/Draco NC-17 8230wds 19-Apr-04 PDF Word document
Summary: Draco has become the victim of a Death Eater plot to assist Voldemort's rise to power. There is only one way to save him, and Harry is it.
*A Vampire's Love Harry/Draco NC-17 8271wds 25-May-04 PDF Word document
Summary: Voldemort is dead, but he almost took The Boy Who Lived with him. Draco Malfoy has been assumed dead by the wizarding world for almost four years having been taken by a vampire, although Harry had always known where to find him, but this time Draco has found Harry.
*The Power of Two Harry/Draco NC-17 4872wds 01-Sep-04 PDF Word document
Summary: Harry finds himself in a very awkward predicament involving a naked woman and a naked Malfoy.
*Blood-Ties Harry/Draco R 8830wds 28-Sep-04 PDF Word document
Summary: Draco has a mission from Voldemort to finally kill The Boy Who Lived. He has been subject to Voldemort's ministrations to make sure he does not fail, but nothing is ever certain when Harry Potter is involved.
Nothing Like the Real Thing Narcissa/Sirius NC-17 2873wds 07-Oct-04 PDF Word document
Summary: Narciassa has a fantasy about her cousin Sirius and plays it out.
It was Christmas Eve Harry/Draco PG-13 6469wds 30-Dec-04 PDF Word document
Summary: Draco has changed sides and someone really doesn't like that.
Shadow Dwellers none PG 12113wds 17-Feb-05 PDF Word document
Summary: Harry has nightmares, he's had nightmares for a long time, but they used to be about Voldemort. Now they are about never ending darkness.
*The Will of Vampires Snape/Harry NC17/18 8337wds 23-Jul-05 PDF Word document
Summary: Snape disappeared a year ago, now the side of the Light find out what happened to him, and the price the vampires are demanding for their affiliation.
*Blood and Surrender Lucius/Harry NC17/18 (Hard) 6068wds 23-Jul-05 PDF Word document
Summary: Lucius has Harry exactly where he wants him. WARNING - this one earned it's rating and has Don/sub situations. Not my usual type of fic at all.
*The Chase (extended) Snape/Remus/Sirius NC17/18 4835wds 28-Jul-05 PDF Word document
Summary: Sirius it the prey, and he cannot escape.
Hiding in Plain Sight Harry/Draco NC17/18 6900wds 06-Sep-05 PDF Word document
Summary: Harry and Draco had been in a relationship for years, but no one knows except them.
What A Girl Wants Harry/Draco, Pansy/? PG13/12 1343wds 26-Jan-06 PDF Word document
Summary: Pansy has taken to peace very well and it putting her Slytherin qualities to other uses.
Traditions Harry/Draco PG13/12 815wds 07-Mar-06 PDF Word document
Summary: Harry made a mistake.
Walking Through a Garden Harry/Draco, Harry/Charlie NC17/18 11,330wds 08-Mar-06 PDF Word document
Summary: Charlie is at a Malfoy garden party and hears something that makes him think things he never thought possible.
*The Stability of Three Harry/Draco/Neville NC17/18 5,509wds 27-Jun-06 PDF Word document
Summary: Two vampires have found themselves a lost soul and they intend to make him theirs.
*The Secret of Surrender Snape/Bill, Snape/Hermione (sorta), Snape/Draco, Snape/Harry, Snape/Ron, mentions Ron/Bill NC17/18 (Hard) 8153wds 27-Jun-06 PDF Word document
Summary: Severus knows something strange is happening and he thinks there is a new Dark Lord, but things are stranger than he could ever have imagined. WARNING - this one earned it's rating and has Don/sub situations. Not my usual type of fic at all.
The Unexpected Harry/Draco NC17/18 9,220wds 18-Jan-07 PDF Word document
Summary: Harry has jumped in with both feet to save someone as usual and neglected to check the small print. Luckily for him the plan only went wrong with Draco.
Limits Harry/Draco NC17/18 10,030wds 15-Feb-07 PDF Word document
Summary: Humour - Draco has found the line of what he will and will not do for the Dark Lord, so he has a plan.
Honesty Is the Best Policy Harry/Draco NC17/18 ~12800wds 24-Mar-07 PDF Word document
Summary: Draco has family heritage to deal with and an obsession who is completely immune to his advances. He's about ready to try anything, even honesty.
*Caged Harry/Draco/Voldemort/Snape NC17/18 6,237wds 24-Mar-07 PDF Word document
Summary: When Harry became a vampire against his consent he made a decision that changes his life completely. He went to the Dark Lord and the Dark Lord did not kill him.
Three Steps to Paradise Harry/Draco NC17/18 13,955wds 08-Jan-08 PDF Word document
Summary: Harry didn't do what everyone expected of him and he became a professional Quidditch player, however, he still has a huge hero streak. When he does something reckless to save Draco Malfoy from a potentially fatal fall in a match it changes more than just Draco's attitude towards him.
RPS/FPS Crossover(s) No fics: 1
Creature Comforts Harry/Draco/Hyde, Hyde/Megumi (mentions Hyde/Gackt) NC17/18 15,630wds 28-Jun-06 PDF Word document
(Harry Potter/Jrock RPS) Summary: Hogwarts is celebrating five years of peace by having a reunion for students from the past thirty years. WARNING - RPS, Hyde is a jrocker.

Tags: fandom: harry potter, fictype: 01-3kwds, info: fiction list

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