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I have had to move my fic indexes to seperate posts because there are too many for my user info :).
All files have PDF and Word download links in this listing, where they exist.
(* = contains vampires)
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Fictional Person Slash (FPS)
Title Pairing Rating Length Date Added PDF MSWord
Harry Potter No fics: 5
The Virgin Challenge
A Little Problem of Virginity Harry/Fred/George NC-17 4434wds 25-Mar-04 No PDF No Word document
Summary: Harry wakes up on his sixteenth birthday and decides that he does not want to die a virgin.
A Little Problem of Someone Else's Virginity Harry/Draco/Fred/George NC-17 7355wds 30-Mar-04 No PDF No Word document
Summary: When Harry returns to school he notices that there is someone else who could do with a different outlook on life.
*The Corruption Sequence
Corruption Harry/Draco NC-17 8091wds 25-Jun-04 PDF No Word document
Summary: Voldemort has captured Harry and for his own twisted reasons has chosen not to kill him outright. Revenge in the Dark Lord's mind requires a fate worse than death and Harry is about to find out what that is.
Distortion Harry/Draco NC-17 15000wds 30-Jun-04 PDF No Word document
Summary: Voldemort died at Harry's hand, just like the Prophecy said, but is there a life for Harry after what the Dark Lord has done to him?
Alteration Harry/Draco NC-17 36000wds 02-Aug-04 PDF No Word document
Summary: Harry has returned to Hogwarts after Dumbledore took charge of the situation at Malfoy Manor, but is he safe from the Ministry and is the world safe from him?
Virus Buster Serge No fics: 2
The Heart Series
The Heart is the Enemy Serge/Raven PG 591wds 01-Sep-05 No PDF No Word document
Summary: Serge's thoughts on his first night with S.T.A.N.D.
Enigma Serge/Raven NC17/18 2873wds 05-Sep-05 No PDF No Word document
Summary: After the events of "Deep Down Exposure" Serge has a visitor.
Enigma - Graphical version Serge/Raven NC17/18 8 pages 04-Oct-05 No PDF No Word document
Real Person Slash
Jrock No fics: 3
The Dragon Saga (MSWord and MSReader files available here.)
*Dragon's Teeth Gackt/Hyde, Hyde/Megumi, Hyde/OMC NC17/18 16,728wds 17-Jul-06 PDF No Word document
WARNING - non-con, Summary: While filming Moon Child Hyde finds out that not everything the papers say about Gackt is hype and his life changes far more than just adding acting to his repertoire.
*Dragon's Touch Hyde/Megumi (implied R 4,327wds 31-Oct-06 PDF No Word document
WARNING - non-con, Summary: Hyde is recovering from his experiences in Taiwan, but he's a long way from over them and going out with the other guys from L'Arc turns out to be a mistake.
*Dragon's Heart Gackt/Hyde/Megumi NC17/18 24,364wds 31-Oct-06 PDF No Word document
Summary: Megumi has an announcement that means Gackt finally takes her and Hyde to Kyoto to meet the elders of the clan. Hyde finds out that his vampire status is not so much an accident as it is destiny and the relationship between the three changes significantly because of it.
Tokio Hotel/Jrock No fics: 2
Das Geschenk (The Gift) Series (Series listing with MSWord downloads)
*Beauty and Talent Bill(Tokio Hotel)/Gackt NC17/18 15,520wds 21-Feb-07 PDF No Word document
Summary: The members of Tokio Hotel are in the UK to launch the English version of their album and Bill has caught the eye of another visiting rock star. When they meet Bill finds out that some things he thought were just fantasy do, in fact, exist.
*Be Like You Bill(TH)/Gustav(TH) NC17/18 17,190wds 11-Apr-07 PDF No Word document
Summary: Tom has decided he wants to be a vampire like Bill, but Bill's not so sure it's a good idea. There could be consequences.
*Three Missing Scenes various PG-13 to R ??wds 12-Apr-07 PDF No Word document
Summary: Three missing scenes that do not fit in part 2 or 3 of the series.
*The Talk various PG-13 3,984wds 21-Aug-07 PDF No Word document
Summary: Bill and Tom need to tell their best friend about their change in status.
Tokio Hotel No fics: 2
The Orally Fixated Series
It's In His Kiss Bill/Gustav PG-13 3,8100wds 25-Jun-08 PDF No Word document
Summary: With two buses the band don't get a chance to wind down with all of them as much as they used to and when Gustav tries to blow off one of the rare opportunities, Bill takes exception.
Lips Are Not Just for Kissing Bill/Gustav NC17/18 3,334wds 03-Jul-08 PDF No Word document
Summary: Bill has ideas to push his and Gustav's relationship to the next step.

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