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I have had to move my fic indexes to seperate posts because there are too many for my user info :).
All files have PDF and Word download links in this listing, where they exist.
(* = contains vampires)
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Short Fics (30,000wds or less)
Title Pairing Rating Length Date Added PDF MSWord
Fictional Person Slash (FPS)
Supernatural No fics: 33
Changeling none R 2665wds 19-Apr-06 No PDF No Word document
Summary: A demon reveals the truth to Sam and brings the Winchesters' world crashing down around their ears.
*Merry Month of Masturbation Challenge 2006 varied NC17/18 or R/15 lots 01-May-06 to 31-May-06 No PDF No Word document
Summary: 31 masturbation fics, both slash and het in celebration of the Merry Month of May/Masturbation.
Moon Child No fics: 2
*Brighter than the Sun Kei/Sho NC17/18 5,912wds 15-Jun-06 PDF Word document
Summary: There is one thing Kei has never done, one indulgence he has never allowed himself, and as he and Sho await the sunrise he gives in to the last temptation.
*The Choices We Make Kei/Sho NC17/18 6,277wds 02-Feb-07 PDF Word document
Summary: Sho wakes up a vampire after Kei had turned him and things go from there. (An alternative direction for the last few scenes of the movie).
Weiß Kreuz No fics: 3
Redheads ??? PG13/12 306wds 03-Aug-06 No PDF No Word document
Crawford has a headache and he really doesn't need one of Weiß showing up.
Care of A Kitten Aya/Omi/Yoji NC17/18 8,943wds 02-Feb-07 PDF Word document
Yoji sees something that leads him to understand more about two of his team mates than he thought he ever wanted to.
Chaos or Crawford's Hideously Awful Operational Screw-up Aya/everyone NC17/18 17,193wds 01-Feb-08 PDF Word document
Summary: Humour - Schwarz have a perfect plan until chaos steps in to ruin Crawford's week, but at least the sex is good.
Merlin No fics: 2
Friends? Merlin/Arthur NC17/18 ~3,250wds 14-Nov-08 PDF Word document
Summary: Arthur has been pondering the mystery that is Merlin and starts to ask questions for which Merlin is not prepared, which lead to interesting things.
From Darkness Comes Light Merlin/Arthur NC17/18 ~19,750wds 04-Dec-08 PDF Word document
Summary: When dark creatures that prey on the living, taking their blood and causing the dead to rise from their graves are reported in Albion it is Arthur who is sent to destroy them. Some things, however, do not fall to the sword and Arthur learns this the hard way. Merlin is faced with giving up more than his secret to save his friend.
Primeval No fics: 1
Prolonged Use May Cause Headaches and Other Side Effects Connor/Becker, Connor/Abby R ~9,354wds 03-Apr-09 No PDF Word document
Summary: Connor is testing a device for controlling anomalies that comes from his research on the incident at the British Museum when things go wrong.
Tremors No fics: 1
Tetacles are Wuv Tyler/El Blanco NC17/18 ~1,364wds 19-Jan-09 No PDF No Word document
Summary: Tyler ends up in a rather strange position, and why exactly isn't El Blanco eating him?
The Lair No fics: 1
Second Time Around Damian/Colin, Thom/Jonathan/Damian/Colin (and hints of lots of others along the way - gay vampires living in a sex club - it's quicker to point out who isn't getting any) NC17/18 ~24,350wds 01-Feb-09 PDF Word document
Summary: Thom wakes up a somewhat different person after the events in the Lair when the Sheriff and Jonathan staged the rescue. The first thing he has to do is sort out the mess his presence has managed to cause.
FPS Crossover(s) No fics: 1
Down the Rabbit Hole Harry/Draco, Rose/Dr/Jack NC17/18 10226wds 07-Feb-06 PDF Word document
(Harry Potter / Doctor Who) Summary: Transdimensional portals can be really tricky little buggers.
Real Person Slash (RPS)
Jrock No fics: 1
*You Want to What? Gackt/Hyde PG 2,225wds 30-Jun-06 PDF Word document
Summary: (humour) Gackt has made an announcement and it fills Hyde will a familiar feeling of dread.
Tokio Hotel No fics: 16
The Mating Habits of Twins? ??? PG13/12 812wds 05-Feb-07 PDF Word document
Humour (Tokio Hotel) - Georg overhears things he's not sure he's supposed to.
Better Late Than Never Bill/Georg/Tom NC17/18 ~5,330wds 13-Apr-07 PDF Word document
Summary - Georg gets sex. (What? That's the whole story.)
Straight Bill/Tom NC17/18 ~7,102wds 23-Jun-07 PDF Word document
Summary - Tom is straight, Bill knows this, but he also knows that there are exceptions to every rule and some things are meant to be.
Romance Is Not Dead Bill/David PG13/12 ~???wds 26-Jun-07 PDF Word document
Summary - Bill is in love with David, and now he's 18 he can do something about it.
Regression none PG ~3,394wds 3rd-Jul-07 PDF Word document
Summary - Some people should never be hypnotised.
Itchy Fingers Bill/Georg PG-13 ~1,898wds 13th-Aug-07 PDF Word document
Summary - Bill is just itching to touch, but what he wants to touch isn't his.
K is for Kaulitzcest Bill/Tom NC17/18 ~????wds 09-Sep-07 PDF Word document
Summary - Everyone needs a hobby and Gustav knows if anyone in the band finds out his he is likely to end up missing vital parts of his anatomy..
*Curses! lots NC17/18 ~23,765wds 11-Oct-07 PDF Word document
Summary - TH_Fanfic FQF Prompt: 61. HALLOWEEN Prompt 1: (Supernatural twist) The band encounter--and accidentally piss off--a mysterious woman in black while they are at a costume party and end up turning into their costumes. Bill/vampire, Gustav/is himself, Georg/Ninja and Tom goes as a "virgin" as a joke. Once they turn, Bill keeps trying to bite and seduce Tom and Georg keeps trying to kill Bill. Gustav is the only one who can use his smarts in order to counter act the curse. (Submitted by nightshade24)
Shields to Maximum Gustav/Georg PG13/12 ~3,094wds 14-Dec-07 PDF Word document
Summary: Gustav had been drawing into himself and away from the rest of the band because he's afraid of something. The problem is, Bill has noticed.
Origin of the Species Bill/Tom NC17/18 ~14,635wds 02-Jan-08 PDF Word document
Summary: Bill has an encounter that affects the balance between himself and Tom and they have to take drastic measures to prevent themselves being torn apart forever.
Operation Get Georg For Tom Tom/Georg NC17/18 ~11,680wds 03-Jan-08 No PDF No Word document
Summary: Tom has yet to totally come to terms with the fact that he's not 100% straight and Bill's promise to help him get Georg is confusing matters even more.
Compatible Energy Bill/Georg PG13 ~1,558wds 22-Jan-08 PDF Word document
Summary: Georg knows that Bill is weary and chooses to do something about it.
The Flower Bill/Tom PG13 ~1,179wds 05-Feb-08 PDF Word document
Summary: Bill finds a rose.
Where No Finger Has Gone Before Georg/Gustav NC17/18 ~7,000wds 07-Apr-08 PDF Word document
Summary: Never get into a pissing contest with Gustav; Gustav will always win.
Ambush Georg/Gustav R ~1,710wds 02-Jul-08 PDF Word document
Summary: Gustav is not a happy camper so someone calls in the cavalry, which just happens to be Georg.
In The Air Tonight Andreas/Bill (TH) NC17/18 1,911wds 07-Aug-08 PDF Word document
Summary: (TH) Bill has been flirting and now he's in trouble.
The Joy of Sex David Jost/Bill NC17/18 ~7,165wds 11-Aug-08 PDF Word document
Summary:David has a kinky side, which Bill is about to find out about. Bill discovers that he has a kinky side too.
There's A First Time For Everything Georg/Tom NC17/18 ~2,947wds 11-Aug-08 PDF Word document
Summary: Tom doesn't like the idea of rimming, but Georg does, so Tom decides to let Georg have a go.
Fire No Rain Can Quench Bill/Tom NC17/18 ~2,100wds 11-Sep-08 PDF Word document
Summary: Tom wants Bill and he wants him now and there appears to only be one place available - the roof.
A Picture Paints A Thousand Words Georg/? NC17/18 ~2,770wds 11-Sep-08 PDF Word document
Summary: Kink request: Tokio Hotel - Georg is an exhibitionist and loves taking naked photos of himself and leaving them lying around for people to find. Everyone has seen them and it's well known joke amongst the band and crew. What he doesn't realize is that someone (you choose who) has been collecting the photos since day one and jacking off to their naked Georg shrine. May be expanded on to include Georg finding out etc.
Soft As Silk Georg/Gustav NC17/18 ~8,050wds 15-Sep-08 PDF Word document
Summary: TH_Fanfic Prompt: #21 Georg/Gustav - Georg loves to have his hair played with. Gustav knows this and exploits it any time he can. (submitted by lirren) (th_fanfic)
Misdirection Bill/Bushido NC17/18 ~1,350wds 03-Feb-09 No PDF No Word document
Summary: Bill likes to play and he likes to touch.
To Touch and To Be Touched Tom/Georg NC17/18 ~7,760wds 03-Feb-09 PDF Word document
Summary: Tom has a revelation and it changes things between him and Georg forever.
Panik No fics: 6
Grace and Mercy Timo/David (Pnk) PG13 ~3,197wds 22-Jul-08 PDF Word document
Summary: (Panik) What is a house full of young men to do when faced with a tiny baby girl?
*Fang and Eyes and Blood - Oh My! Timo/David/Linke (Pnk) NC17/18 ~27,947wds 31-Jul-08 PDF Word document
Summary: (Panik) Linke's not feeling well and it turns out not to be the flu and more along the vampire line.
Dirty Little Secrets David/Linke (Pnk) NC17/18 ~5,100wds 22-Sep-08 PDF Word document
Summary: (Panik) David is headed out, but a crisis erupts because the stress has finally got to Linke. David knows how to deal with the situation, but how the hell can he explain owning bondage cuffs to the rest of the band?
All for One and One for All orgy (Pnk) NC17/18 ~10,681wds 17-Oct-08 PDF Word document
Summary: (Panik) The original Panik had a kinkier side and now the band is back to the old name, David and Timo revive the tradition.

Kink request: Panik. The whole goddamn band. Bonus for any/all of the following: object insertion, humping of inanimate objects to orgasm, voyeurism, gangbanging. All the boys need to come at least once. Everything else is up to you.
Perfect Place Juri/other band member NC17/18 ~1,487wds 13-Jan-09 No PDF No Word document
Summary: (Panik) Juri has a lover who is insatiable and he enjoys every moment.
Sweet Things David/Timo PG13 ~1,131wds 04-Feb-09 No PDF No Word document
Summary: (Panik) Sugar highs can be dangerous things when it comes to David.
Merry Month of Masturbation 2007 (23 Tokio Hotel fics, 9 Jrock) No fics: 31 PDF Word document
Merry Month of Masturbation 2008 (Various Fandoms) No fics: 31 PDF Word document
Multi-Fandom Advent Calendar 2006 (Mixture of FPS and RPS) No drabbles: 24 No PDF No Word document
Multi-Fandom Advent Calendar 2007 (Mixture of FPS and RPS) No drabbles: 24 No PDF No Word document
RPS Crossover(s) No fics: 1
An Angel Walking Bill/Franky (Pnk) PG13 ~5,000wds 09-Jul-08 PDF Word document
Summary: (Panik/TH xover) Franky (Pnk) is a closet Tokio Hotel fanboy and he manages to get stuck in a lift with Bill.
Moments Tom/Timo NC17/18 ~872wds 13-Jan-09 No PDF No Word document
Summary: (Panik) Tom and Timo are an unlikely match, but they find time for each other when they can.
Encounters of the Close Kind Linke(pnk)/Fabi(KP) NC17/18 ~3,680wds 13-Jan-09 PDF Word document
Summary: (Panik/Killerpilze xover) Fabi has a question to ask Linke.
Declarations Bill/Gustav, Fabi PG13/12 ~2,689wds 17-Mar-09 PDF Word document
Summary: (Tokio Hotel/Killerpilze xover) Bill and Gustav make a new friend in the form of KiPi's hyperactive drummer, Fabi.
RPS/FPS Crossover(s) No fics: 1
Creature Comforts Harry/Draco/Hyde, Hyde/Megumi (mentions Hyde/Gackt) NC17/18 15,630wds 28-Jun-06 PDF Word document
(Harry Potter/Jrock RPS) Summary: Hogwarts is celebrating five years of peace by having a reunion for students from the past thirty years. WARNING - RPS, Hyde is a jrocker.

Tags: fictype: 01-3kwds, info: fiction list

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