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seiyaharris's post reminded me to do this.

Okay so I mentioned connotations yesterday, but for those who are wondering what I am talking about, it is a slash conn, a truly brilliant slash conn in the north of England.

I have just been reminded that registration is £25 and goes up to £30 on the 1st August, so if you want the cheaper rate, sign up now!

It is a complete blast. So much fun and so much slash talk. It's brilliant.

Highlights are:
the panels - everyone talking about meta and debating or laughing or just having a thoroughly good time
slash pictionary - in teh evening join the slash pictionary; you would not beleive what has been drawn for that (p.s. a blue rectangle is almost always a tardis, a round thing with squigles is mostly c'thulu or the giant squid and a grey circle is usually a stargate - that's all the clues you get :))
the pimp session - are you in a fandom that needs more people, then pimp it to a captive audience :)
the raffle - so many prizes last year they ended up giving them away ::g::

The registration form
connotations - the LJ comm

All of us who go are equally insane and have a blast. It's run by moonlettuce, temaris and losthouse and it is just wonderful. Sign up now, you know you want to :D.
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