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Okay, so you may have seen me mention these guys once or twice, they're called Panik and they are another pretty German band with oodles of talent. I seem to be collecting German bands these days :).If you think you've seen them before but they had a different name, you'd be right, they used to be Nevada Tan. There was an acrymonious split with their old management and then they found that the name had been trademarked without their knowledge so they had to go back to their old band name.

So who are Panik? They are a bunch of German boys who create a sound that has been likened to Nu Metal and Alternative. Basically heavy rock with some rap. Now normally I hate rap, but Timo's voice is pure sex, I am telling you (ask lirren and she will wax lyrical for ages ;)).

Okay, so we have:
Certified musical genius (has won multiple awards), he is the lead guitarist, but he also plays the piano and basically ooses musical talent. He and Timo have been friends since they were wee boys.
He's the lead singer and very rarely seems to stop smiling. He was a later addition to the band, coming in when they became Nevada Tan for the first time.
Jan is the DJ, he scratches and mixes and has a great time with it. In the top piccie he is the one dressed as the Ninja - it was a fun gimic while it lasted :).
Another later comer to the band, he also joined when they became Nevada Tan. He's the drummer and should really let that lovely hair show more; he has an unfotunate habit of hiding it under a hat!
My personal fav :). Linke is a book lover, a budding author and the bass player of the group. He is a bit of a computer geek in that he's an avid gamer and he'd fluent in English.
The rapper of the group and another German boy with a baseball cap problem! He has very strong opinions and is very aware of many issues in today's society. Not just a pretty face, this lad :).

Places to go: - best English site on the web (I may be a wee bit biased on this one :)) - all Panik fic
LJ comms:
panikslash (slash only), panikfans, panikfanfiction (het and gen only)

PANIK - Was Würdest Du Tun ?

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Nevada Tan- Vorbei:

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Neustart - Nevada Tan

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Nevada Tan - Revolution

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