Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Hmm ....

... I need more Panik icons, must make some. Now that I've been sucked into writing fic I will require them ;)

The Anonymous Band Kinkathon is going really well :D We have 7 fics so far - I've taken to listing the fics in the main post as they come in so people do not have to search too hard.

I decided to try and comment on lots of things with my real LJ to encourage people to play, but this of course brought up the problem that it might be obvious what I had requested/written, so I have actually been talking to myself on occasion ;). Sneaky, moi?

I need to write my fic for the connotations zine this month as well; it's due at the end. Since it seems to be a tradition with me that I can't finish a Weiss Kreuz fic except for the zine I think I shall continue the tradition. I have a WK vamp one I have been working on for ages that I will polish up and add some sex to for the zine ::g::. It was always going to have sex, I just never quite decided where to add it. It will probably turn out kinky as hell thanks to all the kink bunnies I have hoping around at the moment.
Tags: info: fandom

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