Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Anon German Band Kink Meme

Would any of you out there be interested in taking part in an Anonymous German Band Kink-athon? (Format totally nicked from the Weiss Kreuz Anon Kink Thingy)

It would work like this, I would put up a post and anyone who wanted to could comment with a kink request, which may or may not involve a pairing.
For example:
Bill/Tom handcuffs or
The Panik boys and the TH boys having a group orgy

And then some kind soul posts an anonymous response with a ficlet/fic that answers the kink.

It would be open to any and all German bands - or I could just open it up to all bands if people are interested.

Then after a month or so, if you want you could post your ficlet/fic elsewhere are well (if you're not too embrassed by the kink you've written ;)).

Poll #1217650 Insterested in a Anon Kink-athon

Would you be intersted in participating in an Anonymous German Band Kink-athon?

Yes, but I'd like it to be open to all nationalities of bands
I don't write, but I'd read
Tags: fandom: tokio hotel

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