Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Tokio Hotel International is looking for translators

We over at find ourselves in need of capable translators. So I come to you, my lovely flist, to see if there are any interested parties :). Translating from the language to English and from English to the language would be perfect, but if you can go one way or the other we would still be interesting in hearing from you.

We are in need of the following:
  • A full time French translator or two
  • A full time Russian translator or two
  • A Portuguese translator
  • An Italian translator, to help our existing one

We are also tentatively thinking of trying to go for Japanese at the moment as well, so we would be very interested on hearing from anyone fluent in that lovely language as well. We're testing at the moment to see if our Wiki can take it.

For legal reasons, please, only people over the age of 16.

I'm afraid the only perk on offer at first is a bio on the THI wiki staff page :), oh and you get priority in future fan actions, so if you sub a piccie for a vid etc, you go at the front with THI staff in big letters on your entry ::g::.
Tags: fandom: tokio hotel, info: thi

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