Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Confession ::g::

Come my friends, it is time for confession :).

I was nattering the other day with lirren and undrockroll and we were chatting about fiction sins; the ones that maybe you hope no one ever finds again, or even the ones you never published ::g::. If you are willing to share I would love to hear of your sins ;).

It is only fair that I go first:

My very first real fic was written when I was about 10 and it was about this detective trying to solve a murder. The only thing I remember about the whole thing is that the victim have been "rapped and stabed" - yes I wrote it exactly like that and my family have never let me forget it. They bring it up to torture me repeatedly :).

I did write a nice long story before that inspired by the Hobbit that our teacher was reading to us in primary school, but I can't remember what that was about. It was probably plagiarism at it's greatest given how the young mind works ::g::.

I started to write more at about the age of 11, when V was on TV. I am a huge V fangirl and have been since Soph and I used to sit up and watch it at 11pm on a Friday night (the days before we have a VCR). I used to write the most awful prose where Kyle got it in the neck every time; he was my woobie, and my OTP was so Kyle/Elizabeth.

Even better, at the same time I wrote a fic about a rock band called Galaxy who's stage gear was all silver and gold (it was the 80s) and they were really super heroes in disguise. I'm pretty sure one of the lead females was proabably me ... but I don't remember enough about it to really be sure :).

I actually have a drawer full of note books after that, which I'm not too ashamed of. Used to buy reporters notebooks and start one story at the front and one at the back, and I have loads of old school exercise books too.

However, my ultimate sin, the greatest Mary Sue I ever created what when I was around 16. Her name was Perry (Periguina - I kid you not) and she was a genius, who was at Uni years early and somehow managed to make a device that interfaced with a transporter experiment in the furture aboard the Enterprise and brought her hurtling into the 24th century. She was madly in love with Wesley Crusher *cringe*. She saved the day too, with assistance from Wesley and she could sing and was basically the joy to all. I don't think there was one Mary Sue box I did not tick ... except possibly the eyes. What is really annoying though, is that she was plot B and plot A is really rather good. If I wrote her out it wouldn't be a half bad story ::g::. Of course it's over 100 pages of lined A4 paper that I will never type up, so possibly I shouldn't worry.

So, come friends, confess please - it's good for the soul :)
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