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Teh Big Slash meme
Read and/or write?Both
Since when?Read since about 1997, written since 1999 or so
How did you stumble into slash?I was reading the X-File ftp archive and just happened to find it.
Your first fandom and pairing:First proper one for slash - New Professionals
The first person you told about your new hobby:My twin sister :)
The fandoms you read:Harry Potter, Supernatural, Tokio Hotel, Panik, Stargate, Star Wars, Blood Ties, Weiss Kreuz, Anita Blake, jrock and many more
The fandoms you write:All of the above
Your favourite pairings:Harry/Draco, Bill/Tom, Nathaniel/Anyone, Henry/Mike, Sam/Dean, Hyde/Gackt
Favourite genres:Fluff, romance, paranormal
Least favourite pairings:Don't really have any, apart from squicky ones
Least favourite genres:character death, angst without resolution
What makes a story good?Plot, good characterisation, decent spelling (but doesn't have to be perfect)
What makes a story bad?bad characterisation, bad grammar, too much haste in the plot
The best author:I couldn't name one
Why?it depends on genre and fandom and everything like that
The best story you've ever read:I really couldn't tell you
The worst author:I don't tend to take notice of the names of authors I think are terrible
The worst story you've ever read:There have been some real doozies over time, but none stand out as the worst
The best story you have written:Umm ... I have no idea ...
The worst story you have written:That's easy, it's a trek fic with a Mary Sue from hell and never appeared anywhere except in my desk drawer
Do you leave feedback?Yes, but I'm scatterbrained about it.
Do you get feedback?Yep
Do you have a favorite kink?Light bondage, threesomes and toys
Does something squick you?scat, water sports and rape
Is slash simply sex?Oh hell no! It's about the relationship and the reasoning and the characters
Is slash a way of life?I should think so :)
How much time do you spend reading/writing?Lots ... hour a day
Do you have RL friends who slash?Yep
Have you made online friends through slash?Yep
Do you think slash is just a phase?It's been going on rather a long time to be a phase
Could you simply stop slashing?Nope - it's in my head now
What do you think about...
Ratings G to PG-13Can be fun to read - since it's about the characters not the sex any rating is fine
Ratings R to NC-17Always fun, but sometimes not what I want to read, especially if it's just sex and nothing else
AUsI prefer AUs that start with some part or canon and then break away
ARsCan be fun, but takes a lot of work for the characters to remain true
CrackficsThey are sometimes a giggle, but some just miss
PornYes please
AngstWith resolution, I'm so there
MushLove it :)
LoveDefinitely a must for me
RomanceLove it to pieces
BDSMIf both parties agree then yes, it can be fun to read and write
DarkficsNot overly fond of them, but there are some I will read
DeathficsI tend to dislike them almost all the time
Non consensual/rapeIt has to be handled with care
Rape recoveryAs long as if doesn't wallow, then yes
RPSCan be superb
RPGNot my cup of tea
First timesOoh yeah - especially when one of the partners is somewhat innocent
Established relationshipsAlso great, especially if the relationship is lovely and comfortable
ThreesomesOne of my fav kinks :) - boy/boy/girl is my fav
m/m slashLove it
femmeslashRead it, but don't always love it - depends on the fic
Slashing a children's book/movieDo it and love to read it
Chanslash Not overly fond of chan
Explicit sexOoh yeah, but not if it is the bed all and end all of the fic. Sex should be based on something.
The importance of charactarizationVery important in a fic, if you can't tell who someone is and could just swap the names then there's not a lot of point in reading it.
OOCnessOnly if there is a good reason, at which point it's not really OOC
CanonI like canon, but like to bend it sometimes too.
FanonCan be fun, as long as people know where the fanon is
ClichesLove them and love to write them
SupernaturalGimmie, gimmie
MPREGDepends how well it is written - can be very good, but it's difficult
WingficsLove them
GenderfuckAgain depends on the fic, some are well done, some aren't
CrossoversLove them to pieces
Group Slut FicsCan be a huge amount of fun
IncestYep, down that path in at least two fandoms, don't tend to like cross generational incest though
May/DecemberHuh? Thank you to all who explained what this meant. I'm not overly into cross-generation fics, but I don't avoid them. I do read Snape/Harry and Jost/Bill quite a lot :).
Het pairings in a slash ficCan work, just as in any other fic
PlotThe most important bit next to characterisation - love plotty fics
PWPsFun for a light read
WIPsTend to try not to read them, but fail sometimes
LJ fics and communitiesLove them and there are too many to name
Mailing listsAm on a few, but use them very little
Big Name FansThe ones that use their BNFism to lord it over others really piss me off. The ones who just are BNFs are often there for a reason and are good for the fandom.
Politics in a slash storyCan work in some fics; as long as the fic is not being used simply as a soap box it can be okay.
Religion in a slash storySame as above - religion has to be handled carefully as with any other subjects
Wake up GayIf they want to wake up gay, so be it ;)
And finally....
Your pet peeve:Lack of characterisation
Your advice to new slashers:Find a good beta reader and know your fandom before you start writing in it.
Your slash wish list:Lots more good TH fic and lots more good Harry/Draco fic please :)
The best slash archive:Depends what type of fic you want to read
The worst slash archive:For noise/signal ratio has to be - it's also not NC17 friendly

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