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Hmmm ... okay, saw the new Indy film last night and well ...

... it was a fun jaunt, but I think the plot was lacking. Great film to watch, except the end which was kind of a let down.

And I just have to say ALIENS???!!!!! Couldn't they have just left it as mysterious beings? Did they really have to bring a flying saucer into it? I know they were inter-dimensional beings and not technically aliens, but it was a sodding flying saucer. Indiana Jones chases ancients gods and mystical forces, not ALIENS!!!

Also the ending didn't feel right. It was a great Indy film until the end and then it kinda just fell flat. You knew she was gonna get it, but the ants were far more spectacular than the way she sent up in flames. It's an Indy film; the way the bad guy gets it at the end is incredibly important and has to be nastier than everything else in the movie - its a rule! When she just had flames coming out of the eyes and went poof it was so much of a let down.

Oh and that entire scene - I feel like I missed something important. Why did that all happen like that? Was the gift getting the professor's mind back and hence girlie was punished for being greedy or what? Why was the being divided into 13 parts that came back together? Why did they take their knowledge and just bugger off once they got the missing part back? I feel like there is a whole load of plot missing.

Also, if you are going to give someone an affectation of a sword that actually only appears to be so Juniour II can have a sword fight with them, could we at least have a little explanation? I'm pretty sure there weren't many people carrying swords in 1957.

Oh yeah, and how did Indy get his tenure back and then a promotion? It wasn't like there was any proof of what happened in South America; it all got washed away or disintegrated. What happened to the McCarthyism (sp?) stuff? I wanted to see the men in black get their arses handed to them in a sling.

You might think from that that I didn't enjoy it, but I did; it was fun, just not as impressive as any of the other Indy films.
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