Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Universal Panik - a Panik Website in English

Okay so there are a small bunch of nutters :P , namely: lirren, sarahsan, yuvi, tiggerdabounce2 and annie4th who have created a new Panik website called I might possibly have been converted to the cause (see I even have a Panik icon now) and offered a little technical help in the initial setup, but its the girls above who have done the layouts and the content and all the wonderful stuff on the site.

It's a very similar setup to Tokio Hotel International, in that there are mutli-lingual bits of the site and if you want to know lots about Panik, you need to go there now. It is most pretty and informative and fun and you should go and see what a wonderful job the girls have done with it.

And for those of you scratching your head and going "What?" - Panik are another bunch of lovely German boys who make music, but their sound is a bit different from Tokio Hotel's :).
Tags: fandom: panik

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