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Zusammen - Durch den Monsun

August 15th will be the third anniversary of the release of Durch den Monsun, the song that launched Tokio Hotel's career. We at Tokio Hotel International wanted to do something special to mark this three year milestone. So we're going to put together a new video, but to make it really amazing, we need YOU!

We would like you to send us pictures of yourself that were inspired by the song. You could pose with an umbrella, or dancing in the rain or whatever you like, as long as it shows us some link to the song. We will be compiling all the pictures onto a stormy background, and combining them with all the different versions of Durch den Monsun. Then on August 15th we will post the video on YouTube for everyone to enjoy, along with sending a copy to the band on CD.

Here are the rules:

* Pictures should be in jpg format and larger than 768 x 576 pixels. It also needs to be taken in landscape format rather than portrait (that means the longest part of the picture needs to be across rather than up and down).
* Please include your name and country somewhere with your submission. It doesn't have to be on the picture, as long as you include it in your email when you submit the picture. If you do not include a name, we will use a small part of your email name.
* Please be sure all submissions are appropriate for all ages. This means no nudity and no foul language. This video will be posted on YouTube where anyone can see it. If you wouldn't want your grandmother to see you doing something, don't send it to us. Inappropriate submissions will not be used.
* Cut off date is midnight on June 30th. We will not be accepting any submissions after this date. This way we will have plenty of time to get the video compiled and checked before the release date on August 15th.
* Edit: You may include a message to be translated into German and added to your picture, but it may be a maximum of 120 characters. We can't add entire books to the picture.

Send your submissions to, and be sure to put "Zusammen - Durch den Monsun" in the subject line or your submission may be missed. If you have any questions, please check the forum here first to see if your question has already been answered before you email the staff.

So let's get going and show Bill, Tom, Georg and Gustav that the fans are with them, Zusammen - für immer!

Tags: fandom: tokio hotel, info: zusammen - durch den monsun

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