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MMOM 12 - Skirting the Line - Anita Blake, Anita/Nathaniel, R

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Title: MMOM 12 - Skirting the Line
Author: Beren
Fandom: Anita Blake
Pairing: mentions Anita/Nathaniel
Rating: R
Disclaimer: The Anita Blake universe is not mine, I make no claim on it, I am just playing in it for fun and making no gain from it. No copyright infringement is intended.
Warnings: none
Summary: There is a fine line between stripping and porn and Nathaniel has to make sure he doesn't cross it.
Author's Notes: Thanks to Soph for the beta. Sorry, deep and meaningful eluded me today, so we have pure smut :).
Word count: 995
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To some people it probably looked as if stripping had no rules. For the more prudishly minded Nathaniel was sure that it looked like the ungodly screaming for the debauched, but there were some rules. One of the ones that Nathaniel found the most difficult these days was the 'no erections' clause. Being semi-hard was fine; it excited the customers and was not against the law, but fully hard was not allowed; that was porn. Once upon a time Nathaniel had been able to keep himself half hard for ages, once upon a time he had had iron control, but that was a time before Anita.

The Ardeur had its effects on all of them connected to Anita and Nathaniel had begun to notice these effects more and more. That was why he was holed up in the men's room ten minutes before he was supposed to go on, contemplating taking his cock into his hand. He'd only had sex with Anita a couple of hours before, but his rebellious body was hard again and nothing he could do was changing that fact. Willing away his erection was just not working, not even the thought of Damien in a short skirt and suspenders was helping, in fact, to his horror, it was having the opposite effect.

The triumvirate was doing things to his head that he had never expected and he was definitely going to have to keep his mind off of Anita and Damien while he was on stage. Glaring at himself in the mirror for his lack of self control, he turned and walked into one of the two cubicles and shut the door. This was embarrassing; he was a professional and he shouldn't have been at the mercy of his hormones.

He was wearing a very tight pair of leather shorts and he unfastened them and shoved them down before closing the toilet seat and sitting down. This wasn't going to be long and drawn out, he didn't have time, so he took hold of himself and fisted the full length firmly. A moan threatened at the sensation as he finally acted to relieve his pent up tension, but he bit his lip and refused to let this be anything but a hard and fast wank. Moaning would give the act too much value, but he did have to pant a little.

As he stroked himself more he had to admit that now he knew why he hadn't been able to will away the erection; he was desperate and he could feel it very distinctly after having started to give in. His body was humming and he fisted his cock harder. The slight edge of pain that said 'too much' only excited him more and he could feel his orgasm approaching. He liked to picture it in his mind; it was what had helped him maintain control when his profession had been sex, but now it was a simple, gratifying habit. He imagined a precariously balanced cauldron of water poised over him with a steady stream of liquid into it. The more water entered the vessel the more unstable it became and he leant back, spreading his legs as the vessel started to overflow.

The little eddies in his muscles that told him the flood was coming were tiny little spillages from the vessel and he felt heavy and tight waiting for the water. When the vessel finally tipped up, he felt the electricity of randomly firing muscles take over him and electricity and water was a heady combination. For a moment he forgot where he was and what he was doing and without warning the marks between himself, Anita and Damien opened, flooded with sexual energy as he rode out his peak. By the time he realised what was happening it was far too late to stop it and he felt Antia's shocked and Damien's sleepy response.

[Nathaniel?] Anita's mental voice broke through the aftershocks of his orgasm.

[I'm sorry,] he apologised immediately; he really hadn't expected that to happen.

[Are you alright?] Anita asked, sounding worried.

[Yes,] he replied; he was very much alright, just a little confused, [I didn't mean ... sorry.]

Anita could be very funny about sex sometimes and he really didn't want her to be angry with him. The last thing in the world he ever wanted was Anita to be angry with him.

[Nathaniel, what's going on?] Anita asked, sounding suspicious now, which was never a good sign.

Most things sexual were nothing to make Nathaniel blush; he had done so much that there was little to nothing that could embarrass him, but he was well aware that Anita had more delicate sensibilities. However, he didn't have much choice but to be blunt.

[I was tossing off in the men's room,] he told Anita with complete honesty, [and somehow the marks opened.]

There was nothing back from Anita for long seconds.

[Oh,] was the uncharacteristically stayed response.

[I'm on stage in a minute and I couldn't go on with ...] he started to explain.

[I get it,] Anita replied very quickly, [just try not to do it again. I was in a meeting with a client.]

Nathaniel couldn't help smiling just a little; that had to have been interesting.

[You better not be laughing at me,] Anita said in a warning tone.

[Of course not,] he replied with a mental straight face.

It took quite a lot of effort to keep his amusement out of his thoughts. Anita wasn't mad at him, so now he could see the funny side.

[I'll see you later,] Anita told him and he felt her mental touch disappear, at which point he smiled, broadly.

It was only as he cleaned up his hand and went to put himself back together that he realised he was half hard again. The ladies were going to get a hell of a show it seemed, so at least the tips would be good.

The End
Tags: category: het, fandom: anita blake, ficfest: mmom, fictype: 01-3kwds, fictype: oneshot, pairing: ab - anita/nathaniel, rating: r to nc17

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