Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Pimpage and stuff

First off, this from son_of_darkness:


Second a new (multi-fandom) comm:
Then there is this fanfic_fanfic community set up by kaalee and dorrie6 for fanic of fanic - their user info says it so much better so go take a look.

And last but not least a new dacro fic:
This is a must read for all those who like fluffy fic - it's mpreg, but even if you don't like that you must read it because you will like this - honest.
One of Your Fathers PG-13 H/D
It will make you laugh, it will make you all warm and snuggly and it will improve anyone's day.

To all those whom I owe comments ... my apologies, I haven't forgotten you it's just been really, really busy in RL so I'm playing catch up.

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