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MMOM 2008 - Full Listing

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Okay, so I have no idea how many of these I am going to be able to write, or even what fandoms they will be in, but I'm going to set up the full table anyway :)

May is a celebration of masturbation and if you would like to join in, hop over to mmom, or just hop over and read :).

Merry Month of Masturbation 2008

Sum total of words this year : 60,036

DayTitle/LinkFandomSummaryPairingRatingWd count
01No ... Please Explain This WordTokio Hotel RPSDavid just doesn't know how to say no to Bill.Bill/JostNC17/182,081
02The Things I Do For YouHarry PotterSometimes Harry finds himself going above and beyond the call of duty.Harry/DracoNC17/181,275
03What Friends Are ForTokio Hotel RPSGeorg is not expecting the show he gets when he walks into the living room of the apartment.hints of Georg/Tom & Bill/TomR1,734
04Hand Solo (I'm really sorry about the pun - Soph made me)Star WarsHan knows he has the best relationship in the galaxy and he likes to celebrate it in private.Han/Luke/LeiaNC17/181,566
05ArtTokio Hotel RPSBill has some temporary tattoo pens; what is he going to do with them?Bill/GustavNC17/181,800
06The Beasts in All of UsBeing HumanAnnie is discovering that being a ghost is not so bad.Annie(solo), George\MitchellNC17/181,767
07Hallucinations can be FunTokio Hotel RPSSequel to "What Friends are For" - Georg has to deal with what he saw and heard when he walked in on Tom.Georg/Tom, Andreas/BillNC17/182,579
08The TongueBagpussMadeleine might be made out of cloth, but she is still a woman.Madeleine/GabrielR692
09The Things We Don't DoTokio Hotel RPSSequel to What Friends are For and Hallucinations can be Fun - Bill longs for Tom, but has to settle for his imagination.Tom/Bill, Georg/Tom, Andreas/BillNC17/181,424
10Flying to the HeightsHarry PotterHarry and Draco are partners and lovers and they have yet another intriguing site to investigate.Harry/DracoNC17/182,542
11Rose PetalTokio Hotel RPSSequel to What Friends are For, Hallucinations can be Fun and The Things We Don't Do. Tom knows what his having sex with groupies does to Bill, but he also knows how to apologise.Tom/Bill, Georg/BillNC7/181,558
12Skirting the LineAnita BlakeThere is a fine line between stripping and porn and Nathaniel has to make sure he doesn't cross it.Anita/NathanielR995
13Plans and PassionTokio Hotel RPSSequel to: #1 What Friends are For | #2 Hallucinations can be Fun | #3 The Things We Don't Do | #4 Rose Petal - Georg and Andreas hatch a plan to deal with the twins' need for each other.Bill/Andreas, Georg/Tom, Tom/BillR5,689
14Bathed In BloodWeiss KreuzSchuldig is bored, until he zeroes in on a member of Weiss and find something interesting.Aya, SchuldigNC17/181,034
15In the Hearts of SinnersTokio Hotel RPSGustav is not a normal teenager, in fact he's not quite human, but then neither are the twins, which is why he was given a mortal body in the first place. His assignment is to watch, protect and keep Bill and Tom unaware, only he has a little problem; he's fallen in love.Gustav/BillRating3,274
16After a Long DayJrock RPSIt's been a long hard day and Hyde needs to relaxHyde/Gackt (ish)R1,100t
17USTTH RPSGeorg chooses the wrong time to be observant.Bill/TomPG131,953
18DogsScooby DooJust occasionally, Shaggy is reminded that Scooby is a dog.noneRating753
19RST (Resolved Sexual Tension)TH RPSGustav sees the aftermath of Georg discovering the twins and has some advice for his friend. (Sequel to UST)Bill/TomNC17/182,113
20PollinationJayce and the Wheeled WarriorsNormally Saw Boss would have tried to kill Jayce on sight, but for some reason, today he hasn't.Saw Boss/JayceNC17/181,461
21In My HeadTH RPSBill is in Tom's head, Tom is in Bill's; it's the way it's always been, and Bill loves it, but just occasional it's a royal pain.Tom/OMC, thought of Bill/TomNC17/182,126
22The Joys of PlasticineMorphMorph may look like a sexless blob of clay, but many things lurk under the surface.PairingR707
23I Told You!Tokio Hotel RPSBill walks in on Georg and Gustav.Georg/GustavPG13/121,094
24A Little ReliefVirus Buster Serge vb_sergeJouichirou can't pursue Mirei as far as he needs to because she isn't old enough yet, so Macus steps in to relieve some tension.Jo/MacuNC17/181,526
25Cupboard LoveTh RPSGustav is looking for his drumsticks and finds something else entirely.Georg/TomR1,156
26AlgorithmBlake's 7After the events of Sarcophagus, Avon needs to relax, even if he is on watch.NoneNC17/181,184
27Breaking PointTH RPSDavid knows the band is at breaking point and he's doing his best to help them, but it might be too late.Bill/Tom, Georg/Gustav, Bill/Tom/Georg/GustavR2,315
28ReactionsBlood TiesMike no longer reacts to Henry the way he knows he should, but he can't help himself.Henry/MikeNC17/181,348
29Together ForeverTH RPSBill has fears that sometimes overwhelm him just like any other person and his deepest one is losing Tom.Bill/TomR1,680
30Fanning the FlamesBlood Ties (TV)Sequel to Reactions - Mike just can't resist Henry's allure and Henry seems to enjoy making him remember that every time they meet.Mike/HenryNC17/182,555
31The Point of No ReturnTH RPSBill had noticed something about the relationship between Georg and Gustav and Tom is a little surprised at his twin's plan to do something about it.Bill/Tom, Georg/Gustav, Tom/Bill/Gustav/GeorgNC17/186,955
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