Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Woohoo ...

Yay, the Silent Solidarity project stuff is in the post (special delivery) to the nice lady at Universal who is going to pass it on.

There will be a page with piccies (just finishing it off) and the vids will be up for everyone to see once we have them where the people putting them up can see them :). The ftp is a bloody nightmare.

This has been a lot of fun and a nightmare from hell at the same time - you cannot imagine how long our Photoshop slaves were working their poor fingers off to get all of those photos ready for the vids :). Thank you so much everyone who contributed - it has been an amazing response.

Now I can get back to writing ;). [Edit: My beloved is off the Las Vegas for work on Sat morning, so, hopefully I should have plenty of time to get the next couple of chapters done.]
Tags: fandom: tokio hotel

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