Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Wow ... Silent Solidarity

Oh my, the Silent Solidarity project was a little more popular than we thought it was going to be :). We have over 400 pictures from 38 different countries and the team is comiling like mad to get them all into DVD format.

Nik has done some wonderful mixes of the English and the German songs to play over the vids - they are being divided into 4 so that it's not one long vid, which could have been a little overwhelming.

Annie is translating like mad so that all the messages can be subtitled in German.

Mel has done some fantastic background graphics for us to put the piccies against.

Laura has been uploading and chasing people to make sure of their coutry of origin etc.

And the rest of the team (as well as some of those above :)) are editing photos ready for the DVD, compiling the vids and doing all the little jobs that always get forgotten about until someone realises that they need doing.

I'm on scissors and glue duty (I'm making a presentation box for the end product to go in :)). I had to promise not to use too much glitter ::g::. I'm also doing the DVD label and the CD type booklet to go in the case, which basically means pinching Mel's lovely graphics and adding some stuff :). I only just had enough room for all the flags!

We're hoping to have it all compiled and ready to go to management on Thursday (keep your fingers crossed for us).

This is so exciting ... 38 countries ... we never imagined we'd get that kind of response.

Thank you to everyone who is taking part: let's hope it makes Bill smile to see so many fans from so many places when he gets it.

There will be photos once we put the package together ... so anyone who is dying of curiosity, don't worry, you will get to see it.
Tags: fandom: tokio hotel

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