Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

PoA - Spoilers ahead!

Saw PoA last night and it's a great film it really is ...

but for me it needed to be another half hour long (at least) and have all the bits put back in that they cut for time. I have to assume some of these vital things were cut out because someone insisted, because I cannot believe the writer would have left them out.
For example; the Marauders - not once did anyone tell Harry about the Marauders and yet he accepted that Lupin could use the map without a second thought.
The beginning had plenty of Hogwarts, as in school stuff, but cutting out the majority of Quidditch was a mistake. It removed a large amount of the house pride and cammerarderie that is HP. Too much of the film was just the trio and there was definitely not enough Dumbledore.
Trewlawney was good, but not enough was made of her; we needed more of the rest of the schools reaction to her.
I'm hoping there will be a directors cut with all the bits I'm sure they filmed, put back in ::g::.

Now on to the good stuff:
all the acting was superb. I think Tom Felton was the best; his Malfoy was fantastic. There was the Slytherin pride and down right nastiness, coupled with a yellow streak a mile wide; he was fabulous. His shenaigans after Buckbeak had a go were brilliant (and one day I really must watch the whole scene with my eyes open - okay so I have this thing about people making prats of themselves even when they're acting - I empathise too much :)).
The effects were magnificent.
The plot was true even though they rearranged some things and the comedic timing was superb; Matthew Lewis has my vote for best timing of the film, closely followed by the Twins. The bit with the monster book has to be seen to be believed, and the map scene is wonderful.
In my head I'm still going with the werewolf being a large wolf because I didn't actually like their wolfie; he was scary and did his job in the movie, but I'd have been more frightened if he was a proper snarling wolf.
Gary Oldman was fantastic as Sirius: he's nuts, I love it, and him and Lupin together have perfect timing. I think the director may have been playing will all us slash fans ::g::.

So all in all, wonderul - I'd see it again in a heartbeat. It felt more like twenty minutes than 142 mins and I wanted more. They should put more Hogwarts in: the Great Hall, the library, the Quidditch pitch; we need to see them at breakfast, hear them complaining in the common room, and we need Madame Pomfrey. We saw enough of her hospital wing, but not a sign of her! I think we should start the campaigne now for the director's cut ::g::.

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