Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Okay so BBC3 has a new series called Being Human ...

... and everyone should watch it: Being Human

I feel like it should start off with, a vampire, a werewolf and a ghost walk into a pub ... :)

It's brilliant. Great characters, great plot, funny and dramatic and OMG slashy!

You have a highly intelligent geek of a werewolf who spends a large percentage of the thing naked - and oh my, nice bod! Then there is the tortured vampire who is trying not to kill people and fails every now and then (I reckon he's been around a long while). Lastly, but not least you have the female ghost who lives in the house they decide to rent.

Mitchell - the vampire definitely has a tortured past in there somewhere, and it very sexy in his black rockstar way. Standing out in a crowd of vampires must be a pain when they all seem to wear black, but he does it superbly.

George - the werewolf is brilliant; he's just a little OCD and the first time we see him he's stripping off, then he's covered in blood naked and then he's wearing a woman's blouse and calottes (and I have no idea if that is spelt right, but you get the idea). He doesn't have a mysterious tortured past, just a tortured present.

Annie - the ghost, died in the house under mysterious circumstances and George and Mitchell are the first people to see her since she died.

Brilliant, brilliant show.

Looking around for stuff on the internet some places say it's a one off pilot - well if it is I so hope they make more because it's fab.tiggerdabounce2 says she managed to series link it on SKY so there should be more - yay! Okay - confused completely now - might just be a pilot *pout*.

And just on the offchance that I'm not the only one interested I just created beinghuman_fans and beinghuman_fic :).

And yorkybar just reminded me - how can everyone not love a show where the main characters sit in a pub and decide what house in Hogwarts they'd be sorted into? They even had a discussion why they wouldn't say Slytherin!

I told you he spends a lot of time naked ...


Mitchell and George - did I mention the slash potential?

Sorry, haven't got to Annie yet.

From tiggerdabounce2 for those who have BBC3 repeats are as follows (thanks Tiff :)):

Tomorrow at 10:50pm on BBC 3
Thursday 21st February at 2:00am on BBC 3
Sunday 24th February at 10:00pm on BBC 3
Monday 25th February at 1:45am on BBC 3

For those who want to see it and can't - we're working on it :).
Tags: fandom: being human

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