Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

I have new glasses :)

I've been meaning to get some for ages because my old ones are so scratched that last time I wore them as soon as I took them off I had spots floating in front of my eyes.

VisionExpress were so good.

I rang up Sat morning and they gave me an appointment for 4:30. I turned up and the optician did my eye test - seems my optic nerve looks healthier than the average for my age :). My mama has to have drop for her eyes because she has pressure that was caused by her tear ducts narrowing, and although it's not Glaucoma (sp?) they did pressure tests and field tests on my eyes as well, just in case. Everything was perfectly normal :).

The fact that I am +125 in one eye and +150 in the other (have no idea what that means) was exactly the same as before, but my stigmatism perscripton needed adjusting.

They were so good, they close at 5:30 and I didn't get out of my eye test until after 5, but because my old glasses were knackered they rushed the new pair through and went on after the shop shut to finish them.

The new pair are rounded rectangles, the frames are red and orange plastic (look red from the side but you get firey orange from the sides as well) and they are ver comfortable. I meant to have a piccie by now, but haven't managed it yet - will post one when I have one :).
Tags: info: general

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