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Quick Intro to Weiss Kreuz (Knight Hunters)

Okay, so I suspect many of you on my flist saw the fandom of the story I posted today and went 'huh?' :)

So here is a very quick intro.

Weiss = Good guys

Weiss are a team of assassins who work for an organisation called Kritiker. Kritiker deal with the bad guys (dark beasts) that the law cannot touch, taking them out and in Weiss' case, killing them. They are assassins by night and florists by day yep, I kid you not, florists.

Schwarz = Bad guys

Schwarz are a team of talents who work for Esset, the oposition to Kritiker. They mess with Weiss at every opportunity and the only reason Weiss ever come out on top is luck :).

Okay so here is everyone.

Now the most important person in the fic was Aya, so I'll start with him (and he's my fav):

Now Aya is a hard, cold bastard and about the only thing he appears to care about on the surface is his sister. He is the leader of Weiss althugh he is not the oldest. His real name is Ran, and Aya is his sister's name which he adopted after his parents were killed and she was left in a coma. These were the events which led him to join Kritiker and eventually become part of Weiss and an assassin. His weapon is a katana.

Then we have Yoji, he is the oldest of Weiss and used to be a private detective. His partner Ashuka was supposedly killed and he joined Kritiker. He is the playboy of the group and he'll shag anything in a skirt over the age of consent :). His weapon is a wire which comes from his wrist watch.

Third is Ken, he used to be soccer player and still coaches kids in the game. He's the straight laced sports fan of the group. His weapon are claw thingies - the technical name of which escapes me at the moment.

And last, but by no means least in Weiss we have Omi. Omi is the youngest and was kidnaped as a small child. He was rescued by Persia, the head of Kritiker and grew up to fight the bad guys. His weapons are projectiles like darts and arrows and he uses a cross bow very well.

Then we come to Schwarz:

Crawford is the leader. He is American and precognative: i.e. he sees the future. He would kill you as soon as look at you.

Then we have Schuldig; the telepath. He's German, has questionable fashion sense and is probably a little nuts. He likes to play with people, usually Omi and Aya when he comes into contact with Weiss.

Third is Farfarello. He's Irish and completely bonkers. He can feel no pain and seems to be able to keep going through things that would kill others. He likes to kill nuns and priests.

And last is Nagi. Nagi is young and very damaged. He is telekinetic, very powerfully telekinetic in that he can destroy buildings if he loses control.

This is a brief intro for Kapital - the first series of WK, if we go into Gluhen as well (the second series) it becomes way more complicated and I'm not going there :).
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