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Fic: Three Steps to Paradise 03/03, Harry/Draco, NC17/18

Title: Three Steps to Paradise 03/03
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Summary: Harry didn't do what everyone expected of him and he became a professional Quidditch player, however, he still has a huge hero streak. When he does something reckless to save Draco Malfoy from a potentially fatal fall in a match it changes more than just Draco's attitude towards him.
Rating: NC17/18
Links: Part 1 | Part 2
Link: Other fic

Hermione had come through again; she had told him that there was little information on Fae bonds in the Ministry Library and it seemed to be something only Fae knew, but she had produced a spell that would allow him to talk to a Fae; one of his relatives to be precise.

It wasn't the greatest time of year to be in a wood, kneeling on the ground, wearing only a pair of trousers, but that was what the instructions said, so that was what Harry was doing. Luckily, for once it wasn't raining, but it was really, really cold.

Taking the ornate knife Hermione had found him (it was supposedly a Fae blade) he pricked his finger and let one drop of blood fall onto the space he had cleared in the leaf litter. Then he recited the spell he had learned phonetically, because he had no idea what it meant and he didn't speak Celtic. He felt his magic shift a little as the words fell off his tongue, but there was nothing amazing to indicate whether it had worked or not. It wasn't a spell that required a wand and he wasn't used to magic like that.

He waited in silence for something to happen, but by the time a minute had passed he was beginning to think he'd done something wrong. It would be just his luck to have messed up a syllable and managed to do precisely nothing. He put the knife down and went to pick up his shirt and jacket; if he was going to fail he wasn't going to freeze as well.

"Oh don't do that," a male voice from behind him said and made him turn rapidly, "I was enjoying the view."

His heart was beating so fast that he thought it might come through his chest.

"Hell," he said, gathering his startled wits, "did you have to do that?"

"Of course I did," his new companion said; "it was amusing. I'm Raven and who might you be who called so sweetly and is so pretty to look at."

Harry blushed; Raven's eyes seemed to be all over him.

"Should you be thinking such things about a relative?" he asked, doing his best to cover his embarrassment.

"Oh we're only distantly related," Raven said with a grin; "and I haven't seen such a lovely human specimen in a hundred years."

Fae were very long lived, although not immortal as some people seemed to think. Harry took a look at his relative. The Fae was tall and slender with fine features, big brown eyes and long black hair that was tied back in a whimsical pony tail.

"I'm Harry," he said after a moment, "and I need a little help."

"Pleased to meet you," Raven said and held out his hand.

Harry took it and felt magic flow over him; for a moment everything went a little surreal and then flashed back to normal again.

"Oh bother," Raven said with a pout, "you're taken. You could have told me you were bonded before I got all excited."

"That's what I need help with," Harry said, slowly standing up.

Raven looked surprised at that.

"How can a life bond be a problem?" Raven asked, clearly puzzled. "A bond is the perfection we all seek."

Harry really, really wished that was true.

"This one happened by accident," Harry replied, doing his best to push down the feeling that Raven was right, "and we completed two stages before we realised what was happening. He didn't understand what was happening and I need to break the bond. Is it possible?"

Raven's expression went blank.

"You wish to break a life bond?" the Fae asked flatly.

"Not really," Harry replied, but his desire had little to do with it; "but he does and I can't force him into this."

Now Raven's expression softened into a sympathetic smile.

"Ah, you do this for love; I understand," Raven's attitude seemed to have completely changed and Harry could feel how seriously the Fae took this subject.

He was happier in his dreams than he had ever been in real life, even with his friends, but he could not push that on Draco. This had happened through an accident and there was no way Draco wanted to be saddled with him.

"You know, Child," Raven said quietly, "if you do this there will never be another for you. Your heart and body chose him; they will not choose anyone else."

"I know," Harry said; he didn't need to be told that, he could feel it, but it wasn't as if Draco would want him.

It had been a mistake and he would have to pay for it.

"Please tell me how I can break the bond," was all he said; he would not be talked out of it.


It felt so good to have Draco spread out underneath him, body accepting his slow even thrusts. It was so easy, like they were made for each other and Harry never wanted to stop. Sliding into Draco felt amazing and the moans Draco was making each time he thrust home were deliciously enticing. This was what sex should feel like ...

Harry woke with a start as the carriage bumped into the ground. After the ritual to summon his ancestor, he had been far too tired to Apparate or Floo, so he had ordered himself a carriage to get to Malfoy Manor. He had everything he needed to break the bond and he assumed Draco would be inordinately pleased for the whole thing to be over.

"Thank you," he told the driver as he did his very best not to fall on his face as he climbed out of the carriage.

He handed the man several Galleons more than he owed, ensuring the man's discretion and then headed up towards the front door. When he knocked this time, it was Draco who opened the door.

"I saw the carriage coming in to land," Draco explained and moved out of the way to let him in. "Let's go into the study."

Harry remembered the way, but waited and followed Draco to the room. His legs were feeling shaky and he needed sleep desperately, but he knew he wasn't going to get it before this was over.

"I know how to break the bond," he said, falling onto the sofa and opening the bag he was carrying.

He pulled out the knife, the bowl and the herbs and placed them on the table.

"We have to mix blood again," he said, going over the details in his mind before he muddled them, "only this time in a bowl. Then you light the herbs, drop them in and state that you reject me. The bond will break."

Draco had not yet sat down, but did so slowly, looking at the items on the table.

"I feel like I have known you forever," Draco said, lifting a grey-eyed gaze so their eyes met. "I've never felt that way about anyone before."

"I haven't either," he admitted, but he could barely force out the words.

His whole being wanted Draco and he was acting so quickly because he knew that, given time, he wouldn't have the will to do what was necessary. That Draco was drawing it out was almost unbearable. He reached for the knife.

"Shall we get on with it?" he asked shortly, not able to look at Draco and speak those words. "Maybe then we can get some sleep."

Draco did not reply and eventually Harry looked up to find that he had Draco's whole attention focused solely on him.

"You'd really do it wouldn't you?" Draco said, making Harry frown. "You would sacrifice yourself for me."

He really didn't understand now; he had thought Draco would want this over as quickly as possible.

"Sacrifice?" he asked, hedging because he wasn't sure what Draco was getting at.

"I told you we have an extensive library," Draco said, looking him directly in the eyes, "it seems one of my ancestors had a fascination with Fae; he lived with them for a time. You weren't going to tell me what this will cost you, were you?"

Harry looked down at the bowl.

"This is my fault," he said, feeling the guilt that he had been carrying around since he had found out what was going on, very clearly; "and you are caught in this against your will; there is no choice."

"Potter. Harry," Draco said and he looked up again, taken by the sudden softness in Draco's voice; "this whole thing might have been an accident, but it has reasons from both sides."

"Both sides?" Harry had been so worried about forcing Draco into this that he had not investigated it from both sides.

"Harry," Draco said, shaking his head, "yes, you had to choose me for this to happen, but my mind and my magic had to have found you just as attractive for it to go further. If I hadn't been interested, the dreams would have stopped. Delfinius Malfoy wrote about the whole cycle and it isn't like you have forced me into anything. My subconscious has been doing exactly the same as yours; I'm in this as deeply as you are."

Harry couldn't quite believe what he was hearing.

"You don't want to break the bond?" he really wasn't sure that was what Draco was saying, because his brain just wouldn't take it in.

Draco smiled at him and stood up.

"No, Harry," Draco said, walking towards him; "I don’t want to break the bond; I want to finish it. We haven't had time to really get to know each other, but I feel I know your soul; the rest is just window dressing."

Sitting there like an idiot probably wasn't the best way to receive the news, but his higher brain wasn't really functioning at full capacity. That Draco felt the same way he did was a little difficult to comprehend. When Draco pushed him back against the sofa and climbed onto it, straddling his lap, he just about lost any thinking ability he had left. The kiss seemed inevitable and he found some of his weariness falling away as his system sparked into life at Draco's touch.

"But what about your family?" he asked breathlessly when they finally broke the kiss.

His mind was beginning to work again, if somewhat slowly, and he could not help thinking of some of the consequences.

"A life bond is the purest form of connection two beings can have; I checked the ancestral records," Draco said, fingers working at the buttons on his shirt almost frantically; "I'll go down as one of the great scions of the Malfoy line."

Most of Harry's mind was occupied, but enough was free to let him laugh even as he reached for Draco's fine clothes; it was so typical of a Slytherin to have more than one motive for something. That thought didn't stop him removing Draco's garments as fast as he possibly could.

It occurred to him that a study was not quite where he had expected something like this to take place, but the room was warm from the fire and he had already spotted what looked like a very soft rug right in front of the pleasant glow. They kissed and groped and divested each other of as much clothing as possible before standing up and removing the rest. Harry had never figured out how anyone made clothing removal part of the act of sex before; it had always been a matter of stop, take everything off and then go back to it in the past, but now he realised how it could be. He never wanted to stop touching Draco and it seemed Draco was of the same mind as they virtually scrabbled to reveal as much skin as possible.

It didn't take very long before they were both naked and kneeling on the fur rug, which as Harry had suspected, was downy soft. He felt as if his whole life had been leading up to this one moment and he lowered Draco onto the rug with a reverence that he felt in every bone in his body. He had no doubt about what he was doing, none at all; all he really knew was that this was what he was supposed to do. In the back of his mind he knew he was going to have to justify this to a world, half of which would probably never understand it, but he didn't care. It would affect his whole life, but he could deal with that later.

Draco was watching him with grey eyes that were dancing with the reflection of the fire and Harry wanted to be burned by the flames he was looking at.

"Just going to stare at me all afternoon?" Draco asked, cocking one eyebrow at him.

He lent forward immediately, plastering his body to Draco's and kissing the ex-Slytherin with as much passion as he could manage.

"No," he said as he pulled back, noting with pleasure that Draco looked a little dazed, "but I do reserve the right to enjoy the view."

Draco's erection was as proud and as hard as his; neither of them needed much foreplay and he reached for his wand. Long and drawn out was not really on his mind; they could do long and drawn out once they both had what had been driving them just about crazy over the previous week. A wand with a couple of useful spells was a very quick way to prepare where the Muggle way could be more fun, but took a hell of a lot more time. Draco reached up and caught his hand just as he was about to use the wand.

"What does this mean to you?" were not really the words he expected to hear, but Draco's face was quite serious.

Now he looked, he could see some of the insecurities that lurked under Draco's cool, calm exterior and it made him take a mental step back. They were hurtling towards this and they hadn't really talked about it.

"It is what I have always been looking for," he chose his words carefully. "I'm a Gryffindor, Draco, my heart drives me far more than my head. I've fallen in love with you in my dreams and nothing will ever convince my heart otherwise."

Draco gave him a very small smile for that.

"I think I knew that," Draco said in little more than a whisper and removed his hand.

Harry knew that he now had permission and very carefully he lifted his wand. The spells were very easy and he muttered them, moving his wand in the correct manner and aiming very carefully. When the first one hit, Draco wiggled his hips in a very alluring manner that almost derailed Harry's train of thought. On the second one, Draco moaned and Harry had great trouble remembering the words to the third one. The spells were for hygiene, relaxation and lubrication in that order and he had to think very carefully to remember the last one.

"You better be ready, Harry," Draco said as he tried to recall the spell, "or I'm going to have to jump on you."

That was all the encouragement Harry needed as the spell miraculously made sense in his brain and he cast it. The way Draco moved his hips and wantonly moaned at the same time should have been illegal. He just about managed to cast the same spell on his hand for more lube. When he had first started, Harry had had every intention of casting the first spell on himself as well, since he was sure they were going to need it later, but he didn't have enough spare mental capacity to bother. He threw his wand over his shoulder, wrapped his hand round his cock and lubed himself up and then lifted Draco's hips a little, insinuating himself into the correct position.

His cock was so insistent and hard that he was pretty sure he could have drilled a hole in the floor. Every part of his body was focused so completely on Draco that the whole of the Chudley Cannons could have walked in and started giving him marks out of ten and he couldn't have cared. He helped Draco lift long seeker legs and then lined himself up.

Draco would be ready, he was sure; the spell never failed, but he was still cautious as he slowly eased himself in. The sensation was almost overwhelming; the tight heat that welcomed him and urged him forward.

"More," was the only word out of Draco, along with some very encouraging noises.

Harry wanted to point out that if he moved too fast this was going to be over far quicker than either of them wanted, but all that seemed to come out of his mouth was something of a moan. He pushed forward, millimetre by millimetre, savouring the feeling of sinking into Draco with complete concentration. It felt like coming home.

This was what he had been dreaming about for days; this was what every cell in his body had been yearning for and it felt so good he had no idea how to classify it. It was physical pleasure, but it was more than that as well; it was fulfilling a need that was so much a part of him that he had not even recognised it until he had found what he required. There was a pressure in his chest that he had always ignored and, as he slid home, it released and tore what was almost a sob from his lips. The whole moment felt so wonderful that he barely had the strength to continue.

"Harry," Draco's voice was tight with arousal and desire, but it was gentle too and brought him out of the mental meltdown happening inside his brain.

He opened his eyes, not having realised he had closed them and looked into Draco's face.

"Are you alright?" Draco asked, which given their position was almost a ridiculous question.

Harry shook his head; he couldn't explain, but neither could he say that everything was fine. The first wave was passing and now he needed more. The need to complete what they had just started; to finish the last stage of the bond was so great that all he could do was obey. He moved his hips, pulling back a little way and then slowly pushing back in to Draco's willing body. It was just like his dreams, smooth, easy and perfect. Draco was tight, but there was no awkward resistance between them and the concern in Draco's features melted away into pleasure as he slid home a second time.

He could have abandoned himself to the pleasure there and then, but he had just about enough self control not to do that. It helped that he felt a need to bring Draco just as much enjoyment and he reigned himself in as well as he could. If he was going to last at all, speed was not on the agenda, and so he began to move at a slow even pace. It took him only moments to find an even rhythm that Draco seemed to enjoy as much as he did, especially when he changed angle slightly and had his lover panting and clutching at his arms, and he lost himself in the act of making love.

There were no words. The more Harry moved into and against Draco, the less such things seemed to be important and the only sounds were wanton noises of sexual gratification along with the crackling of the fire. For Harry it was like they were in their own little universe where all that existed was this single act.

He was trying to be so controlled, but it was a losing battle and his movements slowly became faster and faster. As the arousal in his body condensed into his balls and cock he knew he would not last much longer and he reached out to take hold of Draco's so far neglected erection. What he really wasn't expecting to happen was Draco to gasp loudly, buck against him and then come with a loud shout as if he'd just done something akin to the cleverest move in any sex manual ever written. He had just about enough time to realise that Draco must have been closer to the edge than he had thought before the clenching of muscles around his cock had his vision whiting out and his brain turning to mush as his own orgasm rocked him to the core.

He fell forward, just about managing to stop himself sprawling over Draco with arms that had all the strength of a new born and for a while nothing else registered at all. Not only was his whole body telling him all sorts of wonderful things, but his magic was moving as well. It wasn't a huge rush like a spell, more a slow flow, like cooling lava over the slopes of a volcano; burning and reshaping things in it's path, making new connections between what it touched and it's source. There was a moment of clarity so complete where he could see Draco in body and soul that it sent his mind reeling away as the knowledge threatened to wipe out his own sense of self. He felt the knowledge sink into the deepest part of him and then vanish from his conscious mind, reinforcing everything the dreams had already given him.

Staying in Draco and keeping as close as possible was one instinct he found it impossible to obey as he began to come back to himself and his limbs were shaking as if they would give out at any moment. The weariness that had been put aside by the excitement of finally being within touching distance of what every part of him wanted so badly, was back with a vengeance and he barely had enough strength to push himself to one side and collapse onto the rug. Draco seemed to be in a similar state if the way his lover's limbs flopped into random positions was anything to go by.

He felt so blissfully happy and sated that he could have just lain there forever looking at Draco's profile, but eventually Draco moved and grey eyes turned to him.

"Come here," Draco said and reached out to pull his glasses of his nose; he had been so engrossed that he hadn't even realised he hadn't taken them off.

There was only a little distance between them where Harry had fallen to the side, but he crossed it anyway. It took him longer than he thought it should, but his body seemed to be less than pleased to comply with his brain so he was just glad he made it. He took the invitation for what it was and arranged himself along Draco's side, relaxing as if it was the only place in the universe he had to be.

Draco snuggled into him slightly; not something he had expected from the ex-Prince of Slytherin, but definitely something he decided he liked a lot, and then he found himself drifting off to sleep. For the first time in days, he closed his eyes and all there was was warm blackness.


"Master Draco, Sir?"

A squeaky, insistent voice dragged Harry back from deep sleep and he blearily opened his eyes to see a blurred shape standing the other side of Draco. As Draco moved beside him, he reached out blindly to find his glasses where Draco had discarded them.

"Mally, what is it?" Draco asked in a sleepy voice.

"The Master's Lady Mother is wanting to know if he and his guest will be wanting dinner, Master Draco," the house elf, which was now in focus, asked in a rather worried voice.

Draco turned to Harry as he slowly sat up.

"Hungry?" Draco asked as if there was absolutely nothing peculiar about having had sex on the study rug and then being invited to dinner with your lover's mother.

"I think I could eat a hippogriff," Harry replied, deciding it was best not to think about what Draco's mother might know or not know about the afternoon's activities.

Mally looked rather worried.

"He didn't mean it literally," Draco said, turning back to the house elf, "whatever you have planned for dinner will be fine and yes, we will both be there."

The fact that they were both naked and the house elf wasn't even batting an eyelid did make Harry wonder what this house elf has seen in the past, but he decided it was best not to dwell on that either.

He decided to move slowly, since he had been lying in a rather awkward position and, as Draco gave a few instructions about clothes and baths to the house elf, he stood up and worked out a few kinks. When he began paying attention again, he found that Draco was looking at him.

"As much as I like you naked," Draco said in a way that made Harry blush to the roots of his hair, "you're going to have to borrow some of my clothes for dinner. The ones you were wearing are a little casual for mother. I suggest we make ourselves decent, head upstairs to take a bath and then find you something from my wardrobe. It shouldn't take much to temporarily resize a few things."

Harry just nodded; it seemed like a very sensible suggestion. He retrieved his wand and cast a quick cleaning spell on Draco and then himself. It was only after he had done it that he realised you didn't normally cast a spell on someone else without asking first. The really odd thing was that Draco wasn't acting as if his behaviour was strange at all. Harry decided that was another thing he wasn't going to worry about as he slipped on his underwear.

While doing so, he glanced at the window where it was slowly getting dark.

"It's snowing," he said in surprise as his eyes caught sight of the white flakes lazily falling.

"Don't be silly," Draco said, turning away from the piled of clothes, "it doesn't snow this far south in December."

"It’s snowing," Harry repeated and, throwing on his shirt, moved towards the window in delight.

He had never been allowed to play in the snow at the Dursleys on the rare occasions that Surrey had snow and so he couldn't help enjoying the seasonal weather. Even after being at Hogwarts where it snowed almost every winter he still loved snow. It reminded him of Christmas and joy and friends and it felt incredibly special that this incredible moment in his life was being marked by something he enjoyed so much.

Draco walked up beside him.

"Good god, you're right," Draco said and sounded just a little bit excited as well.

It had to have been snowing for a while, because there was a dusting over everything already.

"How long until dinner?" Harry asked as a seed of an idea began to germinate in his brain.

"About an hour and a half," Draco replied.

Harry grinned.

"Change of plan then," he said in delight; "let's get dressed, go outside, then we can shower and I can borrow some clothes and we can go to dinner."

Draco looked dubious, so Harry gave him a big eyed stare; it had been known to work on Molly Weasley who had had seven children, so he was pretty sure it would work on Draco.

"If you insist," Draco said in a put upon tone.

On impulse, Harry leant forward and placed a quick kiss on Draco's lips. It was only after doing this that he realised the gesture felt perfectly natural and he couldn't help smiling broadly again. It was amazing really; it really felt as if he and Draco has been together for years. Draco just rolled his eyes at him and turned back to where they had left the clothes.

"Just don't expect the big green eyes to work all the time," Draco said, revealing that his methodology had been observed; "next time you'll have to bribe me with sexual favours."

"I think I can manage that," he replied, walking back to his own clothes quickly. "Is three times a day too often? I wouldn't want to wear you out or anything."

Draco gave him an arched eyebrow look in return.

"We'll see who wears who out," Draco replied and went back to dressing.

Harry was too happy to bother arguing the point and climbed back into the rest of his clothes. As they walked for the door, Harry decided now was as good a time as any.

"By the way, Draco," he said, keeping his voice light, "you have a green streak in your hair."

Draco stopped dead.

"I have what?" Draco's voice was icy cold and Harry realised that maybe his fears were founded.

"Hair, green streak," he said, trying to sound as if it was nothing important.

Draco did not turn to him, just started moving again, stalking back towards the door.

"Merlin's balls," Draco said shortly, "you owe me, Harry. After dinner I am going to shag you so hard you won't be able to sit down for a week."

It was delivered as a threat and it took Harry's worried brain about ten seconds to catch up. That didn't actually sound so bad at all.

The End
Tags: category: slash, ch_story: three steps, fandom: harry potter, fictype: 10-30kwds, fictype: chaptered, genre: creature fic, pairing: hp - harry/draco, rating: r to nc17

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