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I've been thinking :) ... probably a bad start! It came up because of a comment on a fic of mine where someone said it was a really interesting AU and it had never occured to me someone might classify it like that. So I became curious, because it's amazing how even in fandom we use the same terminology and yet it means different things to different people. How do you define an AU?

The way I look at it is, if you take characters and put them in an environment different from their own - i.e. you put Harry and Draco into a non-magical school, that's an AU, but if you just make the characters something canon has not mentioned - i.e. you make Bill a Fae, but he's still the singer of Tokio Hotel and still became famous the same way etc, it's not an AU.

Also, I don't consider fics that use canon to a point and then go off their own way AUs, I classify them as alternative endings as it were :). Which brings up one contradiction in my own head, because if someone says a fic goes AU at point x I think alternative ending, not alternative setting ::g::. Well I didn't guarantee that my definitions would be consistent or make sense ::g::.

So for me if I see AU in the definitiion of a story I think I'm going to be reading something like Tom and Bill are assassins or Harry and Draco were brought up as brothers, and if someone says a fic goes AU while on the roof top in HBP I think it goes in an alternative direction with the same reality to the books, but if someone if just making Harry part Veela or Tom a haemaphrodite then I don't look at it as AU.

Did that make any sense at all? :P

So how do you all look at AU?
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