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Fic: Operation Get Georg For Tom, Tokio Hotel, Tom/Georg, NC17/18

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Title: Operation Get Georg For Tom 01/02
Author: Beren
Fandom: Tokio Hotel
Pairing: Tom/Georg
Rating: NC17/18
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction, the real people in it are used without their permission and I definitely don't own them or have any copyright to any part of any of them. I do not believe any of this happened, is likely to happen or should happen it is simply a story created around known facts about those involved.
Warnings: mention of Bill/Tom, rimming
Summary: Tom has yet to totally come to terms with the fact that he's not 100% straight and Bill's promise to help him get Georg is confusing matters even more.
Author's Notes: Thanks to Soph for the beta. This is a sequel to "Is it the Hair?" from MMOM last year.
Word count: 11,680
Link: On to Part 2

It had been precisely one week since his little experiment with Bill and Tom was still coming to terms with the fact that he wasn't one hundred percent straight. The fact that he had got off with Bill didn't really bother him; it had been an exploration with someone he trusted and that was that, but the whole incident was surreal in his head and he kept thinking it was a dream until he would find himself eyeing up Georg in some shape or form. His whole world view had changed and he wasn't quite sure how to deal with it. He wasn't sure how to deal with Georg either, since his friend was the root of the whole issue.

"I have an announcement," Bill said as they sat on the bus whiling away the time to their next destination.

Tom had been so wrapped up in his own thoughts that his brother's voice caused his brain to stall for a moment, but he did eventually look up. Georg and Gustav were already glancing attentively in Bill's direction. When Bill said things like that everyone listened, because, contrary to what many people thought, Bill was not prone to demanding everyone's attention unless he was in front of a camera. That wasn't to say Bill didn't automatically attract everyone's attention just by being Bill, but that wasn't exactly his fault.

"If you're waiting for the drum roll; I left my sticks in my bunk," Gustav said with a small grin.

Bill stuck his tongue out at his friend and made them wait a bit longer, and if Tom hadn't had an inkling about what this was about he probably would have rolled his eyes at the antics. As it was he was pretty sure he knew what was coming.

"I'm not gay," Bill said firmly and Tom saw Georg open his mouth to make a quip about that, "but I'm not entirely straight either."

That shut everyone up quite succinctly. On the outside Bill looked supremely confident, but Tom could tell his twin was about dying, waiting for a reaction.

"Cool," Georg said, recovering from the surprise first; "kind of makes sense."

Bill just about beamed at Georg for that reaction and Tom began to breathe again. Then he looked at Gustav and waited to see what their other friend would say.

"Doesn't bother me," Gustav said as their drummer realised everyone was looking at him, "but don't think you can get round the no groupies on the bus rule just because they're boys."

Bill looked scandalised and Tom couldn't help laughing, which turned everyone's attention to him.

"What," he said, trying to decide if it would be a good time to speak up himself; "he told me ages ago."

A week wasn't really ages, but he was known to exaggerate on occasion. He looked at Bill to see if his twin was waiting for him to say something, but Bill appeared perfectly content with his answer.

"At least this gives him twice the chance to find true love," Georg said with a grin and Bill hit him for his trouble.

"Just because I have taste," Bill said, clearly not really annoyed at all.

"Picky," Gustav joined in.

"Discerning," Bill countered and so it went on.

Tom stopped paying attention quite quickly as he thought about the whole situation. It was quite obvious that Bill wasn't going to make him come clean as well, but the more he thought about it, the more he realised he didn't have much of a good reason not to. The thing was Bill was a very unique personality; it was easy to think of Bill as swinging both ways, but with him it wasn't so straight forward. He was a ladies' man and he wasn't quite sure how the others would take it. He knew they wouldn’t be disgusted; he just didn't want to give anyone a heart attack.

"So am I," he suddenly blurted out before he was really aware he had made the decision.

"Huh?" Georg asked, clearly on a different page now that the conversation had moved on.

Gustav, however, looked rather stunned; Tom was sure Gustav had been a woman in another life, because his friend could concentrate on more than one thing at a time.

"So am I," Tom repeated.

"So are you what?" Georg asked and Tom realised that the conversation had changed quite a lot while he had been thinking.

"Not quite straight," Tom said a little sheepishly.

Now Georg appeared completely flabbergasted and Tom mentally kicked himself when he found his friend's expression particularly cute. Bill looked so happy and was smiling brightly, which made him feel a whole lot better.

"What?" Tom said and tried to make light of it. "We are twins y'know; we're allowed to be the same in some things."

Georg shook his head as if to clear it.

"Yeah, well," Georg said, obviously not sure what to say, "Bill, yes, but ... well ... with you ... oh fuck it; good for both of you. Just one thing: can we be there when you tell David?"

That made Bill howl with laughter and Tom had to grin too; that was going to be a fun conversation.


It was an hour or so later before Tom had a chance to speak with Bill alone.

"You couldn't have warned me?" he asked as they sat side by side in the end room of the bus.

"It was one of those 'the time is right' moments," Bill replied simply; "sorry, I didn't know I was going to say it then until I did. I was thinking about operation 'Get Georg for Tom' and it popped into my head."

Tom felt himself go cold; he had thought that maybe Bill had forgotten about that, but really he should have known better.

"You're still planning that?" he asked quietly, not sure if he could cope with this.

Bill gave him one of those smiles; the ones that usually put the fear of God into anyone who knew Bill well.

"Of course," Bill said in a very cheerful tone, "it's just we've been so busy there's been no time. Be ready when we stay in the next hotel."

Tom swallowed hard, but did not even bother to argue; he was doomed, he just knew it.

"Since you've come out it'll be much less of a shock for Georg, which should work in our favour," Bill chatted on, seemingly oblivious to the mental breakdown Tom was trying not to have.

It was going to be interesting if nothing else.


Tom was walking down the hallway back to his room after having had a little drink in the bar with Georg when the door to Bill's room flew open. He had been busy wondering what it would have been like if the drink had been less innocent than the buddy drink it had been and he almost jumped out of his skin.

"Tom, I need you now!" Bill said as if it was a life and death situation and grabbed him by the arm, dragging him into the room.

"See you later," he heard Georg say with a chuckle and gave in to the inevitable.

What he really didn't expect to find was a room covered in clothes.

"Strip," Bill said, dropping the act as soon as the door closed.

That wasn't what Tom had been expecting either.

"I beg your pardon?" he said in the most sarcastic way he could manage.

"Strip," Bill said and the hands were on the hips, which meant Tom was in trouble if he disobeyed.

"Why?" Tom was not giving up without a fight.

"Because you can't see anything of you in those clothes and we're going to give Georg something to look at," Bill replied in a very no nonsense tone.

"I'm a lanky teenager with a skinny arse," Tom said, not really understanding what Bill was on about now.

That earned him a glare.

"Are you saying I look terrible in my clothes?" Bill asked in a dangerously low voice.

Tom realised his mistake instantly, but he'd already dropped himself in it.

"No," he said very rapidly, "but you're you and I'm me and I'd look silly in your clothes."

"Bollocks," was Bill's instant reply; "we're identical under all this window dressing and you'll look hot in my clothes; especially these."

The pair of black jeans Bill produced looked positively torturous. Tom doubted he'd even be able to get them on.

"I don't wear clothes like that," Tom pointed out, trying to worm his way out of the metaphorical corner he was being backed into; "how could we explain it?"

Bill just shook his head.

"Let me worry about that," his twin said as if it was completely irrelevant; "I have it all planned out."

Tom had a sinking feeling and lamely took the jeans when Bill thrust them at him.

"My underwear is going to ride up something horrible," he bemoaned his fate.

Bill put his hands on his hips again and raised an eyebrow.

"Oh you have to be kidding," Tom almost wailed; "there is no way in hell I am going commando."


Tom felt utterly ridiculous and more exposed than he normally did naked. Bill's clothes were so tight and revealing and he didn't have any cloth to hang on to. It wasn't as if he could fiddle with the t-shirt that looked as if it was painted on. Standing outside Georg's door with Bill he was really considering running away.

"Hey, Georg," Bill said brightly as the door opened, "I need your help."

Then, before Georg could say anything, Tom found himself being dragged past his friend into the hotel room.

"Which one?" Bill asked, posing next to him as if it was the most normal thing in the world.

To Tom it looked as if Georg was stuck between gobsmaked and wanting to laugh his arse off.

"New look, Tom?" Georg asked eventually and he just wanted to die.

"Oh shut up," Bill said in a petulant tone, "he's helping me."

"He threatened to cry," Tom said, trying to come up with an excuse.

"I need to decide on an outfit for that press conference we're doing tomorrow," Bill continued, as if it was deathly important, "and the inspiration wouldn't come, so Tom's been my model. Now it's this outfit," Bill indicated what he was wearing, "or this one," Bill pointed at Tom. "Which is hotter?"

Georg looked as if he didn't know what to say.

"You're asking me?" their friend said, clearly confused.

Tom made a face that he hoped Georg would interpret as 'humour him, please'.

"Well you know a nice arse when you see one, don't you?" Bill said and turned Tom around. "So should I show off mine, or shall I go for the more casual look?"

Leaping out the window to safety seemed like a really good idea to Tom even if it would have meant his ultimate demise.

"Um," Georg said, sounding a little funny.

"Oh god, you're useless," Bill said pointedly, "I'll have to decide myself. Tom, go stand next to Georg and pose; I want to see what you look like."

In a way Tom was glad that he hadn't asked for a detailed analysis of the plan, because he'd have been at the other end of the country by now. Wondering if he would remember how to breathe properly, he decided to accept his fate and walked over to Georg.

"Sorry," he said very quietly, "you know how he gets."

"Well pose then," Bill said in an impatient tone.

It was at this point that Tom discovered his usual pose would not work at all with the outfit he was currently in. For a moment he panicked and didn't know what to do, but then he saw the way Bill was standing and took the hint. He stuck one hip out, put his hand on it and tried to pretend he was Bill, not Tom. Georg had also decided not to argue and Tom's heart leapt into his throat when he glanced over and saw that Georg was doing the woman-killer smile. He felt a rather alarming stab of pleasure in his groin area.

"Closer together," Bill said, frowning at them as if deep in thought, "like a real photo shoot."

The little voice in Tom's head was repeating one thing over and over again: 'Oh no. Oh no. Oh no.' He was becoming hard; from standing next to Georg he was getting an erection and he was in one of the most revealing things he had ever worn. He was going to die of embarrassment at any second.

They shuffled closer together, but Bill was obviously not happy and walked forward, turning him to the side and pushing them even closer. Tom tried to hold himself that little distance away from Georg, but Bill walked back to the chosen viewing spot really slowly and he lost his balance. He fell against Georg and the moan was totally involuntary.

Georg looked at him funny.

"Sorry," he said, feeling his face heat up; "these jeans are really tight and they rub."

"Got a little problem, Tomi?" Georg asked with an amused grin.

"Nothing I can't handle," he replied, falling back on their usual banter.

"You should find someone to help you with that," was Georg's instant response.

"Well if you two are going to be like that I could always leave you alone," Bill said, as if he was amused by the situation, but a little annoyed as well.

Georg looked suddenly as if he wasn't sure what he'd said and Tom felt his face heating up even more and his groin throbbed at the very idea. The jeans were becoming very tight indeed and he seemed incapable of willing away the embarrassing reaction.

"Oh for heaven's sake just pose," Bill said in a way that had them both scrambling to obey.

Under Bill's instructions Tom found himself moving around Georg and doing things that would normally have mortified him. He managed to only brush up against Georg three times, but that was still more than enough to send his hormones soaring. It was pure, unadulterated torture.

"Hmm," Bill said eventually looking down, "I think I prefer this one."

Tom might have been annoyed had the situation not been a set-up, but he was too relieved to play the part. He was buzzing from head to foot and if he didn't get himself off soon he was sure he was going to pass out from blood loss to the brain.

"Thanks, Georg," Bill said brightly, walking towards the door and grabbing Tom on the way; "you've been a great help."

"Um, no problem," Georg replied; clearly as shell shocked by the Bill barrage as Tom felt.

"See you later for a movie?" Bill asked as Tom trailed his twin to the door.

"Yeah, sure," Georg said as Tom found himself being pushed into the hallway.

He waited until they were half way back to Bill's room and Georg's door was very definitely shut before he said anything.

"Was all that humiliation really necessary?" he asked, nerves completely frazzled.

Bill just grinned at him.

"You were so busy worrying about your own erection that you never noticed Georg's," Bill said and made a one mark in the air. "Now the idea's in his head and we'll give him a little time to get used to it."

Tom stood there with his mouth open as Bill sauntered back to his room. He didn't know what to think, let alone say.


At the next venue they had two dressing rooms, both of which had en suite showers. It had been two days since the clothing incident and so far Tom had managed to not blush every time he saw Georg. He had caught Georg giving him odd looks every now and then though. When Bill took over and decided everything about the dressing room setups, he knew that phase two of the master plan was about to happen. With a feeling of dread in the pit of his stomach, he waited to find out his role for the day.

"Strip," Bill said as soon as they were in their dressing room by themselves.

"Oh no way," Tom said; not that again, "I am not wearing your clothes again."

Bill rolled his eyes at that.

"Of course not," Bill replied as if that much should have been obvious; "now strip."

Tom began to pull his t-shirts over his head and had to wonder if his life would be this bizarre without a brother named Bill. He stripped down to his underwear as Bill disappeared into the bathroom. When Bill came back with a cup of water and a towel he became very worried.

"Those too," Bill said, pointing at his boxers and handing him the towel.

Reluctantly Tom pushed down and stepped out of his underwear as well, wrapping the towel around his waist.

"Holy crap that's cold," he squeaked as Bill began flicking water at him; "what the hells' that for?"

"To make it look as if you just got out of the shower," Bill said and continued flicking.

Tom frowned; he could not for the life of him figure out what Bill's plan was. It took Bill a while to be satisfied and by then Tom was shivering.

"Good, you're ready," Bill decided with a grin.

Ready for what Tom had no idea, but he backed into the wall when Bill put the master plan into action.

"Tom, how could you?" Bill yelled at the top of his lungs. "You bastard, I hate you."

And then Tom found himself being pushed towards the door and it dawned on him what was about to happen.

"No, Bill," he said, holding onto his towel in a death grip, "you're not ..."

Bill just grinned at him and shouted something obscene. Before he really knew what was happening, Tom found himself standing in the cold corridor in nothing but a towel with the door slamming in his face.

"Oh shit," he said, more to himself than anyone else.

He knew what he was supposed to do; it was rather obvious, but there was no way he was going over and knocking on Georg and Gustav's dressing room door.

"Bill, let me in," he said in what he hoped was a very stern tone.

There was no response.

"Bill," he tried again.

Still nothing.

"Bill, let me in this instant," he finally tried yelling.

"Fuck off," was the loud reply from inside.

He loved his brother, he really did, but one day he was going to kill him. He cringed as he heard the click of a door opening behind him and then there was a familiar laugh. Turning he found Gustav grinning at him.

"Oh dear, Tom," Gustav said and didn't sound sympathetic at all, "what did you do?"

"Hell if I know," he replied, because Bill hadn't bothered to tell him that part.

"You better come in before you freeze to the floor," Gustav invited and there wasn't a lot Tom could say.

If this had been a real snit fit of Bill's it would take his twin a little while to calm down and the only other place he could go in a towel was the other dressing room. Reluctantly he followed his friend into the other room.

"We have a refugee," Gustav said, clearly very amused.

He saw Georg's eyes widen slightly in shock when his friend saw him and he was sure Georg's breathing sped up a little, but when Georg grinned he thought he must be imagining things.

"Lover's tiff?" Georg said cheekily.

"Eeewww," Tom said and, making sure his towel was firmly wrapped around him, sat down on the couch. "The diva threw an epi and didn't bother to give me any clothes as he threw me out."

He tried to look as if he was annoyed rather than thoroughly embarrassed.

"Did you drop his eyeliner or something?" Georg teased.

"Search me," Tom replied and then blushed as he realised what he had just said and to whom; "sometimes Bill's mind is as much of a mystery to me as it is to everyone else."

He did his very best to cover his blunder.

When he dared look back at Georg he caught his friend looking at him and Georg glanced away very quickly. Slowly it dawned on Tom that Georg might possibly have been checking him out and suddenly Bill's plan didn't seem quite so ridiculous. The idea that Georg had been looking at him in exactly the way he wanted Georg to be looking at him gave him just a little more confidence.

"Can I borrow a t-shirt?" he asked, standing up again and wandering towards where Gustav was fiddling with stuff in a bag.

Gustav always brought spare things just in case of emergencies.

"Sure," his friend said and handed him a neatly folded black one.

"Thanks," Tom replied, turned a little and dropped the t-shirt onto the floor, "crap."

He had chosen his spot carefully; he could be as devious as his brother, and as he bent down to pick up the shirt he let the towel slip.

"Fuck," he said as it hit the floor.

He only hoped that his arse wasn't as bony as he feared and was in fact as nice to look at as Bill thought, because it was on display. Picking up the towel and t-shirt, he swore a bit more for appearances sake and put the towel back around his waist before pulling the t-shirt over his head.

"One day I'm going to put Bill over my knee and spank him," he said as if very annoyed and sat back down again.

"He might like that," Gustav pointed out with a laugh.

"Do you mind?" Tom said as if offended; "that's my little brother you're talking about."

"And I bet under that butter-wouldn't-melt exterior he's as kinky as your are," Georg joined in, but when he looked at his friends their bassist appeared rather flushed.

Tom just gave Georg a long hard stare that made his friend laugh like a loon. He was slowly beginning to think this wasn't such a bad idea after all.


Tom didn't even know Bill had been planning stage three of Operation Get Georg for Tom and he found out when he opened the door of another hotel room in another city three days after the towel escapade. They were all knackered and all needed sleep and he was very surprised to find Georg on his doorstep.

"My bed's covered in water," Georg said, sounding completely perplexed; "there are no more rooms on this floor; Bill's not answering his door and Gustav snores: can I share with you tonight?"

Tom glanced behind him at the Queen sized double bed.

"Um, sure," he said; he was too tired to even bother to try and come up with an excuse.

It wasn't as if they hadn't shared sleeping space before and no matter what Bill thought he was playing at, Tom didn't have the energy for any of it. He padded back to bed, lifted the duvet and climbed in.

"Turn the light off when you're done in the bathroom," he said and he was almost asleep by the time he felt the bed dip and the room was finally plunged into darkness.


It was lovely and cosy and warm and Tom was dreaming about being hugged by a huge cuddly teddy bear; a bear that for some reason suddenly began shaking. The shaking became annoying very quickly and he opened his eyes in a very disgruntled mood. It was shortly after this that reality hit and he realised the reason he was so nice and warm was that he was wrapped around another person and that person was currently shaking his shoulder.

He groaned in mortification as he realised he was happily cuddled up to Georg and Georg was awake and had obviously been trying to wake him. Bill was going to die a slow and painful death.

"Fuck," he said and crawled off Georg, not daring to look at his friend.

It hadn't occurred to him the night before, because he had been so tired, but he had a small idiosyncrasy that very rarely came out to play. He had shared sleeping space with both Georg and Gustav in their early days of cheap hotels and not a lot of option and it hadn't been a problem. When he shared sleeping space with Bill it wasn't really a problem, because Bill knew exactly what would happen, but no one else did.

When Tom was attached to someone either in a familial sense or a romantic sense, his subconscious got snugly. It had started when he and Bill were small and the number of times their mother had found them tightly wound around each other in the morning was nobody's business. Even now, if he and Bill had to share a bed for some reason they ended up like the babes in the wood, and between them it was completely innocent. Tom had found out his subconscious did the same thing in not so innocent circumstances when he had stayed the night for the first time with a girl. That was one of the reasons his one night stands didn't tend to last all night; it was embarrassing to wake up clutching or being clutched like a giant doll.

Before he dared look up, he felt the bed move and lifted his head just in time to see Georg disappearing into the bathroom. He wasn't sure if his friend was deathly embarrassed or was just desperate for a leak; he could imagine both situations having the same urgency. When he heard the loo flush he hoped things weren't going to be too awkward and sat up, bunching the duvet in his lap to hide his morning erection. At least he hadn't been humping the teddy bear in his dream; that would have been too embarrassing.

"So since when have you been a snuggler?" Georg asked, walking out of the bathroom as if nothing odd had happened, but Tom could see the slight flush to his friend's cheeks.

"I'm not," Tom protested, trying to play along, "I was just having a weird dream about giant teddy bears."

In a normal situation that would have been too embarrassing to mention, but anything was better than the real reason his subconscious had decided he needed to snuggle.

"So I'm a teddy bear now?" Georg asked with a grin. "Does that mean I get to sit on an amp and not do any work?"

"Yeah, Listing," Tom said, getting up and moving into the bathroom as fast as possible, "like you do any work anyway."

He slammed the door and looked down at his traitorous body, willing his erection to go away like a normal morning. It just tented his boxes and stayed there as if it had no intention of going away, ever. He was going to have a hard on for Georg for the rest of his life and there was nothing he could do about it; he was doomed.

"I'm going back to my room for a shower," he heard Georg's slightly muffled voice through the door; "thank for sharing. I'll see you at breakfast."

"See you," Tom replied and let his head rock back and hit the door.

He was going to have to take himself in hand, quite literally, before he was fit for the world and then he was going to have to tell Bill to lay off the plan or he was going to go nuts.


Tom hadn't had a chance to speak to Bill all day; every time he tried Bill was with someone else and, quite worryingly, several times it was Georg. If Tom hadn't known there was a master plan going on, he might have been jealous. By the evening when they all collapsed in a booth at a private club where there was some industry party going on, he knew it was too late to bother, so he found a nice dark corner and decided to wait out the night.

First David vanished to talk to someone important, then Gustav was dragged away by a friend from another band, Bill wandered off next and of course Saki followed him, which eventually just left Tom and Georg. It had taken over an hour for everyone to disperse and Tom had seen Georg get through six vodka and orange juices, so he really wasn't very surprised when Georg scooted up beside him. When Georg was drunk he became a little touchy feely; hugging people and things like that.

"Hey, Tom," Georg said with a cheerful grin; "what's up; you've been quiet all night?"

"Hey yourself," Tom replied and did his best to put on an irreverent smile; "just contemplating the talent."

Georg's grin became wider.

"Guys or girls?" his friend asked with a little giggle.

Tom wasn't sure what to say for a bit, but then decided that Georg was too drunk to really notice.

"Guy," he said and took a swig of his drink; it was only fizzy water so it didn't exactly bolster his confidence.

Getting drunk was not something he had any intention of doing in the near future, especially around Georg. Of course he had told everyone else he was drinking vodka and tonic.

"Just one?" Georg asked, throwing an arm around him and staring out of their dark corner.

"Yep," Tom said, not trying to move away; "just the one."

Georg giggled as if that was funny.

"More discerning with the guys then?" Georg said, knocking back the rest of the vodka and orange left in the glass on the table.

"Let's just say I'm looking for different things in a guy," Tom said, trying to keep his tone light.

He really didn't know why he was letting the conversation go on; they were into dangerous territory now. It wasn't as if he could just blurt out the truth without Georg running for the hills.

"So not just good looking and well hung then?" Georg quipped back.

"Yeah well that helps," Tom said, as if it really was just a joke, "but y'know, I want other things too, like a good laugh, easy going, talented ... good friend."

The moment he said it he knew he had gone too far, but it was too late. Georg turned slowly to look at him and he knew his friend had picked up the clues.

"And you're not crushing on David or Gustav are you?" Georg asked in a voice that was only just loud enough to be heard over the music in the club.

Tom was mentally kicking himself; he had just wrecked everything. His big mouth might have cost him Georg's friendship and Bill's carefully laid plans were in ruins. For a while they stayed perfectly still, just looking at each other and then Tom found shock lancing through him as Georg slowly leaned towards him. He knew that move; he'd used it many times and he didn't even think as his instincts kicked in and he mirrored it. Then they were kissing and he thought the world might have just ended and this was heaven. Georg's lips were much rougher than Bill's had been and there was a lot more of Georg as they pressed against each other and Tom's mind just sailed away.

He didn’t even care if Georg wanted to take the lead and, as the kiss deepened, he let Georg's tongue plunder his mouth. It felt wonderful and amazing and his heart was hammering in his chest like a freight train. He was actually getting what he had been dreaming about and he didn't care where he was or what else might be going on and ...

It was like flicking a switch as his higher brain turned back on and one thing occurred to him. He pulled back, holding Georg's face in both hands and seeing the shock on his friend's face as he forcefully broke the kiss.

"How drunk are you, Georg?" he asked as he looked in his friend's eyes. "If you're going to wake up in the morning and pretend this never happened I can't do it. If this is just tonight I'd rather just be your friend."

He meant it too, him; the king of one night stands just couldn't let it happen. In that moment he finally understood what Bill was always harping on about; the one. Georg was more important to him than any amount of sexual gratification; more important than himself, and the only other person in the world that meant that much to him was Bill.

"Haven't touched a drop," Georg said in a very sober tone; "been on orange juice all night. You?"

"Water," Tom said with an almost hysterical little laugh.

Georg had been doing exactly the same thing he had; pretending to drink and not actually having anything at all. He'd had Bill to help him, whispering to the waitresses who kept coming round to their booth and he didn't know how Georg had managed it until the penny dropped.

"Bill," he said as everything added up; "Bill was altering your drinks orders too."

Bill had known; all night Bill had known what was going on and hadn't even hinted at it; he was amazed.

"As much as I love your brother," Georg said, pulling him a little closer, "like a brother," Georg added and made him grin, "can we leave him out of the conversation. I'm pretty sure I can only handle one Kaulitz and I don't fancy him."

Tom used his tongue to fiddle with his lip ring and watched Georg's eyes zero in on it.

"What are you waiting for?" he asked and laced his fingers through Georg's hair as they reinitiated the kiss.

He even let himself be pushed backwards onto the booth seat and his cap be pushed off his head. If anyone did look into the booth they would just assume Georg had some girl in the dark and the cap had just been getting in the way.

End of Part 1
On to Part 2
Tags: category: slash, ch_story: get georg for tom, fandom: tokio hotel, fictype: 10-30kwds, fictype: chaptered, pairing: th - tom/georg, rating: r to nc17, series: is it the hair

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