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Happy New Year and all that ...

Hope 2008 is going well for everyone so far. Sorry I've been quiet, I decided to take a break from just about everything after Christmas in an attempt to recharge. I have stacks of email to go through and loads of LJ entries (although I have been skimming them because, y'know ... addicted and all that :)).

For those who were wondering, the Christmas dinner went brilliantly :). A few of the roast potatoes went mushy, but everything else was perfect. A lovely time was had by all and I really enjoyed it. It was very much a joint effort between me and Rob and the military precision with which we planned it meant that everything was done at the same time - yay!

Had a fantabulous Christmas other than that as well. Lots of lovely pressies and a great family time. Bestest gift of all was from Soph - she made me a new handbag; a Tokio Hotel handbag. It's black and white tapestry with the TH logo and name on the front flap; all the boys' names around the sides, Bill on the back and Tom on the front under the flap. It's amazing and it even holds all my stuff (my handbag weighs a ton). I love it to bits and I even caught someone in Canterbury looking at it the other day as if they knew who Tokio Hotel were :).

It's my Mummy's birthday today; we took her into TKMax the other day to find her a pressie and she chose a lamp and a handbag. My dear Mama has a lamp problem; she's almost as addicted to them as her hats. With me it's glass, with my mother it's lamps :). My parents' lounge is lit by table lamps rather than the over head lights - there are at least nine of them in there ::g::. We are having an evening in this evening to celebrate with Mummy; should be fun.

Still have Soph's, Rob's and my Christmas/Birthday party to go before all the celebrations are over though :). We normally have it in Dec, but a friend was getting married last year, so we decided to postpone until Jan. Should be a giggle ::g::.
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