Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Had a lovely, lovely birthday

Thank you to everyone who sent me birthday wishes; it was so lovely *hugs you all*

I had a really lovely day and I'm pretty sure Soph did too ... I know she did once we met up in the evening :). We met at my parents' house at about six and did the pressie thing (with a glass of bubbly on the side :)), and then we went to dinner at some friends and, wow, was it lovely.

In case you were dying of curiosity, I had lots of lovely pressies :)

There was the virtual balloons from dinofly I mentioned yesterday,
a gift certificate for Amazon from dacro,
lots of lovely DVDs:
Tokio Hotel - Zimmer 483 - Live in Europe from Rob
The Sarah Jane Mysteries from Soph
The Lair (Naked gay vampires) from temaris
Dracula III from another friend,
Rob also bought me some Manga books and some choccies,
Soph gave me the Waggamama's cookbook,
Mummy and Daddy gave me Nigela Express, a lovely top and a huge jar of Jelly Beans,
Another friend gave me a virbrating foot cushion ... heaven,
Another gave me perfume and yet another gave me a lovely bean bag cat paper weight sort of thing - he's so cute.
And there were lots of lovely cards.

I'm so lucky :)
Tags: info: birthdays

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