Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

Pimping time :).

Okay, have lots to pimp today because I'm playnig catch up.

No 1 - Soph's joined us in LJ fic land

First of all, my dear sister has finally jumped into the ole HP fanfic arena. Yay! Her journal is here: thwax; the name being a little joke between us since she has a habit of abusing her characters ::g::. Her first fic is called Hand to Hand Combat. It's Harry/Draco and most definitely NC-17 so don't follow the link if you shouldn't be reading it ;).

There's a scene in it (or will be once I get my finger our and put it up for her) that may remind you of a scene in one of my fics recently, which is an example of the twin thing going on and yet coming up with surprisingly different angles; we found out when we swapped to beta that we were both writing the same type of scene without ever having seen what the other was doing, but let's just say that we had decidely different ideas about what the characters would be feeling.

If you comment, a reply might be a few days in coming because Soph's having broadband put in this week and she won't be seeing anything until it's done (hence the reason I'm posting the fic in her journal for her at the mo). So go read; I can confirm hot smut, angst and drama.

No 2 - dacro's at it again

dacro wrote a lovely, fluffy Neville/Harry fic called Something Extra which is a must read for woobie fans. Who knew that a kitchen sink could have such appeal ;).

No 3 - dorrie6 will so make you laugh

This double drabble called Heat Wave will make you laugh out loud. Had me chorttling away like mad ::g::. I tip my hat to anyone who can say so much in so few words, which dorrie6 definitely can; I still haven't managed to write a drabble.

No 4 - hpvamp needs you!
Our Vampire!Draco challenge is going well, but we need more!!!! Actually we need more of any fang fic. If you have a HP character muse sitting at the back of your brain with fangs then come share them with us, be it a drabble, a longer fic or artwork, or even come along and pimp your vampire so we can feel the love - you never know, if you're not going to write but you;d still like to see it in fic, someone might run with your bunny. To see what has already been posted go here.

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