Beren (beren_writes) wrote,

*is a little sad*

My hubby left yesterday for a week and a half business trip and I miss him already. He's gone to Seattle and then he's going on the China. I want him back home now! *stamps foot* I hate it when he is away. *pouts for a bit and feels sorry for herself*

He did say he'd bring me something nice back from China though :).

I think I will feel better once I've spoken to him again ... I've not heard from him since yesterday morning and I always worry when he travels.

Ugh ... I had to drive myself to work this morning because he's away ... I really don't like driving. It's not the handling of the car that I dislike it's all the nutters on the bloody roads! Then there's the carpark - there are bollards on either side of the entrance and exit and with the CR-V that gives me about an inch clearance either side. I have to crawl through and pray! *smites Faversham council*

It does mean I get to leave at 4 though ... normally Rob drops me off at 7 and picks me up between 5:15 and 5:30, but when I drive myself I can leave when my hours are up at 4 :). Well technically 3:30, but an extra half hour is neither here nor there :).

I have half a scene to write on my hd_holidays fic and I would really like some time to just sit down an finish it! It'll take me about an hour, it's just finding that hour which has been a pain so far. What with Rob going off and other stuff it has been so hectic and I got home last night and fell in a heap in my chair and stared at the screen for an hour getting nowhere before nattering to meridian_star and then going to bed. I hate being too tired to be able to write. Well today I have my lunch hour and I refuse to get sidetracked into actually working through it ... I will write!
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