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Stuff and birthdays...

Spent all of Thursday evening and Friday evening (with Soph's help) making choccies for our Church Autumn Market. Knackering, but worth it. My stall made £80 which was really good going. Consequently though I was so tired Sat night that Rob and I watched Eragon (why does everyone hate it so ... I thought it was superb - the odd plot hole the size of a dragon, but very well done never-the-less) and then fell into bed at 8:30.

I think someone may have given me caffiene too ... last night I didn't sleep a wink. I was tossing an turning all night and although I'm tired I still feel awake, which is what caffiene is usually like.

That's what I'm blaming my total diorganisation on this morning. I brought the wrong copy of my hd_holidays fic with me to work ... luckily I have the details in my head and I know which scene I need to work on so I can still do some writing at lunch :). Was supposed to finish it at the weekend, but failed *hangs head in shame*.

Ah well, enough about me :)

Happy Birthday to:
saddle_tramp, plotqueen and phoenix_starr for today,
spinifex_faerie, ponderosa121 and wellowned for tomorrow,
eviljade for the 14th,
vampsarecool, xrain_princessx and mysteryqueen for the 15th and
medalline and nefernat for the 16th
I hope you all have lovely days.
Tags: info: birthdays, info: general

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